RS 56:639.5     

§639.5.  Artificial Reef Development Program; authorities and responsibilities of cooperating agencies

A.  There is hereby created the Louisiana Artificial Reef Development Program, hereinafter called the "program", to promote, develop, maintain, monitor, and enhance the artificial reef potential in the waters covered under this Subpart.  The department, CCEER, and Sea Grant shall be primary participants in this program and shall operate out of the Artificial Reef Development Fund under the direction of the department.  

B.(1)  The department shall administer and enforce the program as provided in this Subpart and in accordance with the National Fishing Enhancement Act.  The department shall:

(a)  Plan and review permit applications with advice from CCEER.

(b)  Coordinate with relevant state and federal agencies.  

(c)  Hold joint public hearings on proposed reefs.  

(d)  Oversee maintenance and placement requirements of the reefs.

(e)  Develop additional technical information needed to carry out the program.  

(2)  The department shall also serve as liaison with the United States Department of the Interior regarding interaction of the program with federal outercontinental shelf leasing and production activities.  

C.  CCEER shall provide technical support to the department for program development.  CCEER shall additionally:

(1)  Prepare, update, and provide the department with technical, biological, and operational criteria for site selection and development.  

(2)  Assist the department in preparing permit applications for artificial reefs.  

(3)  Assist in biological monitoring.  

(4)  Evaluate and recommend reef sites.  

(5)  Evaluate reef potential and design.  

(6)  Update exclusion mapping.  

(7)  Promote public awareness of the program.  

(8)  Provide geotechnical support for reef siting by determining bottom suitability and identifying geologic hazards, evaluating the potential for future oil, gas, and other mineral production in reef sites, and by analyzing the potential for using artificial reefs to supplement the state's coastal protection efforts.  

D.  REPEALED BY ACTS 1993, NO. 271, §2.  

E.  The Louisiana Sea Grant College Program shall coordinate fisheries research projects that might be proposed by Louisiana universities to support the program.  

Acts 1986, No. 100, §1, eff. June 23, 1986; Acts 1993, No. 271, §§1, 2.