RS 40:7     

§7. Communicable disease epidemic; procedure

            A. If any parish or municipality or any portion thereof becomes infected with any disease to such an extent as to threaten the spread of the disease to the other portions of the state, the state health officer shall issue his proclamation declaring the facts and ordering the infected parish or municipality or the infected portion thereof quarantined. Further, the state health officer shall order all local health officers to quarantine against the locality; shall establish and promulgate the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions on which intercourse with the infected locality will be permitted; and shall issue to the other local sanitary authorities instructions as to the measures adopted in quarantining against persons, goods, or other property coming from the infected locality. These rules, regulations, terms, and conditions shall be observed and obeyed by all health authorities. Any other of the noninfected portions of the state may, upon approval of the state health officer, add to the regulations, rules, terms, and conditions already imposed by the state health officer.

            B. The state health officer may prohibit the introduction into any infected portion of the state persons acclimated, unacclimated, or said to be immune, when, in his judgment, the introduction of those persons would increase the prevalence of the disease.

            C. The state health officer shall render to the local health officers all the assistance which the conditions of his finances permit.

            Acts 1976, No. 346, §1; Acts 2018, No. 206, §4.