RS 12:217     

§217.  Classes and qualifications of membership

A.  Membership shall be of the classes, and shall be governed by the rules of admission, retention, suspension and expulsion, which the articles or by-laws prescribe; provided that all rules shall be reasonable, germane to the purpose of the corporation, and equally enforced as to all members of the same class.  

B.  Unless otherwise provided by the articles or by-laws, there shall be one class of members.  

C.  If neither the articles nor the by-laws provide for members or shareholders, or if a corporation has, in fact, no shareholders, and no members other than the persons constituting its board of directors, the persons for the time being constituting the board shall, for all intents and purposes, be taken to be the members of the corporation, and shall exercise all of the rights and powers of the members.  

Acts 1968, No. 105, §1.