RS 51:3146     

§3146. Prohibited acts

            A. A provider shall not use in its name the words "insurance", "casualty", "surety", "mutual", or any other words descriptive of the insurance, casualty, or surety business or a name deceptively similar to the name or description of any insurance or surety corporation, or to the name of any other provider. The word "guaranty" or similar word may be used by a provider. A provider shall include in its home service contracts a statement in substantially the following form: "This agreement is not an insurance contract."

            B. A provider or its representative shall not in its home service contracts or literature make, permit, or cause to be made any false or misleading statement, or deliberately omit any material statement that would be considered misleading if omitted.

            Acts 2015, No. 161, §§1, 3(A), eff. Jan. 11, 2016.