RS 51:771     


§771. Definitions

            As used in this Part, the following terms have the following meanings:

            (1) "Cosmetic" means either of the following:

            (a) Articles intended to be applied to or introduced into the human body or any part thereof for purposes of cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering appearance.

            (b) Articles intended for use as a component of any articles provided for in Subparagraph (a) of this Paragraph.

            (c) "Cosmetic" does not include soap.

            (2) "Cosmetic animal testing" means the internal or external application or exposure of any cosmetic product, cosmetic ingredient, or nonfunctional constituent to the skin, eyes, or any other body part, organ, or extremity of a live nonhuman vertebrate.

            (3) "Cosmetic ingredient" means any single chemical entity or mixture used as a component in the manufacture of a cosmetic product as defined in 21 CFR 700.3(e) on the date of enactment of this Part.

            (4) "Cosmetic product" means a finished and complete cosmetic.

            (5) "Manufacturer" means any entity required to specify conspicuously its name and place of business on the label of a cosmetic in package form pursuant to 21 CFR 701.12.

            (6) "Nonfunctional constituent" means any incidental ingredient as defined in 21 CFR 701.3(l) on the date of enactment of this Part.

            (7) "Supplier" means any entity that provides, whether directly or through a third party, any cosmetic ingredient used by a manufacturer in the formulation of a cosmetic product.

            Acts 2022, No. 712, §1.