RS 17:108     

§108.  Findings and actions of board as final; appeals

The findings of fact and action of the board shall be final except that in the event that the pupil or the parent or guardian, if any, of any minor or, if none, the custodian of any such minor shall, as next friend, file exception before such board to the final action of the board as constituting a denial of any right of such minor guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States, or any right under the laws of Louisiana, and if the board shall not, within fifteen days, reconsider its final action, an appeal may be taken from the final action of the board, on such ground alone, to the district court of the judicial district in which the school board is located, by filing with the clerk of said court within thirty days from the date of the board's final decision a petition stating the facts relevant to such pupil as bearing on the alleged denial of his rights under the Federal Constitution, or state law, accompanied by bond with sureties approved by the clerk of said court conditioned to pay all costs of appeal if the same shall not be sustained.  A copy of such petition and bond shall be filed with the president of the board.  The filing of such a petition for appeal shall not suspend or supersede an order of the board; nor shall the court have any power or jurisdiction to suspend or supersede an order of the board issued under this Sub-part before the entry of a final decree in the proceeding, except that the court may suspend such an order upon application by the petitioner made at the time of the filing of the petition for appeal, after a preliminary hearing, and upon a prima facie showing by the petitioner that the board has acted unlawfully to the manifest detriment of the child who is the subject of the proceeding.

On such appeal the district court may, as in other cases, summon a jury for the determination of any issue or issues of fact presented.  Appeal may be taken from the decision of the district court in the same manner as appeals may be taken in other suits, either by the appellant or by such board.  

Acts 1960, No. 492, §1.