RS 56:55.2     

§55.2.  Additional authority of commissioned wildlife enforcement agents

A.  To facilitate the effective protection of private and public rights and property and life throughout the state's waterways, sea, and land, duly commissioned wildlife enforcement agents of the enforcement division of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries who have graduated from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement training academy, the Louisiana State University law enforcement training program, the Louisiana State Police Training Academy, or the University of Louisiana at Monroe law enforcement training program shall, in addition to the authority otherwise conferred by law upon such officers, be vested with the same authority and powers conferred by law upon other law enforcement officers of this state, provided that a qualification and requalification for firearms used be established within the department on at least an annual basis to insure the proficiency for firearms use by all officers vested with the authority and powers conferred herein.

B.  The enforcement division of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is authorized to seek, accept, and expend state or federal funds, or both, available for purposes of enforcement.

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