RS 51:3233     

§3233. Required disclosures on website and online services; location

            A. A person who owns or operates a website or online service dealing in substantial part in the electronic dissemination of third-party commercial recordings or audiovisual works, directly or indirectly, and who electronically disseminates such works to consumers in this state shall clearly and conspicuously disclose his name, physical address, telephone number, and electronic mail address on his website or online service in a location readily accessible to a consumer using or visiting the website or online service.

            B. For the purposes of this Section, any of the following locations are considered readily accessible:

            (1) A landing or home webpage or screen.

            (2) An "about" or "about us" webpage or screen.

            (3) A "contact" or "contact us" webpage or screen.

            (4) An information webpage or screen.

            (5) Any place on the website or online service commonly used to display information identifying the owner or operator of the website or online service to consumers.

            Acts 2022, No. 267, §1.