RS 56:69.2     

§69.2.  Definitions

For purposes of this Subpart, the following terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section, unless the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

(1)  "Auxiliary agent" means an individual commissioned by the secretary who has the powers and duties of a wildlife agent, within limitations as provided by this Subpart, but who serves without compensation.  Auxiliary shall include the following persons provided in this Subpart: wildlife volunteer, junior auxiliary agent, senior auxiliary agent, and reserve agent.  

(2)  "Commission" means the official authorization of the secretary empowering an individual to perform the duties of an auxiliary enforcement agent.  

(3)  "POST" means peace officer standards and training, as that term is used in R.S. 40:2401 et seq.  

(4)  "Secretary" means the secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  

(5)  "Wildlife agent" means an agent of the enforcement division of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  

Acts 1990, No. 498, §2.