RS 56:649.5     

§649.5.  License; license books; transfer of license prohibited

A.  The lifetime licenses provided for in R.S. 56:649.1, 649.2, 649.3, or 649.4 may be obtained in person or by mail at any time during a calendar year through the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at its office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  

B.  Every license shall by its terms be effective only during the open season for the particular kinds of wild birds, wild quadrupeds, and fish authorized thereby to be taken.  Every such license shall be personal to the person to whom issued and shall not be assigned or transferred to, or used by, any other person.  Every officer authorized to enforce the provisions of this Chapter shall take possession of any license found in the possession of any person other than the one to whom issued and deliver it to the department to be cancelled.  The license shall thereupon be null and void.  Licensees shall have licenses in their possession when hunting and fishing and shall exhibit them on demand of any person authorized to enforce the provisions of this Chapter.  

Acts 1991, No. 184, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.