RS 51:1611     


§1611. Sale, transportation, and acceptance of fuel following a natural disaster

            A. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, following a disaster or emergency declared in accordance with the Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act, R.S. 29:721 et seq., and upon written authorization from the secretary of the Department of Transportation and Development, the diversion, sale, transport, delivery, or acceptance of gasoline, diesel fuel, liquified petroleum gas, motor fuel, special fuel, gasohol, liquified natural gas, and other types of fuel, across jurisdictional boundaries within this state shall not be restricted or prohibited when needed for disaster recovery, including but not limited to supplying fuel to generators, motor vehicles, homes, and other resources to provide electricity, heat, light, meals, and other necessities to persons in affected areas.

            B. This provision shall not be construed as waiving any mandatory federal law, nor as creating any exception thereto, to the extent that any such law may be applicable to the transport of commodities described in this Section.

            Acts 2022, No. 73, §1; Acts 2022, No. 546, §1, eff. June 17, 2022.