RS 17:24.5     

§24.5.  Review of elementary and secondary school facilities

A.  There is hereby authorized the Public Schools Facility Review Program in the Department of Education to review and assess the status and needs for additional construction and/or renovation of the physical facilities of the state's public elementary and secondary education system and report annually to the governor and the legislature.  

B.  The state Department of Education shall review and assess the physical status of the facilities operated by the various local public education systems of the state.  In conducting the review particular attention shall be paid to:

(1)  the present structural soundness of each facility,

(2)  the presence of known or potentially dangerous material such as asbestos or other contaminants that may be present in the construction material, and

(3)  the availability of the existing number of classrooms to meet the needs of the local school systems.

C.  Local public school systems shall provide such assistance and reports as the state Department of Education may require in complying with the intent of the provisions of this Section.  

Added by Acts 1979, No. 610, §1.