RS 39:1543     

§1543. Unit of risk analysis and loss prevention

            A. There is hereby created within the office of risk management a unit of risk analysis and loss prevention. It shall be the objective of this agency to assist all state agencies in the prevention and reduction of employee job related accidents, injuries, and loss of state property, thereby reducing the direct and indirect costs to the state of Louisiana related to such losses. The services provided by this unit shall include:

            (1) Analysis of loss experience statistical data for each commercially and self-insured risk and identification of various causes of losses and isolation of critical causes and locations.

            (2) Communication of analysis and suggested corrective measures to appointed safety coordinators of various state agencies.

            (3) Development of a comprehensive loss prevention program for implementation by all state agencies, including basic guidelines and standards of measurement. The activity includes loss control management, facility inspection, accident investigation, rules and regulations, and communications.

            (4) Preparation and distribution of a manual of operational procedures for loss prevention programs to departmental safety coordinators.

            (5) Coordination of the implementation and maintenance of the loss prevention program within all state agencies including training incidental to facility inspections and accident investigations.

            (6) Development, implementation, and maintenance of loss control programs.

            (7) Supervision and coordination of the necessary administrative functions of the bureau.

            B. In each department in the executive branch of state government there shall be a safety coordinator who shall be designated by the department head. In the judiciary there shall be a safety coordinator appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court. In the legislature there shall be a safety coordinator appointed by the Budgetary Control Council. The office of risk management shall provide appropriate training to the safety coordinators to permit them to effectively perform their duties within their respective departments. The safety coordinators shall:

            (1) Develop and implement a comprehensive safety program which shall include a statement of safety policy and responsibility.

            (2) Provide for regular and periodic facility and equipment inspections.

            (3) Investigate the job related accidents of the employees of their departments, offices, or agencies.

            (4) Establish a program to promote increased safety awareness by employees.

            C. The office of risk management, unit of risk analysis and loss prevention, shall conduct periodic loss prevention audits on each insured agency for the purpose of determining the agency's compliance with state law and loss prevention standards prescribed by the office of risk management. Each agency shall be audited every three years, with a recertification review preformed annually. Agencies determined to be in compliance with such laws and standards shall be certified as compliant by the office of risk management and shall receive a notice of such certification by the office of risk management. Agencies which fail to receive certification shall receive notification of their noncompliant status by the office of risk management, which notice shall be received by the agency at least sixty days prior to the execution of any penalty under the provisions of R.S. 39:1536(B). Such agency may, after a period of six months from the agency's receipt of the notice of noncompliance, request that a subsequent audit be performed if such agency can demonstrate that the deficiencies cited in its previous audit have been remedied.

            D. For the purposes of this Section, the term "agency" for higher education entities shall mean each individual board, institution, or entity within postsecondary education and the administration and each individual hospital within the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center health care services division.

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