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Amendments to the LA Constitution of 1974
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Revised Statutes - Title 56
RS 56:1 Wildlife and Fisheries Commission established; membership; qualifications; definitions
RS 56:2 Supervision and direction of commission; meetings
RS 56:3 Ownership of wild birds, quadrupeds, fish, aquatic life, water bottoms, oysters, and shellfish
RS 56:4 Authority of Department of Natural Resources over navigable water bottoms
RS 56:5 General powers and authority
RS 56:6 Special powers and duties; statistics; rules and regulations; reports
RS 56:6.1 Emergency closure of hunting or fishing seasons; rules and regulations; prohibitions; penalties
RS 56:6.2 Advisory committees
RS 56:7 Domicile of commission; service of process; suits; parties
RS 56:7.1 Jesse J. Guidry Center for Wildlife and Fisheries Resources
RS 56:8 Definitions
RS 56:9 Report of violations; criminal prosecution; schedule of fines; citations; ex officio notaries public
RS 56:10 Annual report to governor; estimate of proposed expenditures; particular funds; limitations on purposes for use of monies in particular funds; warrants; vouchers; surplus funds
RS 56:10.1 Aquatic Plant Control Fund; creation; uses
RS 56:10.2 Derelict Houseboat Fund Account
RS 56:11 Bond of director and employees
RS 56:12 Boats and other movable property
RS 56:13 Placing of advertising signs on state-owned property
RS 56:13.1 Repealed by Acts 1999, No. 804, 2, eff. July 2, 1999.
RS 56:14 Repealed by Acts 2018, No. 612, §22, eff. July 1, 2020.
RS 56:15 Prohibited acts involving interstate commerce
RS 56:16 Intentional concealment, destruction, or deposit of illegal fish, wildlife, or other animals; penalties
RS 56:17 Taking fish for purpose of science and cultivation; permits; propagation of fish
RS 56:18 Trespass on or injury to structures or areas used for scientific experiments
RS 56:19 Exchange of fish hatched at fish hatcheries for fish roe or fish eggs
RS 56:20 Releasing game, fowl, or fish; permission; intrastate restocking; importation; violations
RS 56:21 Stocking waters with fish
RS 56:22 Rules and regulations for protection and preservation of fish
RS 56:23 Penalty for violations
RS 56:24 Contract by commission with private landowners for use of lands for wildlife management areas in consideration for relief from certain taxation
RS 56:25 Fish and wildlife restoration and management projects; assent to federal aid act; duties of commission
RS 56:26 Repealed by Acts 2004, No. 566, §2.
RS 56:27 Management and harvesting of fish in private ponds exempt from statutory limitations; permits; exceptions
RS 56:28 Official badges, identification cards, other insignia
RS 56:29 Interference with marks or buoys
RS 56:30 Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; powers; duties; functions; periodic evaluation of fees and charges imposed
RS 56:30.1 Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; issuance of licenses and permits for hunting and fishing
RS 56:30.2 Notice to legislators
RS 56:30.3 Lease of state lands; access to public waterways
RS 56:30.4 Geophysical and geological surveys
RS 56:31 Class one violations
RS 56:31.1 Civil penalties; assessments; posting of bond; forfeiture; dedication of funds collected
RS 56:32 Class two violation
RS 56:33 Class three violation
RS 56:34 Class four violation
RS 56:35 Class five violation
RS 56:36 Class six violation
RS 56:37 Class seven violation
RS 56:37.1 Class eight violation
RS 56:38 Revocation of license
RS 56:39 Forfeiture of quadrupeds, birds, and fish; Fish and Wildlife Violations Reward Fund, creation and use of fund monies
RS 56:40.2 Value of fish, wild birds, wild quadrupeds, and other wildlife and aquatic life
RS 56:40.3 Civil penalties; assessment; administrative hearing
RS 56:40.4 Civil suit for recovery of value
RS 56:40.5 Venue and procedure
RS 56:40.6 More than one defendant
RS 56:40.7 Recovery of value in addition to fine
RS 56:40.8 Both civil suit and criminal prosecution permissible; exceptions
RS 56:40.9 Disposition of recovery
RS 56:41 To 44 Repealed by Acts 1981, No. 837, 4
RS 56:45 Jurisdiction of trial of violations
RS 56:46 Venue when river divides parishes
RS 56:47 Venue when offense committed in lake, bay, or other body of water
RS 56:48 Venue when offense committed in the Gulf of Mexico
RS 56:49 Venue when exact place of vessel cannot be determined
RS 56:50 Venue; exception when exact place cannot be determined
RS 56:51 Limits of state sovereignty
RS 56:52 Issuance of search warrants
RS 56:53 Commissioned wildlife enforcement agents of the enforcement division may carry weapons
RS 56:54 License requirements; enforcement by wildlife agents; arrest without warrant
RS 56:54.1 Prima facie evidence of violation of law
RS 56:55 Search with or without warrant
RS 56:55.1 Toledo Bend Reservoir; assignment of officers
RS 56:55.2 Additional authority of commissioned wildlife enforcement agents
RS 56:55.3 Boats maintained for enforcement; vehicle equipment
RS 56:56 Seizure or surrender of things illegally used or possessed
RS 56:57 Seizure of vessels, airplanes, vehicles, and equipment
RS 56:57.1 Forfeitures for fraud
RS 56:57.2 Repealed
RS 56:57.3 Licenses; fraudulent acquisition; penalty
RS 56:57.4 Repealed
RS 56:58 Disposition of seizures other than vessels, airplanes, and other vehicles
RS 56:59 Disposition of seized vessels, airplanes, vehicles, and equipment therefor
RS 56:60 Confiscation of things seized
RS 56:61 Disposition of things, other than vessels, airplanes, vehicles and equipment, confiscated or forfeited to the department
RS 56:62 Time limit for retention of things seized
RS 56:63 Proceeds of sales of things seized; commingling with conservation fund
RS 56:64 Proceeds of sales of things seized; no liability after two years
RS 56:65 No liability for acts performed in good faith
RS 56:66 No criminal liability for covert operations officers
RS 56:67 Enforcement of civil judgment
RS 56:68 Aviation unit; powers and duties
RS 56:68.1 Federal enforcement officers; Avoyelles Parish; Cameron Parish; Calcasieu Parish
RS 56:68.2 Federal enforcement; saltwater fisheries laws
RS 56:69 Exemptions from traffic regulations
RS 56:69.2 Definitions
RS 56:69.3 Commissions and commissioning
RS 56:69.4 Requirements for commissioning
RS 56:69.5 Training
RS 56:69.6 Probation
RS 56:69.7 Renewal of commissions
RS 56:69.8 Revocation of commissions
RS 56:69.9 Reserve agent
RS 56:69.10 Powers and duties of auxiliary agents
RS 56:69.11 Compensation
RS 56:69.12 Liability
RS 56:69.13 Rules and regulations
RS 56:69.21 Wildlife Violator Compact
RS 56:69.22 Definitions
RS 56:69.23 Procedures for issuing citations in relation to the Wildlife Violators Compact
RS 56:69.24 Procedure for the home state
RS 56:69.25 Reciprocal recognition of suspension
RS 56:69.26 Applicability of other laws
RS 56:69.27 Compact administrator procedures
RS 56:69.28 Entry into and withdrawal from the Wildlife Violator Compact
RS 56:69.29 Amendments to the Wildlife Violator Compact
RS 56:69.30 Licensing authority; rules and regulations
RS 56:69.31 Construction and severability
RS 56:70.1 Title
RS 56:70.2 Creation and purpose
RS 56:70.3 Louisiana Help Our Wildlife Fund; uses of fund
RS 56:70.4 Rewards; payments
RS 56:71 Governor authorized to enter into compact with other states relative to better utilization of fisheries
RS 56:72 Purpose of compact
RS 56:73 Time compact becomes operative; parties to compact
RS 56:74 Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission; representatives; qualifications
RS 56:75 Powers of commission; legislation
RS 56:76 Officers; rules and regulations; meetings
RS 56:77 Action taken by commission; requirements
RS 56:78 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be primary research agency; advisory committee
RS 56:79 Participation of non-coastal state; limitation
RS 56:80 Signatory states not precluded from additional restrictions
RS 56:81 Additional compact amendments by signatory states
RS 56:82 Absence from representation on the commission
RS 56:83 Operating expenses; proration
RS 56:84 Continuance of compact; renunciation; notice
RS 56:85 Commission representatives from Louisiana; appointment; alternates
RS 56:86 Commission powers to be no limitation on state powers
RS 56:87 Necessary travel expenses; payment
RS 56:91 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 984, 18.
RS 56:92 Repealed by Acts 1989, No. 662, 8, eff. July 7, 1989.
RS 56:93 Repealed by Acts 1989, No. 662, 8, eff. July 7, 1989.
RS 56:94 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 984, 18.
RS 56:95 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 984, 18.
RS 56:96 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 984, 18.
RS 56:101 Repealed by Acts 1981, No. 737, 2.
RS 56:102 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:103 License; license books; returns; transfer of license prohibited
RS 56:103.1 Nonresident licenses; penalties
RS 56:104 License fees; reciprocity; exceptions
RS 56:104.1 Hunting permits for persons with physical disabilities
RS 56:105 Special permits and licenses; scientific or entertainment purposes; bow licenses; beaver permit
RS 56:106 Field trials
RS 56:107 Firing, feeding and breeding grounds
RS 56:108 Deer and turkey harvest records and tagging
RS 56:109 Wildlife management areas; wildlife refuges; public hunting grounds and recreation areas; notice; signs; hunters with disabilities
RS 56:109.1 Use of all-terrain vehicle trails on wildlife management areas
RS 56:109.2 Preservation of wildlife management areas; wildlife refuges; public hunting grounds and recreation areas
RS 56:109.3 Levy of mooring fees in the Atchafalaya Delta WMA; Atchafalaya Delta WMA Mooring Account; deposit of fees to the account; uses of the monies in the account
RS 56:109.4 Use of airboats on the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area
RS 56:110 Deer Management Assistance Program areas; notice; signs; prohibitions
RS 56:110.1 Quality Deer Management Program
RS 56:111 Removal or destruction of signs
RS 56:112 Disposal of birds or quadrupeds becoming a nuisance
RS 56:113 Taking wild birds or game imported for experimentation or propagation
RS 56:114 Open season; curtailment by parish governing authority
RS 56:115 Wild birds and wild quadrupeds; adoption of seasons, bag and possession limits; rules and regulations; penalties
RS 56:116 Wild birds and wild quadrupeds; special hunting seasons
RS 56:116.1 Wild birds and wild quadrupeds; times and methods of taking; penalties
RS 56:116.2 Wild birds and wild quadrupeds; sales, purchases of parts prohibited; exceptions
RS 56:116.3 Special provisions applicable to deer and bear; times and methods of taking; penalties
RS 56:116.4 Special provisions applicable to turkey; times and methods of taking; penalties
RS 56:116.5 Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited; penalties
RS 56:116.6 Sound suppressors
RS 56:117 Possession limits; game birds; transportation of game birds; tags
RS 56:118 Migratory game bird violations
RS 56:119 Possession of game birds after close of open season
RS 56:120 Storage of game birds or quadrupeds; tags
RS 56:121 Traps, cages, etc., for taking wild birds; confiscation; exception for destructive blackbirds
RS 56:121.1 Traps; wild quadrupeds
RS 56:122 Carrier pigeons, killing or catching when banded prohibited; penalty
RS 56:123 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 966, 2.
RS 56:124 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 966, 2.
RS 56:124.1 Dogs; regulation of; police juries
RS 56:125 Possession of game quadrupeds; tags; deer carcasses
RS 56:126 Repealed by Acts 1952, No. 127, 21
RS 56:127 Confiscation of illegal traps or snares and quadrupeds taken thereby
RS 56:128 Falconry
RS 56:129 To 135 Repealed by Acts 1958, No. 133, 2
RS 56:136 Jurisdiction where offense committed in river between two parishes or in Gulf of Mexico
RS 56:137 Repealed by Acts 1958, No. 133, 2
RS 56:139 Criminal penalty
RS 56:140 Foxes; bobcats
RS 56:141 Training of dogs during closed season; taking of certain pen-raised birds for the purposes of field trials and hunting dog training
RS 56:142 Catahoula lake area; operation of mud boats for purpose of hunting or fishing prohibited
RS 56:143 "Hunter orange" or "blaze pink" display by hunters with guns
RS 56:144 Repealed by Acts 1993, No. 188, 2.
RS 56:152 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 100, §2.
RS 56:153 Design, marketing, and sale of duck stamps and prints
RS 56:154 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 100, §2.
RS 56:155 Louisiana Duck License, Stamp, and Print Fund; purposes
RS 56:156 Reciprocal agreements
RS 56:157 Penalties
RS 56:161 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 100, §2.
RS 56:162 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 100, §2.
RS 56:163 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 100, §2.
RS 56:164 Louisiana Wild Turkey Fund; purposes
RS 56:165 Reciprocal agreements
RS 56:166 Penalties
RS 56:171 Wildlife; business of raising and selling; breeder's license
RS 56:172 Killing of birds or animals; sale; trapping regulations; exporting live specimens
RS 56:173 Transportation of birds or animals killed; tags; sale of carcass
RS 56:174 Shipment of carcasses or parts thereof; tag or label
RS 56:175 License for sale of birds killed and tagged
RS 56:176 Report of birds or animals killed and sold
RS 56:177 Fencing farms or preserves
RS 56:178 Ownership of birds and animals on fenced breeding area; trespass
RS 56:179 Repealed by Acts 1974, No. 717, 4
RS 56:180 Revocation of license
RS 56:181 Penalty for violation of Sub-part
RS 56:191 Title
RS 56:192 Purpose
RS 56:193 Wildlife biologists; duties; qualification
RS 56:251 Licenses; possession limit for nonresident alligator hunter; deposit as guarantee of payment of severance tax; penalties
RS 56:252 Residence of alligator hunters, fur buyers and dealers
RS 56:253 Shipping raw furs, alligators, alligator skins, and alligator parts out of state; tags
RS 56:254 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 499, 2, eff. June 22, 1992.
RS 56:255 Alligator records; inspections
RS 56:256 Severance tax
RS 56:257 Payment of tax by trappers, alligator hunters, and alligator farmers shipping or taking own catch out of state; shipping tags
RS 56:258 Dealer records; payment of tax; confiscation of furs and skins
RS 56:259 Open season; method of taking animals; prohibited devices; possession and sale of skins
RS 56:260 Setting a trap, snare, net, or other device
RS 56:261 Possession; alligator eggs, live alligators, skins
RS 56:262 Nongame quadrupeds; breeding, propagation, and exhibition
RS 56:263 Alligator parts, buying and selling; license; reports; tagging
RS 56:264 Scientific research
RS 56:265 Trespass on marshlands to trap or hunt fur bearing animals
RS 56:266 Louisiana Fur Public Education and Marketing Fund
RS 56:267 Repealed by Acts 1958, No. 135, 2.
RS 56:274 Blank]
RS 56:275 Repealed by Acts 1958, No. 135, 2.
RS 56:278 Louisiana Alligator Advisory Council
RS 56:279 Louisiana Alligator Resource Fund
RS 56:280 White or albino alligators; taking from the wild; prohibition; penalties; notification to alligator hunters
RS 56:281 Nutria control cost-sharing; statement of intent
RS 56:282 Powers and duties of the secretary
RS 56:283 Cooperative agreements; cost-sharing
RS 56:284 Annual proposal; cost-sharing; purpose
RS 56:291 Feeding of wild bears prohibited
RS 56:301 Definitions
RS 56:301.1 License requirements; possession; nontransferability
RS 56:301.2 Application requirements; proof of residency; material misstatements; fees for certain alien individual licenses
RS 56:301.3 Applicability to other fishing laws
RS 56:301.4 Records; confidentiality
RS 56:301.5 Commission rules and regulations
RS 56:301.6 Special licenses and permits
RS 56:301.7 Dedication of proceeds of licenses
RS 56:301.8 Nonresident recreational fishermen; possession of license; penalty
RS 56:301.9 Issuance of commercial licenses via Internet transactions
RS 56:301.10 Louisiana Finfish Task Force
RS 56:302 Recreational fishing license; recreational gear
RS 56:302.1 Annual license; temporary license; fees; saltwater fee; exemptions
RS 56:302.2 Exception for certain residents, nonresidents, and military personnel from purchase or possession of basic recreational and saltwater license
RS 56:302.3 Recreational gear license
RS 56:302.4 Recreational fishing licenses: license year; purchase period
RS 56:302.5 Basic recreational fishing licenses; issuing agent commission
RS 56:302.6 Recreational gear license place of purchase; basic recreational fishing license requirement
RS 56:302.7 Free fishing days
RS 56:302.8 Repealed by Acts 1997, No. 206, 1.
RS 56:302.9 Charter boat fishing guide license; nonresident fee
RS 56:302.9.1 Charter boat license; skiff fee; charter fishing trip license
RS 56:302.10 Sale of recreational catch
RS 56:303 Commercial fisherman's license; charter boat fishing guide's license certification; fees; place of purchase; information
RS 56:303.1 Commercial fisherman's license; license year; purchase period
RS 56:303.1.1 Fresh products license
RS 56:303.2 License possession; menhaden
RS 56:303.3 Helpers
RS 56:303.4 Commercial fisherman's sales receipt form
RS 56:303.5 Presumptions relative to fish caught by person possessing a commercial fishing license
RS 56:303.6 Oyster harvester license
RS 56:303.7 Transport and sale of the catch
RS 56:303.8 Special apprentice license; commercial taking of saltwater fish; requirements
RS 56:303.9 Presumption of fish used for commercial purposes only
RS 56:303.10 Repealed by Acts 1998, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 54, 2, eff. April 29, 1998.
RS 56:304 Vessel license; fees; place of purchase
RS 56:304.1 Vessel license: license year; purchase period
RS 56:304.2 Operation by person not holding a commercial fisherman's license
RS 56:304.3 Registered vessels
RS 56:304.4 Display of license
RS 56:304.5 Transferability; change of vessel name
RS 56:305 Commercial gear license; issuance to certain nonresidents prohibited; moratorium on certain new gear licenses; renewals
RS 56:305.1 License year; place of purchase; purchase period
RS 56:305.2 Applicant, license information; commercial gear license for the fishing of menhaden
RS 56:305.3 Temporary transfer of commercial gear licenses
RS 56:305.4 Other licenses
RS 56:305.5 Commercial gear license for gill net; permits to be used in the EEZ; dedication and expenditure of funds collected
RS 56:305.6 Commercial crab fishing; apprentice license; requirements
RS 56:305.7 Rod and reel gear license eligibility; class three or greater violations; prohibitions
RS 56:306 Wholesale/retail seafood dealer's license; place of business; employees; exemptions; wholesale out-of-state crab shipping license
RS 56:306.1 Retail seafood dealer's license; place of business; employees; retail out-of-state crab shipping license
RS 56:306.2 License fee; place of purchase
RS 56:306.3 Wholesale/retail seafood dealer's license and retail seafood dealer's license; license year; purchase period
RS 56:306.4 Restrictions on buying and selling and transportation by wholesale/retail seafood dealers, retail seafood dealer's license; restaurants and retail grocers
RS 56:306.5 Records
RS 56:306.6 Monthly returns to the department by wholesale/retail seafood dealers
RS 56:306.7 Definitions
RS 56:307 Transporter; license required
RS 56:307.1 Transport license fee; underlying license
RS 56:307.2 Buying and selling prohibition by transporters; exceptions
RS 56:307.3 Number of licenses that can be purchased
RS 56:307.4 Repealed by Acts 1987, No. 779, 2.
RS 56:307.5 Transferability
RS 56:307.6 Common carriers
RS 56:307.7 Shipping records
RS 56:308 Penalty
RS 56:309 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 401, §2, eff. Nov. 15, 2006.
RS 56:309.1 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 401, §2, eff. Nov. 15, 2006.
RS 56:309.2 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 401, §2, eff. Nov. 15, 2006.
RS 56:309.3 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 401, §2, eff. Nov. 15, 2006.
RS 56:309.4 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 401, §2, eff. Nov. 15, 2006.
RS 56:311 Repealed by Acts 1981, No. 737, 2
RS 56:312 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:313 Control of fisheries; duty of commission; duty of the department
RS 56:314 Confiscation of unlawful tackle
RS 56:315 Sanctuaries and propagating places; closed zones
RS 56:315.1 Fish ladders
RS 56:316 Trespass on areas set aside for propagation of fish
RS 56:317 Louisiana Catch and Cook Program; preparation of recreational fish or alligator in retail food establishments
RS 56:318 Taking fish for scientific or educational purposes; permits
RS 56:318.1 Fishing tournaments; special permits
RS 56:319 Exotic fish; importation, sale, and possession of certain exotic species prohibited; permit required; penalty
RS 56:319.1 Control of importation of fish; department's regulatory authority
RS 56:319.2 Designation and taking of exotic fish
RS 56:320 Methods of taking freshwater or saltwater fish
RS 56:320.1 Use and possession of certain gill nets, trammel nets, strike nets, or seines; prohibited
RS 56:320.2 Federal exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
RS 56:321 Elevated trotlines prohibited; civil liability
RS 56:322 Seines or nets; size of mesh; classification as to salt or fresh water; crawfish traps
RS 56:322.1 Shad seine; commercial harvest of shad and skipjack herring
RS 56:322.2 Shad gill nets; commercial harvest of shad and skipjack herring
RS 56:323 Bait; methods of taking
RS 56:324 Menhaden seines; restrictions
RS 56:325 Daily take, possession, and size limits; freshwater recreational fish; possession of finfish filets prohibited
RS 56:325.1 Size and possession limits, recreational saltwater finfish; penalties
RS 56:325.2 Saltwater recreational finfish; total length
RS 56:325.3 Spotted sea trout commercial taking; annual quota; red drum commercial taking, possession, or landing prohibited
RS 56:325.4 Commercial taking of other saltwater finfish; exceptions; mesh size
RS 56:325.5 Repealed by Acts 1989, No. 488, 2, eff. July 1, 1989.
RS 56:325.6 Bait gulf menhaden; annual quota after regular closed season
RS 56:326 Size and possession limits; commercial fish
RS 56:326.1 Size limits set by commission
RS 56:326.2 Vessels landing red drum; notice to department; equipment; inspection
RS 56:326.3 Possession limits; size limits, seasons, quotas, times, and daily take limits, set by commission; penalties
RS 56:326.4 Staggered and split seasons and quotas
RS 56:326.5 Bowfin; size limitations; eggs
RS 56:326.6 Closed season; bowfin
RS 56:327 Sale or purchase of freshwater or saltwater game fish prohibited; commercial sales and purchases, commercial license required; commercial fingerlings and certified mariculture and aquaculture fish excepted; penalties
RS 56:327.1 §327.1. Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 286, §2.
RS 56:328 Conducting fishing operations so as not to destroy nests or natural hiding places of young fish; prohibited importation; control and regulation of noxious aquatic plants; permit; penalty
RS 56:329 Obstruction of streams or lakes by fyke nets or other devices
RS 56:330 Crawfish harvesters; crawfish traps
RS 56:331 Crab Task Force
RS 56:331.1 Repealed by Acts 1968, No. 625, 1.
RS 56:332 Crabs; release of crabs in berry stage; method of taking crabs; time limitations; by-catch; penalties; abandoned crab trap removal program; escape rings
RS 56:332.1 Eel; methods of taking; licensing; marking; violation
RS 56:333 Mullet; saltwater areas
RS 56:333.1 Mullet; freshwater areas
RS 56:333.2 Repealed by Acts 2013, No. 184, §12.
RS 56:333.3 Live mullet; harvest for bait
RS 56:334 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:334.1 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:334.2 Freshwater fishing allowed in designated saltwater areas
RS 56:335 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:336 Penalty for violation of sport fishing provisions
RS 56:337 Repealed by Acts 1989, No. 490, 1.
RS 56:338 Registration of vessels; application; misstatements; penalties
RS 56:339 Transportation of fish to other states; reciprocity
RS 56:340 To 344 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:345 Repealed by Acts 2000, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 130, 2.
RS 56:346 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 270, 2.
RS 56:347 To 353 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:354 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:355 Penalty provision
RS 56:356 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 743, §2(C), eff. July 1, 2010.
RS 56:360.1 Repealed
RS 56:360.2 Repealed
RS 56:360.3 Repealed
RS 56:401 Commercial seining prohibited in Lake Bruin and other lakes: penalty
RS 56:402 Commercial fishing in Lake Bruin prohibited; penalty
RS 56:403 Commercial seining prohibited in Clear Lake; penalty
RS 56:404 Use of seines, nets, or webbing in Bogue Chitto River prohibited; logging and hand grabbing of fish in Bogue Chitto River prohibited; penalty
RS 56:405 Use of seines, nets or webbing or traps in Tchefuncte River, Lake Des Allemands, Bayou Des Allemands and Lake Salvador prohibited; exceptions; penalty
RS 56:406 Use of trammel net, seine, gill net, or webbing prohibited in the waters of Breton Islands and Chandeleur Islands; exceptions; penalty
RS 56:407 Use of trammel nets, gill nets, and seines in certain areas of Lake Borgne prohibited
RS 56:408 Lake Maurepas; trawling prohibited; nets in certain areas prohibited
RS 56:409 Saline Lake; Iatt Lake; triploid grass carp; introduction; expenditures
RS 56:409.1 Penalty for the wasting of the state's fishery resources
RS 56:410 Trawling at night prohibited on White Lake and Grand Lake
RS 56:410.1 Paratrawling prohibited in canals; penalty
RS 56:410.2 Use of trammel nets, gill nets, and strike nets in Calcasieu Lake in Cameron Parish prohibited
RS 56:410.3 Sabine Lake; taking of crabs; seasons; gear; penalties
RS 56:410.4 Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 133, §1.
RS 56:410.5 Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 133, §1.
RS 56:410.6 Calcasieu Lake in Calcasieu Parish; use of trammel nets, gill nets, strike nets, and seines
RS 56:410.7 Black Lake, Clear Lake, and Prairie Lake; marking of nets required; permitted and prohibited fishing gear; penalties
RS 56:410.8 Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 133, §1.
RS 56:410.9 Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 133, §1.
RS 56:410.10 Use of certain fishing gear on Poverty Point Reservoir; prohibition
RS 56:410.11 Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 133, §1.
RS 56:411 Legislative findings and purpose
RS 56:412 Issuance and renewal of domesticated aquatic organism license
RS 56:413 Harvest and sale of domesticated aquatic organisms
RS 56:414 Penalties
RS 56:415 Exemption; aquatic livestock farmers
RS 56:421 Oyster Task Force
RS 56:422 Regulation of industry; residence of persons engaging in; employment of labor and vessels
RS 56:423 Property rights, larceny or other public offense concerning; leases heritable and transferable; adjudication of claims
RS 56:424 Taking of oysters
RS 56:424.1 Illegal taking of oysters; penalties
RS 56:425 Lease of water bottoms; stipulations; boundary disputes
RS 56:425.1 Joint leasing of water bottoms for oyster cultivation and harvest
RS 56:426 Filing and recordation of water bottoms leases
RS 56:427 Initial application for lease
RS 56:427.1 State, political subdivisions of the state, and the United States held harmless in coastal restoration
RS 56:428 Commencement and duration of lease; renewal; fixing of rental rates
RS 56:428.1 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 425, §2, eff. June 15, 2006.
RS 56:428.2 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 425, §2, eff. June 15, 2006.
RS 56:428.3 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 425, §2, eff. June 15, 2006.
RS 56:429 Default in payment of rent; cancellation and forfeitures
RS 56:430 Additional lease stipulations
RS 56:430.1 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 425, §2, eff. June 15, 2006.
RS 56:431 Unlawful removal of oysters or signs from leased propagating grounds; instructions to captain and crew of vessels; penalty
RS 56:431.1 Devices to protect oysters from predation; use on leased acreage
RS 56:431.2 Alternative oyster culture; permits
RS 56:432 Territorial limitations
RS 56:432.1 Oyster Lease Acquisition and Compensation Program
RS 56:432.2 Annual reporting of coastal protection, conservation, and restoration project status
RS 56:433 Culling oysters taken from natural reefs; size limits
RS 56:433.1 Oyster seed ground vessel permit; Oyster Seed Ground Vessel Permit Appeals Board
RS 56:434 Oyster seed grounds; designation and setting aside; rules and regulations concerning taking of seed oysters; areas recognized as oyster seed reservations; protection of oyster seed reservations
RS 56:434.1 Public Oyster Seed Ground Development Account
RS 56:435 Scrapers; use in removing oysters
RS 56:435.1 Sabine Lake; prohibition on harvesting of oysters
RS 56:435.1.1 Oyster harvest in Calcasieu Lake
RS 56:435.2 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 398, §2.
RS 56:436 Restricted time of taking oysters
RS 56:437 Sale of oysters for raw consumption within the state
RS 56:438 Surveyor, definition
RS 56:439 Staking off or bedding oysters on unleased water bottoms
RS 56:440 Standard measurements; barrel
RS 56:441 Repealed by Acts 1999, No. 38, 2, eff. May 28, 1999.
RS 56:442 Collection and disposition of funds; dedication of funds
RS 56:443 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:444 License number display
RS 56:445 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:446 Oyster severance tax; collection
RS 56:447 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:448 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:449 Tags; distribution; use; containers; penalties
RS 56:450 Freshwater mussels; rules; penalties
RS 56:451 Severance tax; default in payment; penalties
RS 56:452 Penalties
RS 56:471 CLAMS
RS 56:472 Severance tax
RS 56:473 Recreational possession limit; recreational gear regulations
RS 56:474 Time and method of taking clams
RS 56:475 Approved ports
RS 56:476 License display
RS 56:477 Division of water bottoms
RS 56:478 Demarcation line
RS 56:479 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:480 Catch limitations
RS 56:481 Size limits
RS 56:482 Penalty provision
RS 56:491 Definitions
RS 56:492 Incidental by-catch
RS 56:492.1 Excluder devices
RS 56:493 Control of shrimp fishery and industry
RS 56:494 Louisiana Shrimp Task Force
RS 56:495 Defining inside and outside waters
RS 56:495.1 Trawling vessels; size of trawls; butterfly nets
RS 56:496 Residence requirements; exception
RS 56:497 Saltwater shrimp seasons; bait shrimp
RS 56:497.1 Trawl, skimmer, or butterfly gear license eligibility
RS 56:498 Size limit
RS 56:499 Trawls, butterfly, and skimmer nets, and cast nets; size of mesh; length; diameter of butterfly and skimmer nets extensions; prohibited devices
RS 56:499.1 Use of trawls in certain areas around Calcasieu Lake; use and identification of butterfly nets in certain sections of East and West Passes of the Calcasieu River, Grand Bayou, and Oyster Bayou
RS 56:499.2 Butterfly and bottom nets; Lake Pontchartrain and Intracoastal Waterway
RS 56:499.3 Butterfly and bottom nets; Oyster Bayou
RS 56:499.4 Night shrimping; inside waters; Vermilion Bay; East and West Cote Blanche Bays; Atchafalaya Bay; exceptions; prohibition
RS 56:500 Recreational possession limit; gear
RS 56:501 Commercial taking of freshwater shrimp
RS 56:502 Manifest of cargo of vessel carrying shrimp
RS 56:503 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:504 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:505 Repealed by Acts 2002, No. 75, 2, eff. July 1, 2002.
RS 56:506 Excise tax; default in payment; penalty
RS 56:506.1 Fee for promotion and protection of wild-caught shrimp
RS 56:507 Penalty for violation of Subpart
RS 56:508 To 513 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:514 To 521 Repealed by Acts 1958, No. 53, 14, eff. June 24, 1958
RS 56:522 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:524 Repealed by Acts 1958, No. 53, 14, eff. June 24, 1958
RS 56:526 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:551 Harvest and sale of crabs
RS 56:552 Repealed by Acts 1952, No. 627, 2
RS 56:554 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:555 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:557 Disposition of moneys received
RS 56:558 Enforcement of penalties by civil proceedings
RS 56:559 Repealed by Acts 1985, No. 876, 4, eff. July 23, 1985.
RS 56:561 Repealed by Acts 1986, No. 904, 4.
RS 56:571 Underutilized species, policy and purpose; permits; fees; rules and regulations
RS 56:572 Legality of contracts
RS 56:573 Approval of contracts
RS 56:574 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 984, 18.
RS 56:575 Rules, applications
RS 56:576 Disbursements
RS 56:577 Other powers and duties
RS 56:578.1 Purposes
RS 56:578.2 Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board; creation and organization
RS 56:578.3 Powers, duties, and functions
RS 56:578.4 Advertising, contracts, and sales offices
RS 56:578.5 Repealed by Acts 2013, No. 228, §3, eff. July 1, 2013.
RS 56:578.6 Repealed by Acts 2013, No. 228, §3, eff. July 1, 2013.
RS 56:578.7 Appropriations; warrants; records
RS 56:578.8 Repealed by Acts 2013, No. 228, §3, eff. July 1, 2013.
RS 56:578.9 Approval of regulations
RS 56:578.10 Seafood packaging regulations
RS 56:578.11 Labeling of catfish packaging; possession and exchange of certain catfish prohibited; penalties
RS 56:578.12 Repealed by Acts 2013, No. 228, §3, eff. July 1, 2013.
RS 56:578.13 Labeling of "crawfish"
RS 56:578.14 Imported crawfish or shrimp; notice to patrons; penalties
RS 56:578.15 Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program
RS 56:579.1 Permitting of mariculture in the coastal zone; policy and purpose; permits; rules and regulations; fees
RS 56:579.2 Harvest of mariculture fish; authority to harvest during closure of fishing
RS 56:580.2 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 1137, 1.
RS 56:580.3 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 1137, 1.
RS 56:580.4 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 1137, 1.
RS 56:580.5 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 1137, 1.
RS 56:580.6 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 1137, 1.
RS 56:581 Expropriation of lands
RS 56:582 Distribution of fish
RS 56:583 Federal fish hatchery
RS 56:611 Establishment authorized
RS 56:612 Control of station; rules and regulations; donations; acquisition of property
RS 56:613 Location; cooperation with federal agencies
RS 56:631 Funds dedicated
RS 56:632 Powers and duties
RS 56:632.1 Definitions; applicability
RS 56:632.2 Limitations of law
RS 56:632.3 Licenses
RS 56:632.4 Reptile and amphibian collector's license; scientific collector's permit
RS 56:632.5 Reptile and amphibian wholesale/retail dealer's license; nonresident three-day license
RS 56:632.5.1 Constrictors and poisonous snakes
RS 56:632.6 Methods of collection
RS 56:632.7 License fee dedication
RS 56:632.8 Repealed by Acts 2013, No. 184, §14(B).
RS 56:632.9 Transporter; license required; license fee; prohibitions; number of licenses; transferability; records; common carriers
RS 56:633 Repealed by Acts 2018, No. 612, §22, eff. July 1, 2020.
RS 56:634 Frogs; season; jacklights; restrictions on taking
RS 56:635 Diamondback terrapins; trapping; turtle eggs
RS 56:636 License requirements; possession; nontransferability
RS 56:637 Records
RS 56:637.1 Definitions; applicability
RS 56:638.1 Fish conservation, management, and sustainability; legislative intent
RS 56:638.2 Findings
RS 56:638.3 Purposes
RS 56:638.4 Policy
RS 56:638.5 Fishery standards
RS 56:639.1 Title
RS 56:639.2 Purposes
RS 56:639.3 Definitions
RS 56:639.4 Establishment of standards
RS 56:639.5 Artificial Reef Development Program; authorities and responsibilities of cooperating agencies
RS 56:639.6 Louisiana Artificial Reef Development Council
RS 56:639.7 Preparation of the Louisiana Artificial Reef Development Plan
RS 56:639.8 Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; Artificial Reef Development Fund
RS 56:639.9 Permitting for the construction and management of artificial reefs
RS 56:639.10 Liability
RS 56:640.1 Right to Fish" Law
RS 56:640.2 Definitions
RS 56:640.3 Right to fish; legislation; scientific data
RS 56:641 Hunting, fishing licenses; Wild Louisiana Stamp; multi-year issuance; fees
RS 56:641.1 Exclusive licensing authority; rules and regulations
RS 56:641.2 Certification of certain not-for-profit organizations involved in charitable hunting and fishing activities; exemption from license requirements
RS 56:642 Credit card or business check purchases
RS 56:643 Exemption of persons under age sixteen and certain military personnel from licensing requirements; active duty service members, their spouses, and their children; retired members of the armed services
RS 56:644 Fishing and hunting license checkoff; donation for Hunters for the Hungry
RS 56:645 Repealed by Acts 2004, No. 566, §2.
RS 56:646 Louisiana Sportsman's Paradise license
RS 56:647 Suspension or denial of hunting and fishing license; failure to pay child support, individual income tax, or unemployment compensation overpayment
RS 56:647.1 Special outdoor press license
RS 56:648 Definitions
RS 56:648.1 Harassment and disturbance prohibited
RS 56:648.2 Remedies, damages, and penalties
RS 56:648.3 Failure to obey order; violation
RS 56:649 Purpose
RS 56:649.1 Lifetime hunting license
RS 56:649.2 Lifetime sports fishing license
RS 56:649.3 Combination lifetime hunting and sports fishing license
RS 56:649.4 Nonresident combination lifetime hunting and fishing license
RS 56:649.5 License; license books; transfer of license prohibited
RS 56:649.6 Proof of residency and age; penalties
RS 56:649.7 Infant combination lifetime hunting and fishing license
RS 56:650 Lifetime License Endowment Trust Fund
RS 56:650.1 Authorization of department to adopt rules and regulations
RS 56:651 License
RS 56:652 Rights under license
RS 56:653 Information to accompany applications; annual fee
RS 56:654 Conditions
RS 56:655 Regulation of operations
RS 56:656 Hunting and game laws to prevail; special licenses
RS 56:657 Revocation of license; appeal
RS 56:658 License periods
RS 56:659 Penalties
RS 56:671 Reciprocal agreement; fishing license
RS 56:672 Reciprocal agreement; hunting license
RS 56:673 Reciprocal agreement; common boundaries; taking or protection of fish or other aquatic life
RS 56:674 Reciprocal agreement; common boundaries; wild quadrupeds or wild birds
RS 56:675 Reciprocal agreement; statewide application; taking or protection of fish, other aquatic life, wild quadrupeds, or wild birds
RS 56:676 Reciprocity; license fees; seasons; limits
RS 56:677 Reciprocal agreements; Toledo Bend; Caddo Lake; special fishing licenses; fees
RS 56:681 To 692 redesignated as R.S. 11:581 to 591.
RS 56:695 Purpose
RS 56:696 Amount of additional salary
RS 56:697 Special fund
RS 56:698 Disbursement of funds
RS 56:699 Participation in firearm and hunter education course in addition to penalties for hunting violations
RS 56:699.1 Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 364, §2.
RS 56:699.2 Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 364, §2.
RS 56:699.3 Regulation of firearm and hunter education
RS 56:699.4 Penalty provision
RS 56:699.5 Firearm and hunter education requirement
RS 56:699.6 Firearm and hunter education exemption
RS 56:699.7 Four wheeler and all-terrain vehicle instruction
RS 56:699.8 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 335, §2.
RS 56:699.21 Membership
RS 56:699.22 Council powers; duties; responsibilities
RS 56:700.1 Definitions
RS 56:700.2 Establishment, continuance, and purposes of fund; geographical coverage; assessments
RS 56:700.3 Rules and regulations
RS 56:700.4 Disbursement of funds; eligibility; hearings
RS 56:700.5 Facilities reports; survey of obstruction; labelling
RS 56:700.6 Termination date
RS 56:700.10 Purpose
RS 56:700.11 Definitions
RS 56:700.12 Damages to oyster leases; mineral activity; settlements and claims
RS 56:700.13 Establishment of the board
RS 56:700.14 Rules and regulations
RS 56:702 Acquisition of necessary property; powers of commission
RS 56:703 Lease or sale of lands to federal government by levee boards
RS 56:711 Protection of watersheds of navigable streams
RS 56:712 Cooperative agreements
RS 56:713 Powers of director; hunting and fishing licenses; rules and regulations
RS 56:714 Penalty for violation of rules and regulations
RS 56:721 Authorization
RS 56:722 Game and fish commission; rules and regulations
RS 56:722.1 Game and fish commissions, Lafourche Parish
RS 56:723 Transfer of lands by levee boards and school boards
RS 56:724 Dykes or dams; excavations
RS 56:725 Expropriation of property; revocation of rules and regulations
RS 56:726 Fees for privilege of hunting and fishing; erection of camps
RS 56:727 Approval of rules and regulations; promulgation; penalties
RS 56:728 Appropriations out of general fund; special taxes; employment of deputy sheriff
RS 56:729 Anacoco-Prairie State Game and Fish Preserve; transfer
RS 56:751 Dedication of state lands withdrawn from entry
RS 56:752 Control of area; rules and regulations
RS 56:753 Trapping, hunting, or fishing on preserve
RS 56:754 Penalty for violation of rules and regulations
RS 56:761 Protection of wild animals and birds on wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, and public hunting grounds
RS 56:762 Imported wild birds and animals protected in general
RS 56:763 Acceptance of other lands and designation as wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, and public hunting grounds; rules and regulations; Rainey Sanctuary; National Audubon Society
RS 56:764 Penalty for violation of R.S. 56:761, R.S. 56:762 or R.S. 56:763
RS 56:765 Donations for wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, and public hunting grounds; applicability of certain laws
RS 56:766 Taking of mayhaw berries; rules and regulations
RS 56:767 Private property surrounded by certain wildlife management areas; regulation of hunting and fishing
RS 56:768 Private property surrounded by wildlife management areas; access
RS 56:781 Authorization for creation of wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, public hunting grounds, upland game preserves, and wildlife sanctuaries
RS 56:782 Notice of intention to dedicate lands; publication
RS 56:783 Lease of lands; publication of notice
RS 56:784 Reforestation projects; contracts with owners of land; notice
RS 56:785 Posting of land; stocking; rules and regulations
RS 56:786 Dedication of land; trespass; destruction or defacing signs; arrest
RS 56:787 Penalty for violation of Subpart
RS 56:791 Protection of wild birds or animals; penalty for violation of Subpart
RS 56:792 Secretary excepted
RS 56:795 Purchase of portions of Atchafalaya River Basin; nature, recreation and wildlife management area
RS 56:796 Lake Fausse Point, Lake Dauterive, and Grand Avoille Cove Advisory Board
RS 56:797 Rockefeller Foundation Wildlife Refuge and Game Preserve; revenues; allocation
RS 56:798 Russell Sage or Marsh Island Refuge
RS 56:799 MC Davis Conservation Fund
RS 56:799.1 Purpose
RS 56:799.2 Definitions
RS 56:799.3 White Lake Property Fund
RS 56:799.4 Repealed
RS 56:799.5 Commission duties and responsibilities
RS 56:799.6 Department duties and responsibilities; powers
RS 56:799.7 Exemption from restrictions of area and number; fair market value
RS 56:800 Timber management, lease, or sale
RS 56:801 Particular game and fish preserves and commissions recognized and continued
RS 56:802 Responsibilities and duties
RS 56:803 Lake Pontchartrain State Bird Sanctuary
RS 56:804 Lake Catherine and Lake Pontchartrain Sanctuary
RS 56:805 Establishment of recreational reef sites; designation and regulation
RS 56:901 Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 832, §5.
RS 56:1621 Exploitation of natural resources by director or employees prohibited; removal or dismissal for violation; application
RS 56:1622 Forfeitures of all rights, property, money, or things of value acquired
RS 56:1623 Transfer of rights or property acquired in violation of R.S. 56:1621
RS 56:1681 Creation; purpose and duties; members; appointments and terms; compensation; chairman; meetings
RS 56:1682 Office of state parks; purpose
RS 56:1683 Office of state parks; authority to classify
RS 56:1684 Categories of classification
RS 56:1684.1 Cypremort Point State Park; design standards; applicability
RS 56:1685 Classification of holdings
RS 56:1685.1 Gary James Hebert Memorial Lockhouse
RS 56:1685.2 J. D. "Prof" Lafleur Visitor Center at the Louisiana State Arboretum
RS 56:1686 Use of terms prohibited
RS 56:1687 Secretary, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism; powers
RS 56:1687.1 Posting of state parks' boundaries; rules and regulations
RS 56:1687.2 Taking of mayhaw berries; rules and regulations
RS 56:1688 Park wardens; powers and duties
RS 56:1689 Violation of rules and regulations; penalty
RS 56:1690 Capacity to sue and be sued
RS 56:1691 Possession of firearms
RS 56:1692 Exemption from entrance fees; elderly
RS 56:1692.1 Fee exemption for "Golden Age Passport" holders; camp sites
RS 56:1693 Exemption from entrance fees; school children
RS 56:1693.1 Exemption from fees; children in state's legal custody
RS 56:1693.2 Exemption for "Golden Access Passport" holders; day-use entrance fees; camping fees
RS 56:1693.3 Exemption for America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass and Access Pass holders; camping fees
RS 56:1694 Exemption from entrance fees; certain veterans
RS 56:1695 Annual day use entrance permits to state parks
RS 56:1696 Surplus from operation of parks
RS 56:1697 Sale or donation of lands belonging to school or levee board
RS 56:1698 Title to state parks
RS 56:1699 Chicot State Park, special facilities camp for persons with disabilities; creation; advisory committee; programs; use
RS 56:1700 Clinton Confederate Cemetery, operation and maintenance; transfer to cemetery association
RS 56:1701 Kent Plantation House, agreements for operation and maintenance
RS 56:1702 Palmetto Island State Park; agreements for operation and maintenance
RS 56:1703 The Louisiana State Parks Improvement and Repair Fund
RS 56:1704 Bayou Segnette State Park; operation of the wave pool
RS 56:1705 Poverty Point Reservoir Development Fund
RS 56:1706 Audubon Golf Trail Development Fund
RS 56:1741 Authority
RS 56:1751 Grand Isle beach area; cleaning; maintenance
RS 56:1761 Audubon Park Commission; creation; membership
RS 56:1762 Powers and duties
RS 56:1763 Contract for operation of park and zoo
RS 56:1764 Secretary; staff
RS 56:1765 Rules to preserve order and protect property; penalties
RS 56:1766 Funds for park
RS 56:1781 Preservation of abandoned railroad transportation property
RS 56:1782 Exercise of preservation rights
RS 56:1783 Cooperative endeavors
RS 56:1784 Intergovernmental cooperation; financing
RS 56:1785 Ownership and usage
RS 56:1802 Authorized representative
RS 56:1803 Agreements with United States; coordination
RS 56:1804 Availability of funds
RS 56:1805 Agreements on behalf of political subdivisions
RS 56:1806 Construction of Chapter
RS 56:1807 Cooperation of state agencies and subdivisions with secretary
RS 56:1808 Functions and duties of state agencies
RS 56:1809 Repealed by Acts 1992, No. 984, 18.
RS 56:1831 Agreements; land conservation organizations
RS 56:1832 Wild Louisiana Stamp
RS 56:1833 Wild Louisiana Guide License
RS 56:1840 Short title
RS 56:1841 Policies; purposes
RS 56:1842 Definitions
RS 56:1843 Administrator; duties and powers
RS 56:1844 Scenic Rivers Fund
RS 56:1845 Nomination, recommendation, designation, and declassification of natural and scenic rivers; legislative funding
RS 56:1846 Management plan
RS 56:1847 Natural and scenic rivers
RS 56:1848 Planning considerations
RS 56:1849 Evaluation and permitting
RS 56:1850 Rules and regulations
RS 56:1851 Penalties and enforcement
RS 56:1852 Privately owned streams; copies of rules
RS 56:1853 Prohibited uses
RS 56:1854 Commercial cutting of trees
RS 56:1855 Exceptions
RS 56:1856 Historic and scenic rivers
RS 56:1861 Short title
RS 56:1862 Legislative findings and purpose
RS 56:1863 Definitions
RS 56:1864 Powers and duties of department
RS 56:1865 Register of natural areas
RS 56:1866 Registration of natural areas
RS 56:1867 Dedication of natural areas
RS 56:1868 Management, protection and inspection of natural area preserves
RS 56:1869 Rules and regulations
RS 56:1901 Legislative findings and declarations
RS 56:1902 Definitions
RS 56:1903 Conservation, study, regulation; authority
RS 56:1904 Threatened or endangered species, determination; notice; lists; regulations
RS 56:1905 Retroactivity; importation
RS 56:1906 Endangered species stamps
RS 56:1907 Penalties and enforcement
RS 56:1921 Findings, policy, and purposes
RS 56:1922 Acquisition of land
RS 56:1923 Wildlife Habitat and Natural Heritage Trust
RS 56:1924 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 1185, 8, eff. July 1, 2001.
RS 56:1925 Management
RS 56:1942 Definitions
RS 56:1943 Route of Cote Joyeuse
RS 56:1946 Highland Road; designation
RS 56:1947 Definitions
RS 56:1948.1 Purpose
RS 56:1948.2 Definitions
RS 56:1948.3 Criteria
RS 56:1948.4 Regional development; legislative committee approval
RS 56:1948.5 Louisiana Byways designations
RS 56:1948.6 Signage; official state map designation; official logo
RS 56:1948.7 Exclusions from Louisiana Byway designation
RS 56:1948.11 Creation of the Louisiana Byways Commission; jurisdiction; purpose
RS 56:1948.12 Board of commissioners
RS 56:1948.13 Powers of the commission
RS 56:1949 Old Perkins Road; designation
RS 56:1950 Definitions
RS 56:1950.1 Purpose
RS 56:1950.2 Route of the Louisiana Great River Road
RS 56:1950.11 Old Metairie Road Business and Cultural District; designation
RS 56:1950.12 Definitions
RS 56:1950.13 Signage
RS 56:1952 Definitions
RS 56:1953 Louisiana Colonial Trails; requirements; designations
RS 56:1954 Scenic highways; purpose
RS 56:2002 Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1262, 1.
RS 56:2003 Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 1262, 1.
RS 56:2011 License to dredge; royalties; exemptions
RS 56:2012 Violations and penalties; injunctive relief
RS 56:2013 Revocation of licenses
RS 56:2014 Emergency cease and desist orders
RS 56:2015 Mandamus to compel issuance of license
RS 56:2022 Purpose
RS 56:2023 Establishment of standards
RS 56:2024 Terrebonne Parish Artificial Reef Development Commission
RS 56:2025 Composition of commission
RS 56:2026 Commission; officers; meetings; reports
RS 56:2027 Powers of the commission
RS 56:2028 Dedication of funds
RS 56:2029 Tax
RS 56:2030 Obligations of the district
RS 56:2031 Securities
RS 56:2032 Exemption from taxation
RS 56:2033 General compliances; enhancement
RS 56:2034 Permitting of artificial reefs
RS 56:2035 Liability
RS 56:2036 Unplugged wells
RS 56:2037 Rules and regulations

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