RS 17:1371.2     

§1371.2.  Proceedings for creation of school districts, incurring of indebtedness, special taxes; confirmation

All proceedings heretofore had by the parish school board of any parish creating or purporting to create any school district in such parish, and any proceedings which may have been heretofore had in any such district for the authorization of bonds, certificates of indebtedness or special taxes, are hereby validated, ratified and confirmed, and each such district is hereby found and declared to be a validly existing school district possessing all powers permitted to be exercised by school districts under the laws of Louisiana.  All special taxes so voted at elections in such districts may be levied as authorized in such elections, and any such district which has heretofore voted or authorized the issuance of bonds or certificates of indebtedness which have not yet been issued may proceed with the issuance thereof pursuant to proceedings therefor heretofore taken, as such proceedings now exist or may hereafter be amended by the parish school board.

Added by Acts 1954, No. 303, §1.