RS 12:1366     

§1366.  Applicability of provisions to foreign and interstate commerce

A.  Whenever a conflict arises between the law of this state and the laws of any other state with regard to the liability of members of a limited liability company organized and existing under this Chapter for the debts, obligations, and liabilities of the limited liability company, or for the acts or omissions of other members, managers, employees, or agents of the limited liability company, the laws of this state shall be deemed to govern in determining such liability.  

B.  It is the intention of the legislature by the enactment of this Chapter that the legal existence of limited liability companies formed under this Chapter be recognized beyond the limits of this state and that, subject to any reasonable registration requirements, any such limited liability company transacting business outside this state be granted the protection of full faith and credit under Article IV of the Constitution of the United States.  

Acts 1992, No. 780, §2, eff. July 7, 1992.