RS 40:507     

§507.  Community participation

A.  A local housing authority may require, as a condition to granting or continuing any assistance, that residents and other recipients of such assistance participate in activities for community and neighborhood betterment.  Such conditions of assistance may require the performance of work in and around the authority's developments for the maintenance or improvement thereof, the performance of services to benefit residents or others, or work performed elsewhere in the community.  Such requirements may vary among individual residents or other recipients of assistance.

B.  In establishing conditions of assistance and determining the requirements applicable to individual recipients thereof, local housing authorities shall take into account such individual circumstances as the authority deems appropriate in order to assure that, in the authority's judgment, the requirements are reasonably applied.  Individual circumstances so taken into account may include, without limitation, age, disability, and employment status.

C.  A local housing authority may require, as a prerequisite to granting assistance, including any lease or right of occupancy of a dwelling unit, that the resident or recipient enter into a tenant participation plan or other similar agreement which sets forth the conditions of assistance and provides for the discontinuance of tenancy or other assistance in the event of the failure of the resident or recipient to satisfy such conditions.

D.  Except as and to the extent a local housing authority shall specifically and expressly agree in writing to the contrary, the community participation activities of a resident or other recipient of assistance contemplated by this Section shall not create, for any purpose, a legal relationship of agent/principal or employee/employer between the person performing such community participation activities and the local housing authority requiring such participation or any other public agency for whose benefit such activities may be carried out.

Acts 1950, No. 401, §29; Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.