RS 56:805     

§805.  Establishment of recreational reef sites; designation and regulation

A.  In an effort to enhance inshore fisheries habitat, the commission may designate and set aside areas of the state's water bottoms as recreational reef.  The commission shall consider the recommendations of the Louisiana Oyster Task Force when designating such areas.  The commission shall promulgate through the Administration Procedure Act the location of a reef, the types of materials to be used to construct and replenish the reef, and regulations governing fishing on and above the site, including but not limited to harvest seasons, times, and creel limits.  There shall be no harvest of oysters from the sites so set aside.

B.  A violation of the provisions of this Section shall be a class four violation  punishable under the provisions of R.S. 56:34.

Acts 2012, No. 84, §1.