RS 40:600.39     

§600.39.  Designation of qualified rehabilitation entity

A.  A local governmental subdivision may exercise its rights pursuant to R.S. 40:600.38 directly or may designate a qualified rehabilitation entity to act as its designee for the purpose of exercising the local governmental subdivision's rights where that designation will further the rehabilitation and reuse of the property consistent with the rehabilitation plan. This designation shall be made by resolution of the governing authority.

B.  Assignment of receivership by local governmental subdivision to a qualified rehabilitation entity.  Where the local governmental subdivision has been granted possession by the court in the name of the local governmental subdivision, the local governmental subdivision may seek the approval of the court to assign its rights to another entity, which approval shall be granted by the court when it finds that the entity to which the local governmental subdivision's rights will be assigned is a qualified rehabilitation entity and the assignment will further the purposes of this Chapter.

C.  Reports.  Where a local governmental subdivision has designated a qualified rehabilitation entity to act on its behalf, the qualified rehabilitation entity shall provide quarterly reports to the local governmental subdivision on its activities and progress toward rehabilitation and reuse of the property. The local governmental subdivision or qualified rehabilitation entity, as the case may be, shall provide such reports to the court as the court determines to be necessary. If the court finds that the local governmental subdivision or its designee have failed to take diligent action toward rehabilitation of the property within six months from the grant of possession, then the court may request the local governmental subdivision to designate another qualified rehabilitation entity to exercise its rights, or if the local governmental subdivision fails to do so, may terminate the receivership and return the property to its owner.

Acts 2006, No. 355, §1, eff. June 13, 2006.