RS 40:592.5     

§592.5.  Governing authority; duties and powers

The governing authority or its duly authorized designee shall administer the provisions of this Part and shall have the following powers and duties:

(1)  To acquire by purchase, donation, or bequest vacant, undeveloped real property and/or real property on which one or more substandard structures are located provided that the transaction does not involve the exercise of municipal expropriation powers except as permitted in this Part.  

(2)  To exercise expropriation powers only when necessary to correct or otherwise address title defects, problems of identifying and/or locating property owners, property description discrepancies, and similar problems.

(3)  To demolish and remove or cause to be demolished and removed any substandard structures and other improvements and fixtures as may detract from the reuse of the property as a site or sites for the construction of new housing or the placement of already-constructed housing which will be improved to comply with local building codes and resold.  

(4)(a)  To resell or lease the real property acquired hereunder by publicly advertised competitive bid to private persons at not less than nor more than the fair market value thereof or otherwise transfer title except through donation of that property to a qualified nonprofit corporation.  

(b)  In no case shall the sale price be less than the purchase price.  

(c)  The property to be sold or otherwise disposed of shall only be used as a site for the construction of new owner-occupied housing and/or the placement of relocated housing which is to be properly improved and resold to owner-occupants and shall be subject to such other covenants, conditions, and restrictions including covenants running with the land, reasonable construction start and completion times, sale or resale affordability guidelines, etc., as may be deemed necessary and desirable to assist in accomplishing the purposes of this Section and in complying with the municipality's master or comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and other applicable codes, ordinances, policies, programs, and plans, if any.  

Acts 1984, No. 571, §1.