RS 40:14     

§14.  Parish health units; jurisdiction

Parish health units may, through the parish governing authority, control and administer all matters of local sanitation not generally affecting other portions of the state.  They may pass local health and sanitary ordinances and define and abate nuisances dangerous to the public health of that parish only.  They may also regulate drainage and ventilation with reference to human habitation and places of business and public resort; provide for the disposition of fecal matter and garbage and waste subject to provisions of state law and the sanitary code; regulate the erection of buildings, with due regard to the filling and grading of lots, and the arrangement of buildings; provide for the vacation and demolishing of buildings when necessary for the protection of public health; and generally enforce all health and sanitary ordinances so adopted.  However, these rules, ordinances and regulations shall not conflict with the rules and regulations of the sanitary code and shall not be less restrictive than the state sanitary code and may provide and regulate with respect to health matters not covered by the sanitary code.  

Acts 1976, No. 346, §1.