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      RS 45:1374     


§1374.  Local governmental authority

A.  A local governmental subdivision's authority to regulate the holder of a certificate is limited to the following items:

(1)  A requirement that the holder of a certificate which is providing cable service or video service within the local governmental subdivision register with the local governmental subdivision and maintain a current point of contact.

(2)  The establishment of reasonable guidelines regarding the use of PEG access programming streams or channels.

B.  A local governmental subdivision shall allow the holder of a certificate to install, construct, and maintain a network within public rights of way and shall provide the holder of a certificate with open, comparable, nondiscriminatory, and competitively neutral access to the public rights of way.  If during the installation, construction, or maintenance of said network, the holder disturbs any public right of way, the holder shall replace and restore the public right of way to a condition reasonably comparable to the condition of the public right of way existing immediately prior to such disturbance.  All use of public rights of way by the holder of a certificate is nonexclusive, and a local governmental subdivision may not discriminate against the holder of a certificate regarding any of the following items:

(1)  The authorization or placement of a network in public rights of way.

(2)  Access to a building or other property.

(3)  Utility pole attachment terms.

C.  Nothing contained in this Chapter shall impair the lawful exercise of existing police powers of the local governmental subdivisions in which cable service or video service is delivered, including but not limited to the right to require construction permits and utility pole attachment agreements.

Acts 2008, No. 433, §1.

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