RS 17:391.6     

§391.6.  Content course evaluation

A.  From time to time, as the superintendent of education may determine, the state Department of Education shall conduct studies of the effectiveness of various courses, in addition to the basic communication and computation skills courses, offered by the public schools of this state.  Such studies shall include details of the specific objectives of the courses and the level of achievement attained by students enrolled in such courses and, for this purpose, the department may use the results of any test administered under the provisions of this Part.  

B.  Upon the completion of such a study by the state Department of Education pursuant to this Section, the department shall report its findings, and recommendations, if any, to the legislature not later than January 1 of the year succeeding completion of the study.  

C.  The department shall maintain the anonymity of all students involved and local school board personnel.  The department may make analyses involving other factors, including but not limited to general categories of pedagogies in use, type of district organization, geographic area, socioeconomic data, size of school district, or other analytical items which may prove useful.  

D.  The governing board of any school district shall cooperate fully with the superintendent of education in making its schools available for such studies; provided, that the state Department of Education shall provide all necessary materials.  Such evaluation materials may include texts, books, references, tests, library print and nonprint materials, equipment, and other materials necessary for the orderly conduct of a study.  

Acts 1977, No. 621, §1.