RS 51:3232     

§3232. Definitions

            As used in this Chapter:

            (1) "Commercial recording or audiovisual work" means a recording or audiovisual work whose owner, assignee, authorized agent, or licensee has disseminated or intends to disseminate for sale, rental, performance, or exhibition to the public, including under license, but does not include an excerpt consisting of less than substantially all of a recording or audiovisual work. A recording or audiovisual work may be commercial regardless of whether a person who electronically disseminates it seeks commercial advantage or private financial gain from the dissemination.

            (2) "Electronic dissemination" means initiating a transmission of, making available, or otherwise offering a commercial recording or audiovisual work for distribution, display, or performance through the internet or other digital network, regardless of whether another person has previously electronically disseminated the same commercial recording or audiovisual work.

            (3) "Website" means a set of related webpages served from a single web domain. The term does not include a home page or channel page for the user account of a person who is not the owner or operator of the website upon which such user home page or channel page appears.

            Acts 2022, No. 267, §1.