RS 17:49     



§49.  Military leave

A.  The superintendent of the Special School District shall grant leaves of absence to regularly employed teachers serving in the military service or in the armed forces of the United States for a period dating from induction, enlistment, enrollment, or call to service.  The granting of such leaves shall not affect any of the tenure rights which the teacher may have acquired prior thereto under the provisions of Subpart C of this Part.

B.  The position vacated by a teacher who has been granted a military leave, or by a teacher transferred to the position vacated by a teacher granted a military leave, in accordance with Subsection A of this Section may be filled by the appointment of substitute teachers.

C.  A substitute teacher appointed under the provisions of Subsection B of this Section shall not acquire any of the tenure rights or privileges provided for in Subpart C of this Part, unless the substitute teacher has subsequently been appointed to fill a regular vacancy and has the necessary qualifications.

Added by Acts 1979, No. 260, §1; Acts 2012, No. 441, §1.