RS 40:483     

§483.  Method of operation

A local housing authority shall conduct its affairs in accordance with sound financial and business practices, taking into account the nature of its activities and intended purpose.  Further, it shall operate its housing developments in a manner calculated to enable the authority to fix rentals for dwelling accommodations for persons of eligible income at low rates consistent with its acting in a fiscally responsible manner and providing affordable, decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling accommodations for said persons.  Therefore, a local housing authority shall establish and charge rents no higher than it shall determine to be necessary to produce revenue which, together with all other available money, revenue, income, and receipts of the authority, from whatever source derived, will be sufficient to:

(1)  Pay, when due, all indebtedness of the authority.

(2)  Pay all administrative and other costs of operating the authority's developments and programs of assistance.

(3)  Pay the administrative and other costs of the maintenance, rehabilitation, renovation, repair, and replacement of the authority's developments and other property.

(4)  Otherwise carry out its purposes under this Chapter, including acquiring or creating additional housing developments and acquiring or improving property for other purposes authorized under this Chapter, including community facilities, commercial facilities, mixed income and mixed use developments and all other facilities and developments authorized by this Chapter.

(5)  Pay the costs of insurance, including the cost of claims, liabilities, losses, and other expenses incurred in connection with any self-insurance programs.

(6)  Provide funds for all required payments in lieu of taxes.

(7)  Make all payments required under and otherwise fully perform the authority's obligations under any contract, agreement, or arrangement entered into by the authority, including without limitation those required in connection with any partnership or joint venture entered into by the authority.

(8)  Perform the terms of any commitment or guarantee issued or given by the authority.

(9)  Provide a reasonable return on the value of the property so as to enable the housing authority to continue to fulfill its duties, including but not limited to the acquisition of additional housing developments, land acquisition, acquisition or construction of buildings, equipment, facilities or other real or personal property for public purposes, including parks or other recreational, educational, welfare or community facilities within its own area of operation.

(10)  Accommodate economic factors which affect the financial stability and solvency of the authority's developments and programs.

(11)  Pay the cost of actions occasioned by natural disasters and other emergencies.

(12)  Create and maintain operating and capital reserves that are reasonable and adequate to ensure the authority's ability to make all payments referred to in this Section and any other matter with respect to which the authority, in its discretion reasonably exercised, determines that the creation and maintenance of a reserve is appropriate.  Nothing herein shall be construed to limit the amount which a housing authority may charge for non-dwelling facilities or for dwelling facilities that are not rented to persons of eligible income.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.