RS 17:436.4     

§436.4. Seizure treatment and training

            A. The parent or guardian of a student with a seizure disorder may submit to the administration of the student's school a seizure management and treatment plan developed by the student's parent and treating physician for review and use by school employees with whom the student has regular interaction. The plan shall include the following:

            (1) The health care services the student may receive at school or while participating in a school activity.

            (2) Evaluation of the student's ability to manage and understand his seizure disorder.

            (3) Signatures from the student's parent or guardian and from the treating physician.

            B. The state Department of Education shall develop or approve and make available two courses of instruction regarding treating students with seizure disorders that include information about seizure recognition and related first aid. One course shall be designed for school nurses and the other course for other school employees and school bus operators who have regular interactions with students for whom there is a seizure management and treatment plan. Each local public school governing authority shall require school nurses and such school employees and school bus operators to successfully complete the applicable course biennially.

            Acts 2022, No. 562, §1.