RS 56:305.5     

§305.5.  Commercial gear license for gill net; permits to be used in the EEZ; dedication and expenditure of funds collected

A.  All revenues generated from the issuance of commercial gear licenses for gill nets or permits issued under Subsection B of this Section to be used in the saltwater areas of the federal exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and the freshwater areas of the state shall be deposited to the Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Fund to be used solely for costs associated with the issuance of commercial fishing licenses and for the enforcement of laws regulating wildlife, fish, and other aquatic life in the coastal zone of the state.

B.  The secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shall promulgate rules and regulations for the issuance of permits to persons authorized to possess gill nets, trammel nets, strike nets, and seines within the territorial boundaries of the state while traversing state waters to and from the federal exclusive economic zone.

Acts 1991, No. 887, §1, eff. Nov. 1, 1991; Acts 1995, No. 1316, §2; Acts 1997, No. 527, §1, eff. July 3, 1997.