RS 56:405     

§405.  Use of certain gear in Tchefuncte River and Lake Des Allemands prohibited; penalty

A.  The use of seines, nets, webbing or traps of any and all types, including slat traps, for the taking of fish in the Tchefuncte River or its tributaries from its origin in Washington Parish to where it empties into Lake Pontchartrain in the parish of St. Tammany, Louisiana is hereby prohibited.

B.  Trawling, skimming, or butterflying north of the Louisiana Highway 631 Bridge at Des Allemands, Louisiana, and in Lake Des Allemands, its streams and tributaries is hereby prohibited.

C.  Repealed by Acts 1982, No. 484, §1, eff. July 21, 1982.

D.  Violation of this Section constitutes a class two violation and any seines, nets, or webbing used in violation of this law shall be confiscated.

Acts 1974, No. 223, §2.  Amended by Acts 1981, No. 837, §3; Acts 2007, No. 296, §1.