RS 9:225     

§225. Documents required; attachments

            A. An application for a marriage license shall be accompanied by:

            (1)(a) A certified copy of each party's birth certificate as provided by R.S. 9:226.

            (b) If the applicant does not have a birth certificate, the applicant shall obtain an order signed by a judge waiving the requirement pursuant to R.S. 9:228.

            (2) The written consent for a minor to marry, or the court's authorization for the minor to marry, or both, as required by Chapter 6 of Title XV of the Children's Code.

            (3) If applicable, the declaration of intent for a covenant marriage, as provided in Part VII of this Chapter.

            (4) A valid and unexpired driver's license, a government issued identification card, or a valid and unexpired passport from the country of his birth or an unexpired visa accompanied by Form I-94 as issued by the United States.

            B.(1) It shall be unlawful for any officer authorized to issue a marriage license in this state to issue a license to any male or female unless both parties first present and file with the officer a certified copy of their original birth certificate.

            (2) A photostatic or photographic reproduction of the certified copy of the birth certificate shall be filed with the officer.

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NOTE: See Acts 1988, No. 808, §3.