RS 17:269     

§269.  Selective service obligation orientation program

The state board of education may establish and administer, and each parish and city school board in the state may maintain in each public school to which applicable a selective service obligation orientation program of instruction which may be part of the required curriculum for all male students in grades higher than the eighth grade in the public schools of this state.  

The program so established may require that every male student in the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades be given one hour of non credit instruction during each semester of each of such grades, by representatives of the Louisiana Selective Service System, in subject matter pertaining to armed forces obligations.  

During the second semester of the twelfth grade every male student may be given six hours of instruction, without credit, in matters pertaining to his armed forces obligations, including but not necessarily restricted to matters relating to service in the regular armed forces, the reserves and officer procurement.  Such instruction may include one hour of lecture by representatives of each of the following: (1) the Louisiana Selective Service System, (2) the Air Forces of the United States, (3) the United States Army, (4) the United States Navy, (5) the United States Marine Corps and (6) the United States Coast Guard.  

Added by Acts 1964, No. 44, §1.