RS 40:5.5.2     

§5.5.2. Chinese seafood warning label program

            A. The legislature finds that serious risks to public health may be posed by radiation, antibiotics, such as chloramphenicol and fluoroquinolones, chemicals, malachite green, copper salts, and other residues found in Chinese seafood. The overexposure to antibiotics from such seafood may cause serious antibiotic resistance to the consumer. In addition, chemicals such as malachite green are known carcinogens. It is the intent of the legislature to protect the health and welfare of Louisiana consumers from potentially harmful residues in seafood imported from the People's Republic of China that are sold or served in Louisiana. Therefore, the legislature finds that Louisiana consumers have the right to know if seafood imported from the People's Republic of China is being served in a food service establishment or is available for purchase.

            B.(1) The state health officer shall prepare and promulgate all rules and regulations necessary to ensure that all consumers of imported marine and freshwater seafood products from the People's Republic of China are warned about the potential health risks associated with the consumption of those products.

            (2) The state health officer and the Louisiana Restaurant Association shall employ a marketing campaign that places an emphasis on highlighting the benefits of eating domestic seafood.

            C. The state health officer shall produce a statement that may be included on labels, placards, menu boards, or other promotional signage that encourages consumers to consume Louisiana seafood and warns of the risks that may be associated with the consumption of Chinese seafood.

            D. With the cooperation and assistance of the Louisiana Retailers Association, the Louisiana Restaurant Association, and other necessary organizations, the state health officer in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry shall encourage the display of the signage and other promotional literature as provided for in Subsection C of this Section where seafood sales occur.

            Acts 2009, No. 330, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2010; Acts 2022, No. 271, §4.