RS 51:938.2     

§938.2. Additional duties of the Department of Economic Development; manufacturing development

            A. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the Department of Economic Development shall do all of the following regarding manufacturing:

            (1)(a) Develop and implement a state strategic plan for attracting manufacturers to the state.

            (b) The purpose of the state strategic plan is to design a program for the preparation and distribution of promotional and informational materials citing the key economic benefits of locating manufacturing facilities in the state.

            (2) Monitor the implementation of the state strategic plan to attract manufacturers to the state.

            (3) Develop a plan to identify areas of land for future manufacturing use.

            (4) Identify manufacturing sites that are ready for development.

            (5) Develop a plan in conjunction with the office of workforce development and Technical College System for the training of skilled workers to ensure a scalable workforce.

            (6) Develop a plan for locating and identifying property for potential workforce housing.

            B. The department shall promote the development of the manufacturing industry within this state and may engage in all of the following activities:

            (1) Contracting with and directing trade or industry representatives for the purpose of promoting Louisiana as a site for the development of future manufacturing facilities.

            (2) Serving as an informational clearinghouse and providing technical assistance to individuals and entities engaged in manufacturing by compiling, producing, publishing, and updating a comprehensive directory on sites, facilities, services, tax incentives, and permitting practices for the state.

            (3) Participating in regional, national, and international manufacturing conferences and networking opportunities.

            (4) Sponsoring workshops and seminars on topics including but not limited to legal and financial aspects of locating manufacturers in the state.

            C. All departments, commissions, boards, agencies, officers, and institutions of this state and all subdivisions thereof shall cooperate with the office in carrying out the purposes of this Section.

            D. The department is hereby designated as the applicant, administrative body, and recipient for accepting and administering any and all state, federal, and private funds awarded to and allocated by this state for any purpose covered by this Section.

            E. The department shall provide the Legislature of Louisiana with an annual report regarding the provisions of this Section at least thirty days before the covening of the regular legislative session.

            Acts 2022, No. 743, §1.