RS 56:442     

§442.  Collection and disposition of funds; dedication of funds

A.  No license fee or tax other than those imposed by Part VI of this Title and by R.S. 56:446 shall be levied or imposed by the state or any of its subordinate political corporations or municipalities.  

B.  Except for funds collected from the privilege to take shells or shell deposits from the water bottoms, the funds provided for and arising from the collection of severance taxes, bedding ground rentals, and other sources of income, shall be collected by the department and record made thereof.  These funds shall be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the department.  

C.  One-half of all funds collected by the department from the leasing or granting of permits of the right or privilege to take shells or shell deposits or mussel shells from the water bottoms of the state under authority of this Subpart are dedicated to the establishment, administration, maintenance, and upkeep of oyster seed grounds and reservations and to the planting, propagation, cultivation, policing, preservation, and distribution of oysters on and from the grounds.  The department may purchase and use shells or other cultch which it may in judgment and discretion take from over-crowded oyster reefs belonging to the state.  The remaining one-half of all funds collected by the department under authority of this Subpart shall be deposited in a special account by the department and shall be dedicated to the administration, enforcement, management, and research for marine resources and to the construction, purchase, maintenance and upkeep of property and equipment used in connection therewith.  

D.  In case of acquisition and expenditures incurred under authority of this Subpart, the department may care for, cultivate, and dispose of acquired oysters and seed.  It shall return such recovered funds into the funds placed at its disposal under this Subpart.  

Acts 1981, No. 925, §1.  Acts 1986, No. 904, §3.  

{{NOTE:  SEE ACTS 1986, NO. 904, §5.}}