RS 17:433.1     

§433.1.  Outstanding state principal awards

A.  One outstanding state elementary principal, one outstanding state middle or junior high school principal, and one outstanding state high school principal shall be selected from each year's winners of the outstanding local principal of the year awards.

B.(1)  The State Department of Education with the approval of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall establish a selection process for naming the three outstanding state principals annually, which shall include regional selection committees and a state selection committee appointed by the state superintendent of education.

(2)  Award recipients shall be suitably recognized at the state level by an appropriate ceremony for that purpose.

C.  The state principals of the year shall participate in any national principal of the year contest, when appropriate.

D.  Monetary awards shall be provided to the state principals of the year at the state level when funds are available, and may be provided from private sources subject to the approval of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Such monetary awards shall not be a violation of R.S. 42:1111 or any other provision of the Code of Governmental Ethics.

Acts 2003, No. 743, §1, eff. June 27, 2003.