Public health and safety

RS 40Title 40.public health and safety
RS 40:1Title 40public health and safety
RS 40:2State health officer
RS 40:3State health officer; powers
RS 40:3.1Confidentiality of public health investigations; prohibited disclosure and discovery; civil penalties
RS 40:4Sanitary code
RS 40:4.1Cochon de lait; preparation in traditional manner
RS 40:4.2Jambalaya; preparation in traditional manner
RS 40:4.3Hard and soft shell crabs; preparation in traditional manner for public consumption
RS 40:4.4Italian food; preparation in traditional manner for public consumption
RS 40:4.5Exemptions
RS 40:4.6Exemption; benefits for zoos
RS 40:4.7New orleans jazz and heritage festival
RS 40:4.8Voluntary sanitary inspections of food booths
RS 40:4.9Low-risk foods; preparation in home for public consumption
RS 40:4.10Public notice of infectious medical waste storage by landowner
RS 40:4.11Community-type sewage systems and public water systems; permits
RS 40:4.12Water distribution in certain facilities
RS 40:4.13Water systems; national primary drinking water regulations; sanitary survey; use of ten state standards
RS 40:4.14Not-for-profit entity or charitable organization; receipt or use of certain meats or fish in food or meal distribution
RS 40:4.15Minimum disinfectant residual level of free or total chlorine throughout public water systems; rules and regulations; reporting
RS 40:4.16Water systems; iron and manganese control
RS 40:5General powers and jurisdiction
RS 40:5.1Sanitation; inspection of railroad property
RS 40:5.2Limitations
RS 40:5.3Molluscan shellfish sanitation requirements; opening and closing of molluscan shellfish growing areas; adoption of guidelines to regulate molluscan shellfish industry; authority to collect samples for bacteriological analysis; testing of oysters; calcasie
RS 40:5.3.1Repealed by acts 2011, no. 1, 2, eff. on may 20, 2011.
RS 40:5.4Testing of private water wells
RS 40:5.5Sanitary inspections of certain restaurants; food safety certificates
RS 40:5.5.1Food service establishments; self-service buffets
RS 40:5.5.2Chinese seafood warning label program
RS 40:5.5.3Seafood safety task force; creation; purpose
RS 40:5.6Safe drinking water; inspections and tests; cost
RS 40:5.7Sanitary inspections of individual, privately owned water wells; fees
RS 40:5.8Definitions
RS 40:5.9Enforcement of drinking water regulations; administrative compliance orders; civil actions; receiverships
RS 40:5.10Oyster sanitation fund
RS 40:5.11Water fluoridation program; fluoridation advisory board
RS 40:5.12Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 12, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:6Penalties for violation of state sanitary code
RS 40:7Communicable disease epidemic; procedure
RS 40:8Investigations; entry on and inspection of premises; order to compel attendance of witnesses or production of documents
RS 40:9Arrests for violations
RS 40:9.1Repealed by acts 1987, no. 927, 1.
RS 40:10Preparation for emergency
RS 40:11Distribution of funds to parish health units or departments
RS 40:12Parish health units
RS 40:13Expenses of parish health units
RS 40:14Parish health units; jurisdiction
RS 40:15Quarantine by parish health officer
RS 40:16Parish health units to act in harmony with state health officer
RS 40:16.1Proceeds of any sale of the state facilities owned by the department of health and hospitals, office of behavioral health
RS 40:16.2Department of health and hospitals' facility support fund
RS 40:16.3John j. hainkel, jr., home and rehabilitation center; lease
RS 40:17Mandatory medical examination; confinement; when allowed; emergency certificate
RS 40:18Communicable disease; isolation and report to state health officer; quarantine
RS 40:19Domicile of parish health unit
RS 40:20Appointment of parish health officer; qualifications; orleans parish health director
RS 40:21Establishment of health district; district health officer
RS 40:22Removal of parish or district health officer; orleans parish health director
RS 40:23Salaries of parish or district health officers; unclassified
RS 40:24Issuance of warrants by health officer; general duties of officer
RS 40:25Entry on and inspection of premises
RS 40:26Contractual agreement on establishment and maintenance of parish health unit
RS 40:27Salaries and personnel benefits of health unit
RS 40:28Tubercular individuals; free diagnostic clinics
RS 40:29State health laboratories; fee schedule
RS 40:30Provisions of this chapter not to affect louisiana department of agriculture
RS 40:31Costs of court not charged against state or parish health officers
RS 40:31.1Reye's syndrome disease; mandatory reporting
RS 40:31.2Repealed by acts 2008, no. 815, 5.
RS 40:31.3Adolescent school health initiative; health centers in schools
RS 40:31.11Purpose
RS 40:31.12Definitions
RS 40:31.13Development of immunization registry and tracking and recall system; standards
RS 40:31.14Authorization of release of immunization records
RS 40:31.15Rulemaking
RS 40:31.16Parental consent; parental responsibility for immunization; exemptions
RS 40:31.21Legislative intent, declaration of policy
RS 40:31.22Admission; general provisions
RS 40:31.23Admissions; voluntary; involuntary
RS 40:31.24Ex parte judicial order for custody; grounds; civil liability
RS 40:31.25Adversarial judicial commitment; procedure
RS 40:31.26Judicial hearings; general provisions
RS 40:31.27Judicial commitment; review
RS 40:31.28Discharge
RS 40:31.29Costs
RS 40:31.31Definitions
RS 40:31.32Individual sewage fees
RS 40:31.33Safe drinking water administration fee; exemptions
RS 40:31.34Infectious waste permits
RS 40:31.35Commercial seafood permit fee
RS 40:31.36Health unit fees
RS 40:31.37Retail food establishment fees
RS 40:31.41Legislative intent
RS 40:31.42Definitions
RS 40:31.43Louisiana birth defects surveillance system
RS 40:31.44Confidentiality
RS 40:31.45Report
RS 40:31.46Advisory board
RS 40:31.47Cooperation by other state entities
RS 40:31.48Rules and regulations
RS 40:31.61Legislative intent
RS 40:31.62Definitions
RS 40:31.63Parkinson's disease registry
RS 40:31.64Director
RS 40:31.65Authority and responsibility of the director
RS 40:31.66Confidentiality; cooperation with other state and federal entities
RS 40:31.67Funding
RS 40:31.68Rules and regulations
RS 40:32Definition of terms
RS 40:33Vital records registry; establishment; general authority and duties of state registrar
RS 40:34Vital records forms
RS 40:35Failure to complete medical certification
RS 40:36State registrar as custodian
RS 40:37Local registrars; duties
RS 40:38Certified copies, issuance
RS 40:39Issuance of short-form birth certification cards
RS 40:39.1Certified copies of birth certificates and death certificates; clerks of district courts and the second city court of the city of new orleans; vital records conversion fund
RS 40:40Fees for certified copies
RS 40:41Disclosure of records
RS 40:42Evidentiary character of certificates
RS 40:43Repealed by acts 1987, no. 886, 4, eff. jan. 1, 1988.
RS 40:44Compulsory registration of births; rejection of certificates
RS 40:45Preparation of birth certificates; by whom made
RS 40:46New certificate of birth when judgment of filiation is obtained
RS 40:46.1Hospital-based paternity program
RS 40:46.2Paternity establishment services
RS 40:47Compulsory registration of deaths and spontaneous fetal deaths (stillbirths)
RS 40:48Abortions (induced termination of pregnancy); birth and death certificates
RS 40:49Preparation and filing of death and spontaneous fetal death certificate (stillbirth)
RS 40:50Issuance of death certificates; duties of state registrar
RS 40:51Delayed determination of cause of death
RS 40:52Permit for removal, burial, cremation, or other disposition of body for a death in state; requirements to obtain death certificate before removing body out of the continental united states
RS 40:53Foreign permits; death outside state
RS 40:54Prerequisites for permit
RS 40:55Marriage certificate; compulsory registration of marriages
RS 40:56Repealed by acts 1987, no. 886, 4, eff. jan. 1, 1988.
RS 40:57Divorce certificate; registration of divorces and annulments
RS 40:58Fee of clerk of court for divorce and annulment report
RS 40:59Delayed or altered certificates; allowed subject to department regulations
RS 40:60Handling of delayed or altered certificate
RS 40:61Penalties
RS 40:61.1Criminal background investigation
RS 40:62Issuance of new birth certificate after anatomical change of sex by surgery
RS 40:62.1Issuance of new birth certificate for child with mistaken sex designation on original birth record
RS 40:63Abortion, induced termination of pregnancy; purpose
RS 40:64Forms for collection of data
RS 40:65Completion of forms; filing with vital records registry
RS 40:66Failure to complete form; penalty
RS 40:67Persons over twelve years of age; establishment of birth record
RS 40:68Petition
RS 40:69Proof required
RS 40:70Copy of petition and judgment to registrar
RS 40:71Issuance of copy
RS 40:72Record of adoptions prior to july 27, 1938
RS 40:73Certified copy of the new record; sealing and confidentiality of the original birth record
RS 40:74Report of annulments of adoption
RS 40:75Notarial acts of adoption; name changes
RS 40:76Record of foreign adoptions
RS 40:77Certified copy for adoptive parents
RS 40:78Retroactive operation
RS 40:79Record of adoption decree
RS 40:91Title
RS 40:92Certificate of stillbirth; requirements
RS 40:93Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 40:94Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 40:95Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 40:96Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 40:97Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 40:98Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 40:99Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 40:381Housing authorities and
RS 40:381.1Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:382Findings and purposes
RS 40:383Purposes
RS 40:384Definitions
RS 40:385Benefits not a right
RS 40:391Establishment of local housing authorities
RS 40:392Establishment of authorities
RS 40:393Resolution of governing body
RS 40:394Adoption of a legal name
RS 40:395Evidence of establishment of local housing authority
RS 40:396Area of operation of local housing authority established by municipality
RS 40:397Area of operation of local housing authority established by parish
RS 40:398Concurrent jurisdiction
RS 40:399Continuation of operations after commenced
RS 40:400Cooperative jurisdiction
RS 40:401Vesting of authority's powers in commissioners, voting
RS 40:401.1Housing authority of the parish of st. landry; commissioners
RS 40:401.2Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:401.3Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:401.4Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:401.5Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:401.6Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:401.7Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:401.8Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:401.9Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:402Executive committees
RS 40:403Responsibility for debts or liabilities of local housing authorities
RS 40:404Repealed by acts 2011, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 2, eff. june 12, 2011.
RS 40:404.1Housing authorities of the cities of gonzales and st. martinville; per diem
RS 40:405Exemptions from levy and execution
RS 40:406Exemptions from certain laws
RS 40:411Creation
RS 40:412Area of operation
RS 40:413Increasing area of operation
RS 40:414Effect on local authorities of adoption of consolidated or regional authorities
RS 40:415Prerequisites to adoption of resolution creating or expanding regional or consolidated authority
RS 40:416Public hearings to create regional or consolidated authority or increase its area of operation
RS 40:417Consent of obligees and commissioners of local authority to substitution of regional or consolidated authority, transfer of rights, duties and property
RS 40:418Notification of mayor of adoption of consolidated authority
RS 40:419Transfer of property to regional or consolidated authority; registration
RS 40:420Time of official creation; contents of resolution; resolution as evidence
RS 40:421Decreasing area of operation; conversion to parish or municipal authority
RS 40:422Prerequisites to adoption of resolution decreasing area of operation
RS 40:423Public hearing necessary before decrease
RS 40:424Creditors of agency must consent to decrease
RS 40:425Disposal of property held in eliminated area
RS 40:426Creation of new local authority in parishes and municipalities excluded from regional or consolidated authority
RS 40:427Commissioners of regional or consolidated housing authority; appointment
RS 40:428Terms of commissioners
RS 40:429Certificates of appointment of commissioners
RS 40:431General character of local housing authority powers
RS 40:431.1Jefferson parish housing authority; power of taxation
RS 40:432Examinations and investigations
RS 40:433Issue subpoenas and commissions
RS 40:434Funds and investments
RS 40:435Assessments and planning
RS 40:436Development
RS 40:437Development, operations, and activities
RS 40:438Maintenance of housing developments
RS 40:439Rental of housing and other property
RS 40:440Acquisition and sale of housing and other property
RS 40:441Non-residential and mixed-use properties and facilities
RS 40:442Community facilities
RS 40:443Preservation of affordable housing
RS 40:444Program eligibility, procedures, and requirements
RS 40:445Mortgaging, pledging, encumbering property and assets
RS 40:446Loans, guarantees, tax inducements, mortgage assistance
RS 40:447Forgiveness or compromise of indebtedness
RS 40:448Mixed-income housing
RS 40:449Rental and relocation assistance
RS 40:450Insurance
RS 40:451Indemnification
RS 40:452Services
RS 40:453Local, state, or federal assistance
RS 40:454Private cooperation and assistance
RS 40:455Management contracts
RS 40:456Security of persons and property
RS 40:456.1The housing authority of new orleans; peace officers; appointment, duties, and powers
RS 40:457Resident organizations
RS 40:458Facilities and programs to assist homeless persons
RS 40:459Commercial activities
RS 40:460Benefit plans
RS 40:461Expenditure of public funds
RS 40:462Memberships in associations
RS 40:463Grants, donations and contributions
RS 40:464Elimination or amelioration of slums and blight
RS 40:465Pre-existing powers
RS 40:466Mixed-income development
RS 40:467Bonds and other debt instruments, financing
RS 40:468Issuance of bonds; means for payment
RS 40:469Liability on bonds; debt limitations
RS 40:470Issuance of bonds; type, form and sale of bonds
RS 40:471Signatures validated, presumption of validity of bond
RS 40:472Powers of housing authority; securing payment of bonds or lease obligations
RS 40:473Short-term bond anticipation notes
RS 40:474Underwriter as agent
RS 40:475Enforcing rights of obligee of a housing authority
RS 40:476Power of housing authority to confer additional rights upon obligee
RS 40:477Investment in bonds and authorized for public funds, financial institutions, trusts and fiduciaries
RS 40:478Issuance of debt instruments other than bonds
RS 40:479Taxability of bonds and other debt instruments
RS 40:480Essential governmental purpose
RS 40:481Issuance of debt instruments on behalf of others
RS 40:482Limitations on housing authority powers; not-for-profit operation
RS 40:483Method of operation
RS 40:484Use of income or surplus
RS 40:485Application of policies
RS 40:486Rights of action
RS 40:487Affiliates, applicability of certain laws
RS 40:488Recourse obligations and cross-collateralization
RS 40:489Financial prudence
RS 40:490Tax exemption
RS 40:491Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:492Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:493Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:494Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:495Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:496Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:497Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:498Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:499Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:500Tenant-housing authority relationship
RS 40:501Selection and preferences
RS 40:502Differing criteria, requirements, or standards
RS 40:503Continued occupancy after termination of eligibility
RS 40:504Lease
RS 40:505Change in family composition
RS 40:506Termination of tenancy
RS 40:507Community participation
RS 40:508Property of housing authorities; limitation on access
RS 40:509Identification of persons
RS 40:510Exclusion or ejection of unauthorized persons
RS 40:511Law cumulative
RS 40:512Annual reports of local housing authorities
RS 40:513Filing a false report
RS 40:514Audits
RS 40:515Immunity from personal liability of commissioners, officers, employees, and agents
RS 40:516Authority to indemnify representatives
RS 40:517Mandatory indemnification
RS 40:518Advance for expenses
RS 40:519Determination and authority of indemnification
RS 40:520Insurance
RS 40:521Indemnification; extent; reimbursement of commissioner expenses as witness
RS 40:522Limitations
RS 40:523Planning and zoning
RS 40:524Exceptions for affordable housing or local housing authorities
RS 40:525Local authority planning participation
RS 40:526Exempt records
RS 40:527Permitted disclosure
RS 40:528Disclosure to residents and applicants; limitations
RS 40:529Procedures for procurement of goods and services, sale or disposition of property, personnel management
RS 40:530Conflict of interest
RS 40:531Appointment of commissioners to local housing authority
RS 40:531.1Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:532Terms of office for local housing authority commissioner
RS 40:533Vacancies in local authorities
RS 40:534Certificate of appointment or reappointment
RS 40:535Eligibility of commissioners
RS 40:536Tenant commissioners
RS 40:537Removal of commissioners
RS 40:538Validity of actions of board of commissioners
RS 40:539Selection of chairman and vice chairman; executive director; hiring of employees
RS 40:540Compensation; expense reimbursements to commissioners
RS 40:541Dissolution of local housing authorities
RS 40:542Rights and obligations upon transfer, dissolution
RS 40:543Area of operation after dissolution
RS 40:544Dissolution of regional and consolidated housing authorities
RS 40:545Private rights of action; third party beneficiary rights
RS 40:546Meetings of commissioners
RS 40:547Validating provisions
RS 40:548Filing false reports on income; penalty
RS 40:549Legal construction
RS 40:550Partial invalidity; severability
RS 40:561Definitions
RS 40:562Housing authorities' ability to obtain information
RS 40:563Procedures
RS 40:564Violations
RS 40:565Repealed by acts 1954, no. 710, 1
RS 40:566Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:567Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:568Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:569Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1188, 2.
RS 40:570Title
RS 40:571Finding and declaration of necessity
RS 40:572Definitions
RS 40:573Cooperation in undertaking housing projects
RS 40:574Exception of contracts from requirements of appraisal; advertising and bidding
RS 40:575Exception of certain developments from regulations of state public body
RS 40:576Agreements on taxes due by housing authority; east baton rouge parish excepted
RS 40:577Advances to housing authority
RS 40:578Procedure for exercising powers
RS 40:579Power conferred in part supplemental
RS 40:580Title
RS 40:580.1Definitions
RS 40:580.2Slum conditions; action by municipality
RS 40:580.3Standards for determination of unfitness for human habitation
RS 40:580.4Complaints or orders; service; posting
RS 40:580.5Injunction against public officer
RS 40:580.6Damages recoverable
RS 40:580.7Powers of public officers
RS 40:580.8Estimates of annual expenses; appropriations and donations
RS 40:580.9Powers conferred in part supplemental
RS 40:580.10Authority
RS 40:581Repealed by acts 1977, no. 83, 5, eff. june 22, 1977.
RS 40:581.1To 581.41 repealed by acts 1988, 1st ex. sess., no. 1, 10, eff. mar. 28, 1988.
RS 40:582.1Short title
RS 40:582.2Declaration of purpose
RS 40:582.3Definitions
RS 40:582.4Designation of area
RS 40:582.5Duties and responsibilities of governing authority
RS 40:582.6Duties and responsibilities of the department
RS 40:582.7Incentives
RS 40:583To 592 repealed by acts 1977, no. 83, 5, eff. june 22, 1977.
RS 40:592.1Short title
RS 40:592.2Declaration of purpose
RS 40:592.3Definitions
RS 40:592.4Designated area
RS 40:592.5Governing authority; duties and powers
RS 40:592.6Taxes; exemption
RS 40:592.7Title; conclusive proof of compliance
RS 40:593To 597 repealed by acts 1977, no. 83, 5, eff. june 22, 1977.
RS 40:597.1To 597.18 repealed by acts 1989, no. 662, 8, eff. july 7, 1989.
RS 40:598To 600 repealed by acts 1977, no. 83, 5, eff. june 22, 1977.
RS 40:600.1Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.2Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.3Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.4Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.5Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.6Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.7Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.8Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.9Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.10Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.11Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.12Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.13Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.14Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.15Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.16Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.17Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.18Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.19Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.20Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.21Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.22Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.23Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.24Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.25Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.25.1Repealed by acts 2011, no. 408, 3, eff. midnight, june 30, 2012.
RS 40:600.26Short title; purpose
RS 40:600.31Short title
RS 40:600.32Legislative findings
RS 40:600.33Definitions
RS 40:600.34Blighted housing property list; creation, maintenance, and challenges thereto
RS 40:600.35Statewide blighted housing property list
RS 40:600.36Filing of action to implement rehabilitation plan; notice to secured parties
RS 40:600.37Action to establish a receivership
RS 40:600.38Local governmental subdivision as receiver
RS 40:600.39Designation of qualified rehabilitation entity
RS 40:600.40Permits, taxes, liens, and notice of completion
RS 40:600.41Reinstatement of owner in possession
RS 40:600.42Petition for reinstatement
RS 40:600.43Sale of property
RS 40:600.44Preference to affected areas
RS 40:600.51Short title; purpose
RS 40:600.52General provisions; trust fund
RS 40:600.61Short title
RS 40:600.62Definitions
RS 40:600.63Functions of road home corporation
RS 40:600.64Membership of the board of directors; vacancies; compensation; expenses
RS 40:600.65Applicable laws to road home corporation
RS 40:600.66Powers and responsibilities of the road home corporation and the louisiana land trust
RS 40:600.67Excess earnings
RS 40:600.68Dissolution of the road home corporation; title to property to vest in successor
RS 40:600.71Title
RS 40:600.72Legislative findings
RS 40:600.73Definitions
RS 40:600.74Sources
RS 40:600.75Funding
RS 40:600.76Type of assistance
RS 40:600.86Short title; findings; purpose
RS 40:600.87Definitions
RS 40:600.88Creation of the corporation
RS 40:600.89Organization of the corporation
RS 40:600.90Officers of the corporation; duties; liability
RS 40:600.91Powers and duties of the corporation
RS 40:600.92Purchase of mortgage loans
RS 40:600.93Loans to lending institutions
RS 40:600.94Bonds of the corporation
RS 40:600.95Statutory pledge
RS 40:600.96Refunding bonds
RS 40:600.97Liability of directors, officers, or employees of the corporation
RS 40:600.98Purchase of bonds by corporation
RS 40:600.99Approval of issuance of bonds by state bond commission
RS 40:600.100Exemption from taxes
RS 40:600.101Covenant of state
RS 40:600.102Trust funds
RS 40:600.103Bonds as legal investment and security for public deposits
RS 40:600.104Accounts and audits
RS 40:600.105Cooperation of state agencies
RS 40:600.106Suits to determine validity of bonds
RS 40:600.107State appropriations or grants
RS 40:600.108Termination of corporation
RS 40:600.109Construction of chapter
RS 40:600.110Fees
RS 40:600.111Mortgage foreclosure counseling
RS 40:601Food and drugs
RS 40:602Definition of terms
RS 40:603Liability of persons
RS 40:604Regulations
RS 40:605Examinations, investigations, and hearings conducted by board or agent
RS 40:606Court review of regulations and administrative actions; injunctions
RS 40:607Adulterated food
RS 40:608Misbranded food
RS 40:608.1Mislabeling of honey
RS 40:608.2Unlawful practices in sale of kosher food; penalty
RS 40:608.3Repealed by acts 2012, no. 222, 1.
RS 40:609Exemption from labeling requirements
RS 40:610Definitions and standards for food
RS 40:611Tolerance for poisonous ingredients in food and certification of coal-tar colors for food
RS 40:612Contaminated food; permit control
RS 40:613Regulations governing issuance and renewal of permit
RS 40:614Suspension of permit; reinstatement
RS 40:615Inspection of permittee's establishment; denial of access
RS 40:616Adulterated drugs
RS 40:617Misbranded drugs and devices
RS 40:617.1Repealed by acts 2011, no. 100, 2
RS 40:618Drugs recognized in compendiums
RS 40:619Certain drugs and devices excepted from labeling and packaging provisions
RS 40:620Certification of coal-tar colors for drugs
RS 40:621Adulterated cosmetics
RS 40:622Misbranded cosmetics
RS 40:623Certain cosmetics excepted from labeling requirements
RS 40:624Certification of coal-tar colors for cosmetics
RS 40:625False advertisement
RS 40:626Exceptions as to false advertising by agencies
RS 40:627Registration of certain products
RS 40:628Examination and investigation fee; food and drug control fees
RS 40:629Records of interstate shipment
RS 40:630Carriers in interstate commerce; excepted from part
RS 40:631Factory inspections
RS 40:632Causes for seizure and condemnation of food, drugs, devices, or cosmetics
RS 40:633Seizure; procedure; prohibition on sale or disposal of article
RS 40:634Condemnation and sale, or release
RS 40:635Condemnation or destruction of perishables in certain cases
RS 40:636Other prohibited acts
RS 40:637Procedure for reporting violations of part
RS 40:638Duties of district attorney
RS 40:639Penalties
RS 40:640Dealers excepted from penalty in certain cases
RS 40:641Injunction proceedings
RS 40:642Reports by department
RS 40:651Definitions
RS 40:652Food processing plants; written food processing plan
RS 40:653Food processing plants; recall plan
RS 40:654Food processing plants; food-borne illness reporting and testing requirements
RS 40:671Washing prohibited; penalty
RS 40:676Laetrile
RS 40:681License required for use of containers
RS 40:682Qualifications for license; sterilization process
RS 40:683Duration of license
RS 40:684Issuance of certificate by licensee; revocation of license for wrongful issuance
RS 40:685Sterilization certificate as license for use of containers
RS 40:686Sale or transfer to licensee to cleanse or sterilize
RS 40:687Re-use of closures
RS 40:688Rules and regulations
RS 40:689Penalty
RS 40:690Metal beverage containers
RS 40:695Tampering with consumer products; false reports of violations; prohibition; penalties
RS 40:700Definition of terms
RS 40:700.1Rules and regulations
RS 40:700.2False advertisement
RS 40:700.3Exceptions as to false advertising by agencies
RS 40:700.4Other prohibited acts
RS 40:700.5Permit; application; fees; renewal
RS 40:700.6Revocation of permit
RS 40:700.7Surety bond
RS 40:700.8Procedure for reporting violations of subpart
RS 40:700.9Duties of district attorney
RS 40:700.10Penalties
RS 40:700.11Injunction proceedings
RS 40:700.12Reports by department
RS 40:700.13Repealed by acts 1989, no. 662, 8, eff. july 7, 1989.
RS 40:701Definitions
RS 40:701.1Permit; application; fees; renewal
RS 40:701.2Revocation of permit
RS 40:701.3Labeling
RS 40:701.4Penalty for violations
RS 40:701.5Injunction proceedings
RS 40:711Permit for manufacture or sale
RS 40:712Part inapplicable to persons selling soft drinks where manufactured
RS 40:713Contents of application; fee
RS 40:714Inspection; granting or refusing permit; grounds
RS 40:715Term of permit; renewal
RS 40:716Inspection of soft drinks manufactured outside state; fee
RS 40:717Inspection of bottling plants and places for sale; fee
RS 40:718Each separate plant subject to inspection or permit fee
RS 40:719Revocation of permit
RS 40:720Ingredients permitted in soft drinks
RS 40:721Disposition of proceeds of fees
RS 40:722Penalty for violations
RS 40:731Legislative intent
RS 40:732Definitions
RS 40:733Product quality
RS 40:734Good manufacturing practices and operational requirements
RS 40:735Source water monitoring
RS 40:736Finished product monitoring
RS 40:737Labeling requirements
RS 40:738Soda water/soft drink exemption
RS 40:739Waiver of filtration and germicidal treatment
RS 40:740Appendices; maximum contaminant levels
RS 40:741Rules and enforcement; criminal penalties
RS 40:751Enforcement of part
RS 40:752Vitamin content
RS 40:753Conformity to rulings of federal security agency
RS 40:754Right of entry upon premises of manufacturer, processor, or dealer
RS 40:755Shortage of vitamin; procedure for waiver
RS 40:756Labeling
RS 40:757Penalty
RS 40:781Definitions
RS 40:782Rules and regulations
RS 40:783Publication of rules, orders, notices; effective date
RS 40:784Exemptions from subpart
RS 40:785Vitamin content and other ingredients in flour
RS 40:786Enrichment of flour; methods
RS 40:787Vitamin content and other ingredients in bread
RS 40:788Enrichment of bread; methods
RS 40:789Labeling
RS 40:790Inspection and analyses
RS 40:791Shortage of ingredients; procedure for suspending subpart
RS 40:792Penalty
RS 40:821Manufacturers and dealers; fees; disposition of fees
RS 40:822Rules and regulations; standards; inspectors
RS 40:823Seizure and condemnation of unregistered products
RS 40:824Penalty
RS 40:851Contents of self-rising flour
RS 40:852Contents of label; required ingredients
RS 40:853Penalty
RS 40:881To 895 r.s. 40:881 through 895 were redesignated as r.s. 3:4001 through 4015 pursuant to acts 1985, no. 74, 1.
RS 40:921Grade a requirements; powdered whole milk and powdered skim milk labeling requirements
RS 40:922Rules and regulations prescribing sanitary standard requirements and grade labeling requirements
RS 40:923Imported milk and milk products
RS 40:924Revocation or cancellation of permit or license
RS 40:925Municipalities and parishes; standards; powers
RS 40:926To 929 repealed by acts 1954, no. 93, 1
RS 40:931To 938 repealed by acts 1974, no. 31, 1, eff. june 1, 1975
RS 40:940.1To 940.23 repealed by acts 1974, no. 31, 1, eff. june 1, 1975
RS 40:940.51Exemption of sales to schools; competitive bids for purchase of milk
RS 40:940.52Commercial fisherman's catch; transportation and sale
RS 40:941Handling of meat not slaughtered under license prohibited; exceptions; penalty
RS 40:951Definitions
RS 40:952Caustic alkali and other poisons; label on container; penalty
RS 40:953Seizure
RS 40:961Definitions
RS 40:962Authority to control
RS 40:962.1Ephedrine products
RS 40:962.1.1Possession of twelve grams or more of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine or their salts, optical isomers, and salts of optical isomers
RS 40:962.1.2Restriction on the sale and purchase of nonprescription products containing dextromethorphan, its salts or optical isomers, and salts of optical isomers
RS 40:963Schedules of controlled dangerous substances
RS 40:964Composition of schedules
RS 40:964.1A controlled substance analogue shall be treated, for the purposes of any state law and to the extent intended for human consumption, as a controlled dangerous substance in either schedule i or schedule ii of r.s. 40:964.
RS 40:965Secretary of health and hospitals; authority to except
RS 40:966Penalty for distribution or possession with intent to distribute narcotic drugs listed in schedule i; possession of marijuana, possession of synthetic cannabinoids, possession of heroin
RS 40:967Prohibited acts--schedule ii, penalties
RS 40:968Prohibited acts--schedule iii; penalties
RS 40:969Prohibited acts--schedule iv; penalties
RS 40:970Prohibited acts--schedule v; penalties
RS 40:971Prohibited acts; all schedules
RS 40:971.1Prohibited acts; false representation
RS 40:971.2Unlawfully prescribing, distributing, dispensing, or assisting in illegally obtaining controlled dangerous substances
RS 40:972Rules and regulations and fees
RS 40:973Licensing requirements
RS 40:974Licensing
RS 40:975Denial, revocation, suspension, or termination of license
RS 40:976Records of licensees
RS 40:976.1Chemical precursor, recordkeeping requirements
RS 40:977Order forms
RS 40:978Prescriptions
RS 40:978.1Naloxone; first responder; prescription; administration to third party; limitation of liability
RS 40:979Attempt and conspiracy
RS 40:980Additional penalties
RS 40:981Distribution to persons under age eighteen
RS 40:981.1Distribution to a student
RS 40:981.2Soliciting minors to produce, manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled dangerous substances
RS 40:981.3Violation of uniform controlled dangerous substances law; drug free zone
RS 40:981.4Repealed by acts 2014, no. 512, 1.
RS 40:982Second or subsequent offenses
RS 40:983Creation or operation of a clandestine laboratory for the unlawful manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance; definition; penalties
RS 40:983.1Creation or operation of a clandestine laboratory for the unlawful manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance on or within one thousand feet of school property
RS 40:984Powers of enforcement personnel
RS 40:985Search warrants
RS 40:986Administrative inspections and warrants
RS 40:987Injunctions
RS 40:988Cooperative arrangements; inspections
RS 40:989Dangerous chemical substances; butyl nitrite, nitrous oxide, and amyl nitrite; use and transference; penalties
RS 40:989.1Unlawful production, manufacture, distribution, or possession of hallucinogenic plants
RS 40:989.2Unlawful production, manufacturing, distribution, or possession of prohibited plant products
RS 40:989.3Unlawful distribution of products containing mitragyna speciosa to minors; penalties
RS 40:990Burden of proof; liabilities
RS 40:991Prescription for controlled dangerous substances; proof of valid prescription; time period for raising defense; notice to prosecution
RS 40:992Education and research
RS 40:993Pending proceedings
RS 40:994Continuation of regulations
RS 40:995Short title
RS 40:996.1Legislative findings
RS 40:996.2Definitions
RS 40:996.3Declaration of a dangerous substance of the louisiana department of health and hospitals
RS 40:996.4Dangerous substance stop order; effects; seizure of dangerous substances; duration of order; validity
RS 40:996.5Rulemaking; special provisions; procedural safeguards
RS 40:996.6Violations
RS 40:996.7Pesticide law not affected
RS 40:1001Short title
RS 40.1002Purpose
RS 40:1003Definitions
RS 40:1004Establishment of prescription monitoring program
RS 40:1005Advisory council
RS 40:1006Reporting of prescription monitoring information
RS 40:1007Access to prescription monitoring information
RS 40:1008Education and treatment
RS 40:1009Unlawful acts and penalties
RS 40:1010Evaluation; data analysis; reporting
RS 40:1011Rules and regulations
RS 40:1012Authority to contract
RS 40:1013Funding authority
RS 40:1014Severability
RS 40:1021Definitions
RS 40:1022Determination of drug paraphernalia
RS 40:1023Prohibited acts
RS 40:1023.1Prohibited acts; unmarried persons under seventeen years of age
RS 40:1024Exceptions; defenses
RS 40:1025Penalties
RS 40:1026Contraband; condemnation proceedings
RS 40:1031Purpose
RS 40:1032Permit
RS 40:1033Permit application
RS 40:1034Permit issuance and conditions
RS 40:1035Permit revocation or suspension; inspections
RS 40:1036Rules and regulations
RS 40:1041Transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses
RS 40:1042
RS 40:1043Permit application
RS 40:1044
RS 40:1045
RS 40:1046Prescription of marijuana for therapeutic use; rules and regulations; secretary of health and hospitals
RS 40:1049
RS 40:1049.1Short title
RS 40:1049.2Legislative findings
RS 40:1049.3Restriction on the sale of nonprescription products containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine or their salts, optical isomers, and salts of optical isomers
RS 40:1049.4Central computer monitoring system; system requirements
RS 40:1049.5Funding sources; no fees on pharmacists or pharmacies
RS 40:1049.6Shared information; state police; sheriffs
RS 40:1049.7Board of pharmacy access to information
RS 40:1049.8Pharmacists, certified pharmacy technician, or pharmacy employee not required to stop sale; may report
RS 40:1049.9Licensed practitioner with prescriptive authority exempted
RS 40:1049.10Transmission of information contingent on functionality of central computer monitoring system
RS 40:1049.11Limitation of liability
RS 40:1051Commission created; membership; tenure; vacancies
RS 40:1052Development of services and facilities; pilot programs
RS 40:1053Donations or grants; personnel
RS 40:1054Educational and training materials; records
RS 40:1055Cooperation
RS 40:1056Repealed by acts 1978, no. 786, 7, eff. july 17, 1978
RS 40:1057Title
RS 40:1057.1Definitions
RS 40:1057.2Regulations declaring aerosol products; variations and exemptions; judicial review of determinations
RS 40:1057.3Regulations on aerosols; warnings; mandatory reporting
RS 40:1057.4Prohibited acts
RS 40:1057.5Penalties
RS 40:1057.6Blank]
RS 40:1057.8Hearing before report of criminal violation
RS 40:1057.9Regulations
RS 40:1057.10Blank]
RS 40:1057.12Publicity
RS 40:1057.13Repurchase
RS 40:1057.14Time of taking effect
RS 40:1058Serenity house; designation as a program under the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:1058.1Substance abuse and addiction treatment facilities
RS 40:1058.1.1Definitions
RS 40:1058.2Standards for substance abuse/addiction care
RS 40:1058.3Licensing of substance abuse/addiction treatment facilities; applications; fees; disposition of fees; moratorium on methadone maintenance programs; exceptions
RS 40:1058.4Investigation; issuance of license
RS 40:1058.5Denial, revocation, or nonrenewal of license; grounds
RS 40:1058.6Notice of reasons for nonrenewal or revocation of license; review; hearing
RS 40:1058.7Right of inspection by department; records; reports
RS 40:1058.8Term of license; renewal fee; display; transfer
RS 40:1058.9Violations; penalties
RS 40:1058.10Drug free zone; notice; signs
RS 40:1059Manufacture, sale, distribution, possession, use and consumption of saccharin and saccharin related products
RS 40:1060Use of dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso)
RS 40:1061Definition
RS 40:1062Infection of others prohibited
RS 40:1062.1Testing of donors of semen specimens; use of specimens; penalties
RS 40:1063Examination of persons suspected of being infected
RS 40:1064Isolation, quarantine, or internment of persons affected
RS 40:1064.1Expedited partner therapy
RS 40:1065Report of cases
RS 40:1065.1Minor's consent for treatment of venereal diseases
RS 40:1066Sale of drug as cure or treatment
RS 40:1067Rules and regulations
RS 40:1068Penalty
RS 40:1091Blood samples; standard test
RS 40:1092Nature of standard test
RS 40:1093Reports on birth and stillbirth certificates
RS 40:1094Use of controlled dangerous substances while pregnant; multidisciplinary team
RS 40:1095Medical treatment
RS 40:1096Treatment for drug abuse
RS 40:1097Donation of blood
RS 40:1098.1Statement of purpose
RS 40:1098.2Definitions
RS 40:1098.3Consent requirements
RS 40:1098.4Facility requirements
RS 40:1098.5Parental involvement in counseling
RS 40:1098.6Limitation of liability
RS 40:1098.7Authorized resources
RS 40:1098.8Confidentiality
RS 40:1099Infectious diseases; notification
RS 40:1099.1Mandatory identification of infected corpses
RS 40:1101Ophthalmia neonatorum defined
RS 40:1102Duty to report disease to local health officer
RS 40:1103Use of prophylactic directed by department
RS 40:1104Duties of health officer
RS 40:1105Duties of the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:1106Duties of maternity homes and hospitals to keep records
RS 40:1107Collusion to hide facts prohibited
RS 40:1108Penalty; revocation of charter
RS 40:1121Spitting on floors or walls of cars, depots, or public buildings prohibited; penalty
RS 40:1122Repealed by acts 1980, no. 299, 1
RS 40:1131Repealed by acts 1990, no. 281, 1.
RS 40:1132Repealed by acts 1990, no. 281, 1.
RS 40:1133Repealed by acts 1990, no. 281, 1.
RS 40:1134Repealed by acts 1990, no. 281, 1.
RS 40:1135Repealed by acts 1990, no. 281, 1.
RS 40:1136Repealed by acts 1990, no. 281, 1.
RS 40:1137Repealed by acts 1990, no. 281, 1.
RS 40:1141Definitions
RS 40:1142Committee of certification; appointment; terms; powers; duties; annual report; compensation
RS 40:1143Classification of water and sewerage facilities
RS 40:1144Responsibility for operator certification
RS 40:1145Operator certificates; display; renewal; revocation; termination
RS 40:1146Qualification by reciprocity
RS 40:1147Certification of present practitioners; temporary certification
RS 40:1148Rulemaking authority
RS 40:1149Certified operator required; exceptions
RS 40:1150Penalties
RS 40:1151Exemptions, exceptions, and exclusions
RS 40:1152Secretary; powers; sewage discharges; certain waters
RS 40:1153Sewage discharges; prohibitions; penalties
RS 40:1154Sewage treatment systems; effluent limiters or reducers; disinfectants
RS 40:1155Approval of individual sewage treatment and disposal systems
RS 40:1156Installation of individual mechanical sewerage systems by homeowners; waiver of fees
RS 40:1162To 1171 repealed by acts 1958, no. 34, 2.
RS 40:1172Persons admitted and committed to sanatoria
RS 40:1173Repealed by acts 1958, no. 34, 2
RS 40:1181Clinical laboratories; estimated glomerular filtration rate (egfr)
RS 40:1191To 1208 repealed by acts 1985, no. 199, 1, eff. july 6, 1985.
RS 40:1231Definitions
RS 40:1231.1Emergency medical services program; cooperation of other state departments
RS 40:1231.2Immunity from civil damages
RS 40:1232Emergency medical personnel training; licensure
RS 40:1232.1Fee schedule; fees for license prohibited
RS 40:1232.2Louisiana emergency medical services certification commission; creation; membership; qualifications; terms; vacancies; meetings; officers; compensation; domicile
RS 40:1232.3Powers and duties of the commission; exceptions
RS 40:1232.4Powers and duties of the bureau
RS 40:1232.5License; requirements; renewal
RS 40:1232.6Grounds for disciplinary proceedings
RS 40:1232.7Hearings of the commission; appeal of decision
RS 40:1232.8Injunction
RS 40:1232.9Violations
RS 40:1232.10Prosecution
RS 40:1232.11Exceptions
RS 40:1233Civil immunity
RS 40:1234Duties of emergency medical personnel
RS 40:1234.1Hazardous substance transportation emergencies; payment for emergency medical services
RS 40:1235Qualifications to operate ambulances; equipment; penalty
RS 40:1235.1Qualifications to operate emergency medical response vehicles; vehicle requirements; equipment; penalties
RS 40:1235.2Ambulance providers; licensure
RS 40:1235.3Ambulance services; fees
RS 40:1235.4Ambulance services; violations; penalties; fines; notices; hearings; appeals
RS 40:1236Advanced emergency medical technicians
RS 40:1236.1Unauthorized response by commercial ambulances; penalties
RS 40:1236.2Air ambulance services; licensure
RS 40:1236.3Repealed by acts 2012, no. 789, 3, eff. june 13, 2012.
RS 40:1236.4Required insurance coverage
RS 40:1236.5Emergency medical technician fund
RS 40:1236.6Air ambulance services; fees
RS 40:1236.7Air ambulance services; violations; penalties; fines; notice; hearings; appeal
RS 40:1236.11Legislative findings
RS 40:1236.12Definitions
RS 40:1236.13Persons in possession of aeds; training, testing, and notification requirements; manufacturer responsibility; possession required
RS 40:1236.14Limitation of liability
RS 40:1236.15Repealed by acts 2008, no. 815, 5.
RS 40:1236.16Repealed by acts 2008, no. 815, 5.
RS 40:1236.17Repealed by acts 2008, no. 815, 5.
RS 40:1236.18Repealed by acts 2008, no. 815, 5.
RS 40:1236.19Repealed by acts 2008, no. 815, 5.
RS 40:1236.20Repealed by acts 2008, no. 815, 5.
RS 40:1236.21Legislative findings
RS 40:1236.22Short title
RS 40:1236.23Statewide ambulance service district; creation
RS 40:1236.24Object and purpose of the district
RS 40:1236.25Ambulance service district commission; qualifications, appointment, vacancies, removal and compensation of members
RS 40:1236.26Powers and duties of the commission
RS 40:1236.27Procedure for organizing the ambulance service district
RS 40:1236.28Domicile; service of process
RS 40:1236.29District as a political subdivision; power to incur debt and issue general bonds
RS 40:1236.30Federal and state aid
RS 40:1236.31Rules and regulations
RS 40:1237Definitions
RS 40:1238Legend drug imprint
RS 40:1238.1Sale, distribution, or possession of legend drug without prescription or order prohibited; exceptions; penalties
RS 40:1238.2Prescription requirements; penalties
RS 40:1238.3Obtaining legend drugs by misrepresentation or fraud; penalties
RS 40:1238.4Prescriptions; electronic questionnaires
RS 40:1239Uses authorized; regulation; penalties
RS 40:1241Public markets; location, inspection, and operation; exemptions; market zones
RS 40:1242Private markets; inspection and operation
RS 40:1251Equipment of steam plants in certain cities; penalty
RS 40:1261Louisiana superdome; smoking regulation
RS 40:1262Senator nat g. kiefer university of new orleans lakefront arena; smoking regulation
RS 40:1263State office buildings; smoking regulation; enforcement
RS 40:1275Citation of part
RS 40:1276Definitions
RS 40:1277Authority to enact regulations for control of rabies
RS 40:1278Penalty
RS 40:1295Devices exposing to radiation; prohibitions; exceptions; penalties
RS 40:1296Poison control center; establishment
RS 40:1298Furnishing and maintaining of resuscitators; penalties
RS 40:1299Programs for combating phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, galactosemia, sickle cell diseases, biotinidase deficiency, and other genetic conditions
RS 40:1299.1Tests
RS 40:1299.2Cooperation with the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:1299.3Cooperation of physicians and hospitals
RS 40:1299.4Sickle cell anemia; clinic established
RS 40:1299.4.1Sickle cell anemia; clinics established statewide
RS 40:1299.4.2Sickle cell anemia; local programs
RS 40:1299.5Hemophilia; state treatment program; advisory committee
RS 40:1299.6Privacy of genetic information
RS 40:1299.11Definitions
RS 40:1299.12Permits
RS 40:1299.13Application of part; exceptions
RS 40:1299.20Repealed by acts 1989, no. 662, 8, eff. july 7, 1989.
RS 40:1299.21Establishment of lead poisoning prevention program
RS 40:1299.22Collaboration with other organizations
RS 40:1299.23Mandatory reporting of lead poisoning cases required; comprehensive records
RS 40:1299.24Program for detection of lead poisoning sources; voluntary and compulsory inspections; posting dangerous areas; mandatory physical examinations
RS 40:1299.25Designation of high-risk areas
RS 40:1299.26Sale and use of lead-based paint and other similar lead-based surface coating material restricted; penalties
RS 40:1299.27Safety precautions; procedures for removal and repainting
RS 40:1299.27.1Lead-free pipe, fitting, fixture, solder, or flux; exclusions; definitions
RS 40:1299.28Violations; enforcement
RS 40:1299.29Liability of owners of residential property; damages
RS 40:1299.30Abortion; prohibition
RS 40:1299.30.1Pain-capable unborn child protection act
RS 40:1299.31Discrimination against certain persons; prohibition
RS 40:1299.32Discrimination against hospitals, clinics, etc.; prohibition
RS 40:1299.33Governmental assistance; discrimination for refusal to participate in an abortion; prohibition
RS 40:1299.34Employees of state and political subdivisions; counseling abortion prohibited
RS 40:1299.34.5Use of public funds
RS 40:1299.35Instruction in elementary and secondary schools by abortion providers; prohibition
RS 40:1299.35.0Legislative intent
RS 40:1299.35.1Definitions
RS 40:1299.35.2Abortion by physician; determination of viability; ultrasound test required; exceptions; penalties
RS 40:1299.35.2.1Drugs or chemicals used; penalties
RS 40:1299.35.3Born-alive infant protection act
RS 40:1299.35.4Abortion after viability; second attendant physician required; duties
RS 40:1299.35.5Minors
RS 40:1299.35.5.1Prevention of forced abortion; signage in abortion facilities
RS 40:1299.35.5.2Information on psychological impacts, illegal coercion, abuse, and human trafficking required prior to abortion; task force on information resources
RS 40:1299.35.6Woman's right to know
RS 40:1299.35.7Abortion sought due to rape or certain acts of crime against nature; reporting and certification
RS 40:1299.35.8Records
RS 40:1299.35.9Conscience in health care protection; definitions
RS 40:1299.35.10Reports
RS 40:1299.35.11Forms
RS 40:1299.35.12Emergency
RS 40:1299.35.13Experimentation
RS 40:1299.35.14Disposal of remains
RS 40:1299.35.15Instructions to be provided subsequent to abortion
RS 40:1299.35.16Repealed by acts 2007, no. 473, 3, and acts 2007, no. 477, 3, eff. july 12, 2007.
RS 40:1299.35.17Partial birth abortion
RS 40:1299.35.18Partial birth abortion, civil action against abortionist
RS 40:1299.35.19Penalties
RS 40:1299.36Use of public monies for human cloning; prohibition; exceptions
RS 40:1299.36.1Terminated july 1, 2003, by acts 1999, no. 788, 3.
RS 40:1299.36.2Terminated july 1, 2003, by acts 1999, no. 788, 3.
RS 40:1299.36.3Terminated july 1, 2003, by acts 1999, no. 788, 3.
RS 40:1299.36.4Terminated july 1, 2003, by acts 1999, no. 788, 3.
RS 40:1299.36.5Terminated july 1, 2003, by acts 1999, no. 788, 3.
RS 40:1299.36.6Terminated july 1, 2003, by acts 1999, no. 788, 3.
RS 40:1299.37State hospitals; medical malpractice coverage
RS 40:1299.38State agency may provide malpractice coverage
RS 40:1299.39Definitions and general application
RS 40:1299.39.1State medical review panel
RS 40:1299.39.2Medical review panel; one panel for state and private claims
RS 40:1299.39.3Emergency/disaster medicine review panel; establishment; review process
RS 40:1299.39.5Consent to medical treatment; methods of obtaining consent
RS 40:1299.39.6Louisiana medical disclosure panel; creation; membership; powers; duties
RS 40:1299.39.7Exception to obtaining informed consent; human immunodeficiency virus or other infectious agents
RS 40:1299.40Repealed by acts 2012, no. 759, 3, eff. june 12, 2012.
RS 40:1299.40.1Electronic health care transactions; electronic signature authentication and identification system
RS 40:1299.41Definitions and general applications
RS 40:1299.42Limitation of recovery
RS 40:1299.43Future medical care and related benefits
RS 40:1299.44Patient's compensation fund
RS 40:1299.44.1Investment responsibilities
RS 40:1299.45Malpractice coverage
RS 40:1299.46Risk management; authority
RS 40:1299.47Medical review panel
RS 40:1299.48Reporting of claims
RS 40:1299.49Medical review panel; one panel for state and private claims
RS 40:1299.50Short title
RS 40:1299.51Part not applicable to abortion and sterilization
RS 40:1299.52Part not applicable to care and treatment of persons with mental illness; exception
RS 40:1299.53Persons who may consent to surgical or medical treatment
RS 40:1299.54Emergencies
RS 40:1299.55Construction of part; general application
RS 40:1299.56Right of adult to refuse treatment as to his own person not abridged
RS 40:1299.57Consent to medical arbitration agreements
RS 40:1299.58Consent to surgical or medical treatment for persons with developmental disabilities and residents of state-operated nursing homes
RS 40:1299.58.1Legislative purpose, findings and intent
RS 40:1299.58.2Definitions
RS 40:1299.58.3Making of declaration; notification; illustrative form; registry; issuance of do-not-resuscitate identification bracelets
RS 40:1299.58.4Revocation of declaration
RS 40:1299.58.5Procedure for making a declaration for a qualified patient who has not previously made a declaration
RS 40:1299.58.6Making a declaration for the benefit of a terminally ill minor
RS 40:1299.58.7Physician, health care provider, and licensed emergency medical services practitioner responsibility
RS 40:1299.58.8Immunity from liability
RS 40:1299.58.9Penalties
RS 40:1299.58.10General application
RS 40:1299.60Application; military personnel
RS 40:1299.61Illustrative form; military advance medical directives
RS 40:1299.62Requirements for legally sufficient military advance medical directive
RS 40:1299.63Additional form of military advance medical directive; application of this chapter
RS 40:1299.64Short title
RS 40:1299.64.1Legislative purpose, findings, and intent
RS 40:1299.64.2Definitions
RS 40:1299.64.3Louisiana physician order for scope of treatment
RS 40:1299.64.4Physician, health care provider, and licensed emergency medical services practitioner responsibility
RS 40:1299.64.5Immunity from liability
RS 40:1299.64.6General application
RS 40:1299.65Chiropractic care; freedom of choice
RS 40:1299.71Title
RS 40:1299.72Definitions
RS 40:1299.73Identifying devices for persons having certain conditions
RS 40:1299.74Duty of law enforcement officer
RS 40:1299.75Duty of medical practitioners
RS 40:1299.76Duty of others
RS 40:1299.77Falsifying identification or misrepresenting condition
RS 40:1299.78Title
RS 40:1299.78.1Purpose
RS 40:1299.78.2Ticket to work and work incentives improvement act opportunities
RS 40:1299.78.3Definitions
RS 40:1299.78.4Buy-in program appropriations
RS 40:1299.78.5Provisions
RS 40:1299.80Definitions
RS 40:1299.81Cancer registry program; data; statewide
RS 40:1299.82Powers; duties
RS 40:1299.83Authority
RS 40:1299.84Participation in program
RS 40:1299.85Reports; liability for
RS 40:1299.86Advisory functions
RS 40:1299.87Disclosure of medical records to cancer registries
RS 40:1299.88Louisiana cancer and lung trust fund board
RS 40:1299.89Annual cancer report
RS 40:1299.90Annual lung cancer report
RS 40:1299.90.1Louisiana advisory committee on populations and geographic regions with excessive cancer rates; creation; membership; duties
RS 40:1299.90.2Breast cancer control program
RS 40:1299.91Child protective services workers; legal defense
RS 40:1299.96Health care information; records
RS 40:1299.96.1Health care information technology and infrastructure advisory collaborative; membership; powers and duties; annual report
RS 40:1299.97Contact lens prescription; contents; expiration; restrictions on filling; release; penalties
RS 40:1299.97.1Short title
RS 40:1299.97.2Legislative findings; purpose
RS 40:1299.97.3Definitions
RS 40:1299.97.4Establishment of the electronic health records loan program
RS 40:1299.100Submission of emergency plan and reporting of toxic substances; penalties
RS 40:1299.111Statement of purpose
RS 40:1299.112Definitions
RS 40:1299.113Program for combating spinal cord disabilities; establishment
RS 40:1299.114Program functions and responsibilities
RS 40:1299.115Multidisciplinary teams; establishment; personnel
RS 40:1299.116Funds
RS 40:1299.117Obesity; criteria for classification as a disease
RS 40:1299.118Purpose
RS 40:1299.119Programs for individuals with cystic fibrosis who are twenty-one years of age or older
RS 40:1299.120Funds
RS 40:1299.121Definitions
RS 40:1299.122Louisiana organ transplant assistance program
RS 40:1299.123Powers and duties
RS 40:1299.124Definitions; paid marrow donor leave; prohibition of employer sanctions; relationship to other leave
RS 40:1299.125Bone marrow donor drive
RS 40:1299.131Consent to dental treatment
RS 40:1299.141Definitions
RS 40:1299.142Blood and tissue storage facilities; test for hiv
RS 40:1299.143Administration of blood, tissue, fluids to patient
RS 40:1299.144Emergencies
RS 40:1299.145Penalty
RS 40:1299.146Rules and regulations
RS 40:1299.147Autologous donations
RS 40:1299.151Short title
RS 40:1299.152Departments of family medicine
RS 40:1299.171Statement of purpose
RS 40:1299.172Definitions
RS 40:1299.173Mandatory reporting requirement
RS 40:1299.174Rules and regulations
RS 40:1299.175Repealed by acts 1995, no. 350, 2, eff. june 16, 1995.
RS 40:1299.181Legislative intent
RS 40:1299.182Definitions
RS 40:1299.183Louisiana youth athlete concussion education requirements
RS 40:1299.184Removal from and return to play
RS 40:1299.185Concussion information
RS 40:1299.186Comprehensive sports injury management program for student athletics
RS 40:1299.187Terminated by acts 1999, no. 1047, 1, eff. march 31, 2001.
RS 40:1299.188Terminated by acts 1999, no. 1047, 1, eff. march 31, 2001.
RS 40:1299.191Purpose
RS 40:1299.192Definitions
RS 40:1299.193Cholesterol screening by mobile cholesterol screening units; standards
RS 40:1299.194Penalty
RS 40:1299.195Rules and regulations
RS 40:1300.1Health professional development program
RS 40:1300.2Definitions
RS 40:1300.3Retention and recruitment program
RS 40:1300.4Loan repayment program
RS 40:1300.5Scholarship program
RS 40:1300.6Loan forgiveness for primary care physicians, pediatricians, surgeons, obstetricians, and gynecologists
RS 40:1300.7Rules
RS 40:1300.8.1Scholarship and loan program
RS 40:1300.8.2Medical and allied health professional education scholarship and loan fund
RS 40:1300.11Purpose; intent; insurance and r.s. 40:1299.39.7 not affected
RS 40:1300.12Definitions
RS 40:1300.13Hiv-related testing; consent; exceptions
RS 40:1300.14Confidentiality of hiv test result; disclosure
RS 40:1300.15Court authorization for disclosure of confidential hiv test results
RS 40:1300.16Repealed by acts 2007, no. 153, 2.
RS 40:1300.21Clinical preceptor nurse aide training program; legislative intent
RS 40:1300.22Clinical preceptor training program
RS 40:1300.23Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.24Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.25Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.26Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.27Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.28Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.31Tuberculosis testing for admission to nursing homes
RS 40:1300.41Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.42Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.43Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan.1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.45Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.46Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.47Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.48Repealed by acts 2006, no. 815, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1300.51Definitions
RS 40:1300.52Employment of nonlicensed persons and licensed ambulance personnel; mandatory criminal history and security checks; temporary employment; notice to applicants
RS 40:1300.53Refusal to hire or contract; termination of employment; exemption; appeal procedure; waiver
RS 40:1300.54Confidentiality of criminal history records
RS 40:1300.55Compliance
RS 40:1300.56Ineligible for unemployment compensation
RS 40:1300.57Application to be approved as an authorized agency
RS 40:1300.61River region cancer screening and early detection district, creation; domicile; board of commissioners, membership, terms
RS 40:1300.62Objects and purposes of the district
RS 40:1300.63Board duties and authority
RS 40:1300.64Board officers; meetings
RS 40:1300.65Center director
RS 40:1300.66Duties of director
RS 40:1300.67Medical staff
RS 40:1300.68Procedure in organizing board
RS 40:1300.71Health report card
RS 40:1300.72Managed care organization; report
RS 40:1300.81Short title
RS 40:1300.82Finding; statement of purpose
RS 40:1300.83Definitions
RS 40:1300.84Louisiana kidney health care program; creation; eligibility
RS 40:1300.85Services
RS 40:1300.86Facilities
RS 40:1300.87Selection of service providers
RS 40:1300.88Denial, modification, suspension, or termination of services; appeal procedure; judicial review
RS 40:1300.89Reimbursement
RS 40:1300.90Recovery of costs
RS 40:1300.91Funding
RS 40:1300.92Contracts
RS 40:1300.93Scientific investigations
RS 40:1300.94Educational programs
RS 40:1300.95Rules and regulations
RS 40:1300.96Report
RS 40:1300.97Implementation
RS 40:1300.101Short title
RS 40:1300.102Legislative intent
RS 40:1300.103Definitions
RS 40:1300.104Emergency medical services for children program; establishment; administration; functions
RS 40:1300.105Repealed by acts 2013, no. 184, 4(b).
RS 40:1300.106Implementation; rules and regulations
RS 40:1300.107Costs
RS 40:1300.111Findings
RS 40:1300.112Definitions
RS 40:1300.113Data collection; powers and duties of the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:1300.114Health data panel; advisory council to the secretary of the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:1300.115Release of information
RS 40:1300.116Violations; penalties
RS 40:1300.121Short title
RS 40:1300.122Legislative intent
RS 40:1300.123Definitions
RS 40:1300.124Disclosure; content
RS 40:1300.125Rules
RS 40:1300.131Short title
RS 40:1300.132Legislative findings; purpose
RS 40:1300.133Definitions
RS 40:1300.134Medical assistance programs; fqhc reimbursement
RS 40:1300.141Short title
RS 40:1300.142Legislative findings; purpose
RS 40:1300.143Definitions
RS 40:1300.144Medical assistance programs; rural hospital reimbursement
RS 40:1300.145Managed care organizations
RS 40:1300.146Pilot regulatory, demonstration program
RS 40:1300.147Authorized activities concerning health care providers and public rural hospitals
RS 40:1300.151Short title
RS 40:1300.152Definitions
RS 40:1300.153Standard written summary of breast cancer alternatives
RS 40:1300.154Requirement of notification; recordation
RS 40:1300.161Short title
RS 40:1300.162Legislative findings; purpose
RS 40:1300.163Protocols and guidelines; supply to health care and community service providers; education and prevention program; voluntary testing program; training of counselors
RS 40:1300.171Purpose
RS 40:1300.172Development of surveillance system
RS 40:1300.181Screening mammography permitted
RS 40:1300.182Notification of results
RS 40:1300.183Limitation of liability
RS 40:1300.191Short title
RS 40:1300.192Definitions
RS 40:1300.193Louisiana seniors pharmacy assistance program; creation; eligibility
RS 40:1300.194Services
RS 40:1300.195Denial, modification, suspension, or termination of services; appeal procedure; judicial review
RS 40:1300.196Reimbursement
RS 40:1300.197Recovery of costs
RS 40:1300.198Funding
RS 40:1300.199Report
RS 40:1300.200Rules and regulations
RS 40:1300.201Implementation
RS 40:1300.211Short title
RS 40:1300.212Definitions
RS 40:1300.213Louisiana senior rx and aging and disability information station programs; legislative findings; creation; eligibility
RS 40:1300.214Services
RS 40:1300.215Other sources of funding
RS 40:1300.216Report
RS 40:1300.221Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 13, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 40:1300.231Federally qualified health center and rural health clinic expansion act
RS 40:1300.232Findings
RS 40:1300.233Definitions
RS 40:1300.234Authorization
RS 40:1300.235Required reporting, budget consideration
RS 40:1300.236Rules and regulations
RS 40:1300.241Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 13, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:1300.242Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 13, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:1300.251Short title
RS 40:1300.252Purpose
RS 40:1300.253Definitions
RS 40:1300.256General smoking prohibitions; exemptions
RS 40:1300.261Notice of prohibition of smoking
RS 40:1300.262Enforcement; penalties
RS 40:1300.263Development of smoke-free policies
RS 40:1300.264Smoking prohibited near school property; exceptions; penalty
RS 40:1300.271Notification of law enforcement agency prior to discharge of a person issued a summons or arrest warrant and admitted to a hospital
RS 40:1300.281Purchase of prostheses, orthoses, prosthetic services, and orthotic services by a state agency from an accredited facility; medicaid reimbursement; definitions; penalties
RS 40:1300.291Hospital prospective reimbursement methodology
RS 40:1300.301Authority to accept and use intergovernmental transfers from local governing bodies
RS 40:1300.311Definitions
RS 40:1300.312Reimbursement
RS 40:1300.313Rules and regulations
RS 40:1300.321Legislative findings; purpose
RS 40:1300.322Definitions
RS 40:1300.323Medical assistance programs
RS 40:1300.324Electronic visit verification system; implementation; conditions
RS 40:1300.331Health care providers; upper payment limit
RS 40:1300.332Upper payment limit mechanism for outpatient behavioral health services for medicaid recipients under the age of twenty-one
RS 40:1300.333Upper payment limit mechanism for ambulatory surgical centers
RS 40:1300.341Nonstate governmental hospitals; cooperative endeavor agreements
RS 40:1300.351Funding identification
RS 40:1300.361Legislative intent
RS 40:1300.362Bayou health; reporting
RS 40:1300.363Louisiana behavioral health partnership; reporting
RS 40:1300.364Department of health and hospitals information
RS 40:1300.365Medicaid state plan amendments
RS 40:1300.371Definitions
RS 40:1300.372Legislative intent
RS 40:1300.373Critical congenital heart disease screening
RS 40:1300.381Definitions
RS 40:1300.382Velocardiofacial syndrome and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome; dissemination of information; rulemaking authority; costs
RS 40:1300.391Definitions
RS 40:1300.392Public information concerning down syndrome
RS 40:1300.401Short title
RS 40:1300.402Legislative findings
RS 40:1300.403Definitions
RS 40:1300.404Telehealth; rulemaking required
RS 40:1300.411Legislative findings; declaration
RS 40:1300.412Definition
RS 40:1300.413Toxic mold task force; creation; composition; meetings
RS 40:1300.414Functions and duties of the task force
RS 40:1300.415Termination
RS 40:1300.421Short title
RS 40:1300.422Legislative findings
RS 40:1300.423Definitions
RS 40:1300.424Availability of drugs, biological products, and devices; costs; insurance coverage
RS 40:1300.425Limitation of liability
RS 40:1300.426Action against physician license prohibited
RS 40:1301Department of public safety
RS 40:1302Director of public safety head of department; appointment; compensation
RS 40:1303Substitute appointment for director in case of leave or vacancy
RS 40:1304Functions of department
RS 40:1305Exercise of department functions; acts of employees are acts of director and department
RS 40:1306Appointment and control of employees
RS 40:1307Divisions and units of department; heads of divisions; distribution of work
RS 40:1307.1Organized crime intelligence division
RS 40:1308Plan of organization and operation; practice instructions; central records bureau
RS 40:1309Rules and regulations
RS 40:1310Reports of director and governor
RS 40:1311Repealed by acts 1992, no. 984, 18.
RS 40:1312.1Purpose
RS 40:1312.2Force and effect
RS 40:1312.3Withdrawal from compact
RS 40:1312.4Southern state police administrators' conference
RS 40:1312.5Alternates
RS 40:1312.6Selection of alternates
RS 40:1312.7Voting procedure
RS 40:1312.8Seal
RS 40:1312.9Compact officers
RS 40:1312.10Personnel
RS 40:1312.11Employee benefits
RS 40:1312.12Utilization of services
RS 40:1312.13Acceptance of aid
RS 40:1312.14Business facilities
RS 40:1312.15By-laws
RS 40:1312.16Annual report
RS 40:1312.17Powers
RS 40:1312.18Central criminal intelligence service
RS 40:1312.19Meetings
RS 40:1312.20Budget
RS 40:1312.21Appropriations
RS 40:1312.22Pledge of credit
RS 40:1312.23Receipts and disbursements
RS 40:1312.24Inspection of accounts
RS 40:1312.25Audit
RS 40:1312.26Compact entered into by state
RS 40:1312.27Designation of alternate
RS 40:1321Special identification cards; issuance; veteran designation; university logo; "i'm a cajun" designation; fees; expiration and renewal; exceptions; promulgation of rules; promotion of use; persons less than twenty-one years of age; the protect and save our children program; selective service registration
RS 40:1322Credit card, charge card, and debit card transactions with the department of public safety and corrections; procedures for acceptance; administrative action
RS 40:1322.1Transfer of recalled and revoked motor vehicle titles
RS 40:1341Safety education
RS 40:1342Repealed by acts 1991, no. 922, 1.
RS 40:1351Louisiana medical advisory board created; membership, qualifications, vacancies
RS 40:1352Expenses of members
RS 40:1353Officers
RS 40:1354Domicile of board; meetings
RS 40:1355Powers and duties
RS 40:1356Limitation of liability; reporting impaired applicants for license or licensed drivers; confidentiality
RS 40:1371Title
RS 40:1372Definitions
RS 40:1373Five day work week for employees
RS 40:1374Worker's compensation law; employees deemed within
RS 40:1375Training school; fees
RS 40:1376Uniforms, equipment, and badges
RS 40:1377Property and equipment for use of division
RS 40:1378Headquarters and stations; establishment; discontinuance
RS 40:1379Duties and powers of police employees
RS 40:1379.1Special officers; powers and duties; concealed handgun permit
RS 40:1379.1.1Concealed handgun permit issued by sheriffs; reciprocity; contiguous parishes
RS 40:1379.1.2Special officers commission; rail police officers
RS 40:1379.1.3Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified law enforcement officers
RS 40:1379.1.4Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified retired law enforcement officers
RS 40:1379.1.5Conflict provision
RS 40:1379.2Civil defense officers' commissions for local civil defense directors; powers and duties
RS 40:1379.3Statewide permits for concealed handguns; application procedures; definitions
RS 40:1379.3.1Concealed handgun permit fund; assessment and disposition of fees
RS 40:1379.4Reserve officer's commission; powers and duties
RS 40:1379.5State capitol complex; provision of police protection; maintenance of peace and order
RS 40:1379.6Aviation unit; powers and duties
RS 40:1379.7Public safety dwi testing, maintenance, and training fund; uses
RS 40:1379.8Weights and standards police force
RS 40:1380Fish and game, conservation; enforcement of laws relating to
RS 40:1381Concealed weapons; employees; highway patrol
RS 40:1382Negligent carrying of a concealed handgun
RS 40:1383Incarceration of persons arrested; penalty for failure to comply
RS 40:1384Prisoners; place of detention; how released; penalty
RS 40:1385Fingerprints and other identification data
RS 40:1386Industrial disputes
RS 40:1387Control of officers; municipalities
RS 40:1388Contracts with municipalities for police protection
RS 40:1389Police protection for certain companies
RS 40:1390Resisting arrest and interference with officers; penalty
RS 40:1391Exchange of information; interstate compacts for police protection
RS 40:1392Free and unhampered passage on bridges and ferries
RS 40:1393Fees and rewards not to be accepted by employees
RS 40:1394Salary scale; vouchers in payment of expenses; allowances
RS 40:1394.1Annual salary schedule
RS 40:1395Counsel for employees and division in certain litigations
RS 40:1395.1Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1119, 1.
RS 40:1396Length of service of division of state police employees computed
RS 40:1397Police employees, persons ineligible
RS 40:1398Reimbursement for use, damage or destruction of property by state police
RS 40:1399Police protection for the governor or other authorized persons
RS 40:1400Accessible parking enforcement
RS 40:1401Release of personal information
RS 40:1421Definitions
RS 40:1422Insurance fraud investigation unit; powers and duties
RS 40:1423Access to evidence, documentation, and related materials
RS 40:1424Reporting suspected fraud
RS 40:1425Receipt of information; immunity from liability
RS 40:1426Reward fund
RS 40:1427Reports
RS 40:1428Special assessment; creation of fund
RS 40:1429Effectiveness of subpart
RS 40:1430To 1430.3 repealed by acts 1978, no. 727, 11, eff. jan. 1, 1979.
RS 40:1451Purpose
RS 40:1452Rate of compensation
RS 40:1453Credit to special fund
RS 40:1454Disbursement of funds
RS 40:1455Salary deductions void
RS 40:1456Purpose
RS 40:1457Amount of additional salary
RS 40:1458Special fund
RS 40:1459Disbursement of funds
RS 40:1460.1State police corps; establishment; pilot program
RS 40:1460.2State police corps training program; duties of the office of state police and cooperating universities
RS 40:1461Requirements for private training and driving instructor schools
RS 40:1462Bond requirement
RS 40:1463Cease and desist orders
RS 40:1466Repealed by acts 1981, no. 656, 2
RS 40:1471.1Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.2Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.3Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.4Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.5Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.6Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.7Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.8Repealed by acts 1989, no. 330, 2.
RS 40:1471.9Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.10Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.11Repealed by acts 1974, no. 376, 1
RS 40:1471.13Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.14To 1471.16 repealed by acts 1979, no. 721, 3
RS 40:1471.17Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.18Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.18.1Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.19Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.20Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.21Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1471.22Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1139, 2.
RS 40:1472.1Construction of part
RS 40:1472.2Definitions
RS 40:1472.3License; manufacturer, dealer-distributor, user, blaster, or handler of explosives
RS 40:1472.4Possession without license prohibited; exceptions
RS 40:1472.5Maintenance of records; inspection; notice of sale or delivery
RS 40:1472.6Sales authorized only to licensees
RS 40:1472.7Reports of losses or thefts; illegal use or illegal possession
RS 40:1472.8Promulgation of regulations
RS 40:1472.9Civil penalties
RS 40:1472.10Denial, revocation, suspension of license
RS 40:1472.11Confiscation and disposal of explosives
RS 40:1472.12Unlawful storage of explosives
RS 40:1472.13Abandonment of explosives
RS 40:1472.14Injunction
RS 40:1472.15Exceptions
RS 40:1472.16Municipal ordinances, rules, and regulations
RS 40:1472.17Administration of part; personnel
RS 40:1472.18Careless use of explosives
RS 40:1472.19Reckless use of explosives
RS 40:1472.20Explosives trust fund
RS 40:1481Purpose
RS 40:1482Documentation for transport
RS 40:1483Impoundment
RS 40:1484.1Short title
RS 40:1484.2Definitions
RS 40:1484.3Rules adopted
RS 40:1484.4Inspection by secretary; certificate of inspection required
RS 40:1484.5Fees
RS 40:1484.6Administration of part; personnel
RS 40:1484.7Notice of violation of standard
RS 40:1484.8Judicial review
RS 40:1484.9Insurance; bond
RS 40:1484.10Violations and penalties; injunctive relief
RS 40:1484.11Exemptions
RS 40:1484.12Local regulation
RS 40:1484.13Waiver of inspection
RS 40:1484.14Report of purchases required; maintenance of records
RS 40:1485.1Legislative findings
RS 40:1485.2Definitions
RS 40:1485.3Reporting rider injury
RS 40:1485.4Code of rider conduct
RS 40:1485.5Rider qualifications
RS 40:1485.6Parent or guardian conduct
RS 40:1485.7Notice to riders
RS 40:1485.8Criminal penalty
RS 40:1485.9Repealed by acts 1999, no. 568, 4, eff. june 30, 1999.
RS 40:1485.10Repealed by acts 1999, no. 568, 4, eff. june 30, 1999.
RS 40:1485.11Repealed by acts 1999, no. 568, 4, eff. june 30, 1999.
RS 40:1486 [blank]
RS 40:1486.1Purpose
RS 40:1486.2State participation in and promotion of transportation of oil and gas workers over
RS 40:1487Authorization of bonds
RS 40:1491Fire prevention or protection
RS 40:1492Power to create; boundaries constitute state subdivisions for tax and bond purposes
RS 40:1492.1Fire protection districts of desoto parish; general purpose political subdivision; louisiana community block grant program
RS 40:1493Notice of intention to create, enlarge, or redistrict; resolution
RS 40:1493.1Fire district number 2 of rapides parish; extension of boundaries
RS 40:1493.2Fire district number one of ouachita parish; extension of boundaries; board of commissioners
RS 40:1494Hearing; objections; resolution fixing boundaries; publication of notice
RS 40:1495Governing body of district
RS 40:1495.1Concordia parish monterey fire protection district number one
RS 40:1496Appointment of members of board; term; vacancies
RS 40:1496.1Calcasieu parish ward four fire protection district no. 2
RS 40:1496.2Calcasieu parish ward four fire protection district number three
RS 40:1496.3Calcasieu parish ward seven fire protection district number one
RS 40:1496.4Calcasieu parish ward one fire protection district number one
RS 40:1496.5Beauregard parish fire protection district number two; creation, membership
RS 40:1496.6St. mary parish ward four fire protection district
RS 40:1496.7Caddo parish fire district number two
RS 40:1496.8Calcasieu parish; ward four-ward six fire protection district number one
RS 40:1496.9Calcasieu parish; ward eight fire protection district number two
RS 40:1496.10Ward four fire protection district number four of calcasieu parish
RS 40:1496.11Calcasieu parish; ward six fire protection district number one
RS 40:1496.12Washington parish; fire protection district numbers one through eight
RS 40:1496.13Natchitoches parish fire protection districts; additional members on board of commissioners
RS 40:1496.14Repealed by acts 2011, no. 68, 1.
RS 40:1496.15Assumption parish fire protection districts; parish governing authority to constitute governing authority
RS 40:1496.16Ward five fire protection district number one of calcasieu parish
RS 40:1496.17Parishwide fire protection district of red river parish
RS 40:1496.18Evangeline parish; ward one fire protection district no. 2 of ville platte
RS 40:1497First meeting; organization; election of secretary and treasurer
RS 40:1498Compensation of board members
RS 40:1499General powers and duties of board
RS 40:1500Districts as public corporations; powers
RS 40:1500.1Emergency medical services and emergency medical transportation in the parishes of caddo, cameron, and morehouse
RS 40:1501Maintenance tax; submission to vote at certain election; additional tax
RS 40:1501.1Tangipahoa parish fire protection district no. 1
RS 40:1501.2Fire protection districts; desoto parish; tax collections not to be reduced
RS 40:1501.3Ouachita parish fire protection district no. 1; authority to levy additional sales and use tax
RS 40:1501.4Calcasieu parish; taxes in annexed areas
RS 40:1501.5Fire protection districts in the parish of tangipahoa; authority to levy sales and use tax
RS 40:1501.6St. tammany parish; taxes in areas annexed into the city of covington
RS 40:1501.7Caddo parish fire district no. 1; authority to levy sales and use tax
RS 40:1502Service charge authorized for desoto parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.1Service charges authorized; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.2Service charge authorized for fire protection district number three of beauregard parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.3Service charge authorized for richland parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.4Service charge authorized for madison parish, caldwell parish, and franklin parish
RS 40:1502.5Service charge authorized for west carroll parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.6Service charge authorized for morehouse parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.7Service charge authorized for east carroll parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.8Service charge authorized for grant parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.9Service charge authorized for red river parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.10Service charge authorized for fire protection district no. 3 and fire protection district no. 7 of caddo parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.11Springhill fire protection district no. 11; fire service charge
RS 40:1502.12Tangipahoa parish rural fire protection district no. 2; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.13Fire protection districts within east feliciana parish; assessment and collection
RS 40:1502.14Exemption from proof of service charge receipts in the parish of morehouse
RS 40:1502.15Service charge authorized for fire protection districts in the parish of caddo; assessment and collection
RS 40:1503West baton rouge parish fire protection district no. 1; creation; subdistricts; boards; powers, duties, and functions
RS 40:1503.1Fort pike fire protection district
RS 40:1504Repealed by acts 1995, no. 25, 1.
RS 40:1505Parcel fee; submission to voters
RS 40:1505.1Richland parish; additional parcel fee in certain districts
RS 40:1505.2City of springhill; additional parcel fee
RS 40:1506Special fire protection districts; creation; subdistricts; boards; powers, duties, and functions
RS 40:1508Limitation of authority to levy fire service charge without vote of electorate; 1992 regular session
RS 40:1509Appointment of board of commissioners of certain fire protection districts
RS 40:1510Expenditure of public funds for awards, recognition and meals
RS 40:1531Administration; sessions; subjects of instruction
RS 40:1532Transfer of administration
RS 40:1541Louisiana state university; official agency for training
RS 40:1542Standards
RS 40:1543Certification
RS 40:1544Administration of federal funds
RS 40:1545Repealed by acts 1989, no. 662, 8, eff. july 7, 1989.
RS 40:1546Coordination of state, private, and federal efforts
RS 40:1547Louisiana state university firemen training program film library fund; creation
RS 40:1551Creation; authority of parish governing authorities; purpose
RS 40:1552Board of commissioners; membership; qualifications; appointment; terms; vacancies; removal; officers; meetings
RS 40:1553Corporate status of district; authority of board
RS 40:1554Director; staff
RS 40:1555Federal, state, and private aid and grants
RS 40:1558.1Purpose
RS 40:1558.2Definitions
RS 40:1558.3Volunteer firefighters' tuition reimbursement fund
RS 40:1558.4Volunteer firefighters' tuition reimbursement board; creation; membership
RS 40:1558.5Powers and duties of the board
RS 40:1558.6Eligibility of applicants
RS 40:1558.7Rules and regulations
RS 40:1561Recognition; appointment; term; compensation; qualifications
RS 40:1562Assistants and deputies
RS 40:1562.1Organization of fire marshal's office
RS 40:1563Powers and duties generally; use of deputies; responsibilities of local governing authorities with fire prevention bureaus; open structures and process structures; fees
RS 40:1563.1Authority to make arrests and carry firearms; arson task force
RS 40:1563.2Inspection of family day care homes; inspection fees
RS 40:1563.3Restriction on the use of the titles "fire marshal" and "deputy fire marshal"
RS 40:1563.4Imposition of civil penalties by the state fire marshal for violations
RS 40:1563.5Inspection fees
RS 40:1564Cost of performing functions
RS 40:1565Account of money; audit
RS 40:1566Investigation of fires; reports; records of fires
RS 40:1566.1Fire safety inspection
RS 40:1567Fee for fire reports by volunteer fire departments
RS 40:1567.1Fees for copies of fire and investigation reports
RS 40:1568Special investigations of fires of suspicious origin
RS 40:1568.1Investigation
RS 40:1568.2Investigation of fires; duty to disclose by insurance companies, the property insurance association of louisiana, the louisiana joint reinsurance association and the louisiana insurance underwriting association; protection from liability
RS 40:1569Repealed by acts 1999, no. 173, 2, eff. june 9, 1999.
RS 40:1570Examination of premises; searches and seizures
RS 40:1571Investigations may be private
RS 40:1572Separation of witnesses
RS 40:1573Definitions
RS 40:1573.1Historic buildings renovation initiative
RS 40:1574Construction or repair of structures
RS 40:1574.1Costs of handling plans
RS 40:1575Inspection of premises; orders for repair or removal of dangerous conditions
RS 40:1576Service of order
RS 40:1577Appeal from order
RS 40:1578Compliance with order
RS 40:1578.1Board of review
RS 40:1578.2Appeal to board
RS 40:1578.3Emergency closure during appeal
RS 40:1578.4If no appeal taken
RS 40:1578.5Appeals from decision of board of review
RS 40:1578.6National fire protection association's life safety code; southern standard building code; applicability to high rise structures; minimum standards; existing hazardous buildings; appeal
RS 40:1578.7State uniform fire prevention code
RS 40:1579Ingress by firemen
RS 40:1580Fire exit maps; hotel or motel rooms
RS 40:1580.1Fire alarms; hotel or motel rooms
RS 40:1581Smoke detectors; one- or two-family dwellings
RS 40:1582Emergency elevator access; master key; substitute emergency measures; enforcement; penalty; rulemaking authority
RS 40:1583Locking, bolting, or obstructing exits or passageways
RS 40:1584To 1590 repealed by acts 1978, no. 567, 1
RS 40:1591Enforcement of part
RS 40:1592Application of part
RS 40:1593Volunteer firefighters; medical and life insurance
RS 40:1596.1Time limits for retention of
RS 40:1596.2Administration
RS 40:1596.3Definitions
RS 40:1596.4Specific time limits
RS 40:1596.5Method of retention
RS 40:1597.1Short title
RS 40:1597.2Purpose; administration and enforcement; initial study
RS 40:1601Novelty lighters
RS 40:1602Burn ban; authority of the state fire marshal; civil citation
RS 40:1603Repealed by acts 1979, no. 495, 3, eff. july 13, 1979
RS 40:1604Repealed by acts 1985, no. 977, 1, eff. july 23, 1985.
RS 40:1605Rubbish
RS 40:1606To 1612 repealed by acts 1978, no. 567, 1
RS 40:1613Tents; fire resistant
RS 40:1614Mattresses and box springs; fire retardant
RS 40:1621Violation of fire marshal's orders; penalty
RS 40:1622Violation of part; criminal and civil liability
RS 40:1625Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3 eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1626Title
RS 40:1627Definitions
RS 40:1628Test method and performance standard
RS 40:1629Certification and product change
RS 40:1630Marking of cigarette packaging
RS 40:1631Implementation
RS 40:1632Inspection; seizure
RS 40:1633Penalties; forfeiture
RS 40:1634Remedy
RS 40:1635Deposit of penalties; existing fund
RS 40:1636Out-of-state sales
RS 40:1637Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3 eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1638Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3 eff. jan 1, 2007.
RS 40:1641Fire sprinkler systems
RS 40:1642Definitions
RS 40:1643Fire protection sprinkler system required in existing high-rise buildings; exceptions
RS 40:1644Cost
RS 40:1645Penalty
RS 40:1646State fire marshal; owners; life safety systems and equipment inspections
RS 40:1646.1Inspectors
RS 40:1646.2Inspection and test reports; attachment to system
RS 40:1646.3Inoperative or deficient systems; remediation; hearings
RS 40:1651Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1652Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1653Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1654Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1655Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1656Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1657Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1658Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1659Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1660Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1660.1Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1660.2Repealed by acts 2003, no. 512, 2.
RS 40:1661Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.1Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.2Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.3Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.4Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.5Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.6Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.7Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.8Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.9Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.10Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.11Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.12Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.13Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.14Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.15Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.16Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.17Repealed b y acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.18Repealed by acts. 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1662.19Repealed by acts 2006, no. 307, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2007.
RS 40:1664.1Short title
RS 40:1664.2Purpose; administration and enforcement
RS 40:1664.3Definitions
RS 40:1664.4License required
RS 40:1664.5Exemptions to licensure
RS 40:1664.6Application for a firm license; requirements to maintain
RS 40:1664.7Application for an individual license; requirements to maintain
RS 40:1664.8Criminal background checks
RS 40:1664.9Fees; louisiana life safety and property protection trust fund
RS 40:1664.10Powers and duties of state fire marshal
RS 40:1664.11Life safety and property protection advisory board
RS 40:1664.12Prohibited acts
RS 40:1664.13Notice, hearing, and revocation of certificate or license
RS 40:1664.14Penalties
RS 40:1664.15Purchased life safety and property protection system
RS 40:1664.16Effect on local regulation, effective date
RS 40:1665Financial security for surviving spouses and children of firemen in certain cases
RS 40:1665.1Financial security for surviving spouses and children of firemen; death by heart attack or stroke; presumption
RS 40:1665.2Financial security for surviving spouses and children of law enforcement officers in certain cases
RS 40:1665.3Law enforcement officers and firemen's survivor benefit review board; payment of claims
RS 40:1666Purpose of law
RS 40:1666.1Extra compensation
RS 40:1666.2Special fund
RS 40:1666.3Warrants
RS 40:1666.4Salary reductions; void
RS 40:1666.5Fireman's supplemental pay board
RS 40:1666.6Compensation; expenses
RS 40:1666.7Meetings
RS 40:1666.8Determination of eligibility
RS 40:1666.9Authorization of back supplemental pay; payment procedure
RS 40:1667Purpose
RS 40:1667.1Rate of compensation; prior service; supplemental monthly compensation; police to receive additional compensation
RS 40:1667.2Special fund
RS 40:1667.3Disbursement of funds
RS 40:1667.4Salary reductions; void; police
RS 40:1667.5Parishes having no incorporated municipalities; extra compensation for deputy sheriffs
RS 40:1667.6Board of review; powers and duties
RS 40:1667.7Extra compensation for commissioned full-time deputy sheriffs of all parishes
RS 40:1667.8Authorization of back supplemental salary payment
RS 40:1667.9Extra compensation for commissioned full-time harbor police, fireboat personnel, and bridge police
RS 40:1671Building regulations
RS 40:1672Scaffolds, supports, or other mechanical contrivances
RS 40:1673Safety rails for scaffolding or staging
RS 40:1674Construction of scaffolds, etc., to bear certain weight; overcrowding or overloading
RS 40:1675Inspection of scaffolding, etc.; notice of defects; reconstruction
RS 40:1676Lower scaffolding for protection of workmen on working scaffold or staging
RS 40:1677Intermediate support for joists; floor strength; railings for floor openings
RS 40:1678Maximum floor load during construction; display of placards
RS 40:1679Completion of flooring as building progresses
RS 40:1680Enclosure of shafts or openings in buildings under construction
RS 40:1681Placing of hoisting apparatus; floor re-enforcement
RS 40:1682Communication system for mechanical elevating machines or hoisting apparatus used in construction work
RS 40:1683Penalty
RS 40:1701Safety bolts on certain windows; penalty for failure
RS 40:1711Definitions
RS 40:1712Labeling required
RS 40:1713Safety glazing materials required
RS 40:1714Employees not covered
RS 40:1715Penalty
RS 40:1721Declaration of policy
RS 40:1722Louisiana building code
RS 40:1723Administration; exception
RS 40:1724Building permits and occupancy permits
RS 40:1725Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1726Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1727Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1728Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1728.1Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1729Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1730Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1730.1Repealed by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 12, 3, eff. nov. 29, 2005.
RS 40:1730.21Public policy for state uniform construction code
RS 40:1730.22Louisiana state uniform construction code council; membership; function of council; meeting requirements; immunity
RS 40:1730.22.1Plumbing transition commission; members; purpose; procedure; termination
RS 40:1730.23Enforcement of building codes by municipalities and parishes
RS 40:1730.24Agreements with other governmental entities for provision of services; private agreements
RS 40:1730.25Appointment of building official or contractual arrangement for such services; affidavit for exemption
RS 40:1730.26Adoption and promulgation of certain building codes and standards as state uniform construction code; procedures
RS 40:1730.27Adoption and enforcement of emergency wind and flood mitigation requirements
RS 40:1730.28Mandatory adoption of certain nationally recognized codes and standards as the state uniform construction code; adoption by reference
RS 40:1730.28.1Mandatory adoption of plumbing provisions of certain nationally recognized codes and standards; amendments; effective date
RS 40:1730.28.2State uniform construction code; requirements and prohibitions
RS 40:1730.28.3Authority of the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:1730.29Regulation of construction or improvement of industrial facilities
RS 40:1730.30Regulation of construction or improvement of farm, recreational, and residential accessory structures; authority to issue building permits
RS 40:1730.31Mandamus and injunctive relief for violation of code or regulation; penalties
RS 40:1730.32Imposition of fees
RS 40:1730.33Codes applicable to building inspections
RS 40:1730.34Responsibility of louisiana state construction code council for registration of building codes enforcement officers; record of hearings and proceedings; register of applications for certificates of registration
RS 40:1730.35Application and issuance of certificates of registration; provisional certificates of registration; registration
RS 40:1730.36Registration required to practice as code enforcement officer; violations; penalty
RS 40:1730.37Injunction to restrain person from violating this part
RS 40:1730.38Duration of certificates; renewal; continuing education requirements; funding
RS 40:1730.39Powers of state fire marshal
RS 40:1730.40Municipalities and parishes; home rule charter
RS 40:1730.40.1Plumbing provisions of or adopted pursuant to this part; court orders or consent decrees
RS 40:1730.40.2Plumbing provisions; manufactured housing
RS 40:1730.41Short title
RS 40:1730.42Definitions
RS 40:1730.43Purpose
RS 40:1730.44Scope of commercial building energy conservation code
RS 40:1730.45Adoption of commercial building energy conservation code; enforcement; rules
RS 40:1730.46Amendments and revisions to the commercial building energy conservation code
RS 40:1730.47Fees
RS 40:1730.48Training and technical assistance
RS 40:1730.49Louisiana major facility project; energy efficiency and conservation; requirements
RS 40:1730.51Title
RS 40:1730.52Legislative findings
RS 40:1730.53Definitions
RS 40:1730.54Rules and regulations
RS 40:1730.55Third-party providers
RS 40:1730.56Standards
RS 40:1730.57Building code enforcement; municipality or parish
RS 40:1730.58Building code amendments
RS 40:1730.59Design review
RS 40:1730.60Approval of design
RS 40:1730.61Equivalent methods of compliance
RS 40:1730.62Inspections
RS 40:1730.63Decals or insignia
RS 40:1730.64Reciprocity
RS 40:1730.65Local government authority
RS 40:1730.66State fire marshal; state health officer; authority
RS 40:1730.67Fees
RS 40:1730.68Industrialized building program fund; distribution
RS 40:1730.71Installation of modular housing
RS 40:1731Purposes
RS 40:1732Definitions
RS 40:1733Ada standards
RS 40:1734Accessibility features required of new public buildings or facilities; private buildings or facilities; dwelling units
RS 40:1735Public buildings or facilities or private buildings or facilities to display signs
RS 40:1736Obstruction of common or emergency exits prohibited; standards of accessibility; penalty
RS 40:1737Violations; enforcement by fire marshal
RS 40:1738Review of plans and specifications before construction begins
RS 40:1739Repealed by acts 2011, no. 398, 2.
RS 40:1740Enforcement of part
RS 40:1741Educational program by louisiana rehabilitation services and fire marshal
RS 40:1742Parking spaces for certain persons with disabilities
RS 40:1742.1Additional fine for enforcement of accessible parking regulations
RS 40:1742.2Local variances in accessible parking restrictions
RS 40:1743Penalties
RS 40:1744Compliance with ada
RS 40:1745Repealed by acts 1995, no. 880, 2.
RS 40:1746Repealed by acts 1995, no. 880, 2.
RS 40:1748Access to government services
RS 40:1749Access to restrooms
RS 40:1749.1Asbestos and hazardous component materials detection program established; finding and purpose; rules; duties and responsibilities; definitions; exceptions
RS 40:1749.11Short title; purpose
RS 40:1749.12Definitions
RS 40:1749.13Excavation and demolition; prohibitions
RS 40:1749.14Regional notification center
RS 40:1749.15Emergency excavation; notice required; penalty
RS 40:1749.16Precautions to avoid damage
RS 40:1749.17Excavation or demolition; repair of damage
RS 40:1749.18Certification of a regional notification center by department of public safety and corrections
RS 40:1749.19Voluntary participation by incorporated municipalities and parish governments
RS 40:1749.20Violations; penalties
RS 40:1749.21Miscellaneous provisions
RS 40:1749.22Preemption
RS 40:1749.23Enforcement and adjudication; administration; levy of civil penalties
RS 40:1749.24Collection and distribution of fines or civil penalties; underground damages prevention fund
RS 40:1749.25Department of transportation and development; compliance
RS 40:1749.26Public work projects
RS 40:1751Weapons
RS 40:1752Handling of machine guns unlawful; exceptions
RS 40:1753Transfers of possessions permitted in certain cases; method
RS 40:1754Registers to be kept; inspection thereof
RS 40:1755Penalty
RS 40:1781Definitions
RS 40:1782Exemptions from part
RS 40:1783Repealed by acts 2013, no. 398, 2.
RS 40:1784Repealed by acts 2013, no. 398, 2.
RS 40:1785Possession or dealing in unregistered or illegally transferred weapons
RS 40:1786Repealed by acts 2013, no. 398, 2.
RS 40:1787Repealed by acts 2013, no. 398, 2.
RS 40:1788Identification with number or other mark; obliteration or alteration of number or mark
RS 40:1789Records of importers, manufacturers, or dealers
RS 40:1790Rules and regulations; importation of firearms
RS 40:1791Penalty
RS 40:1792Possession of unidentifiable firearm; particular penalties; identification of source of firearm
RS 40:1796Preemption of state law
RS 40:1797Law enforcement officers; possession of a firearm in courtroom; prohibition
RS 40:1798Firearms; disposal by law enforcement agencies
RS 40:1799Preemption of state law; liability of manufacturer, trade association, or dealer of firearms and ammunition
RS 40:1801Repealed by acts 2011, no. 130, 1.
RS 40:1802Repealed by acts 2011, no. 130, 1.
RS 40:1803Repealed by acts 2011, no. 130, 1.
RS 40:1804Repealed by acts 2011, no. 130, 1.
RS 40:1810Definitions
RS 40:1811Prohibitions
RS 40:1812Exemptions
RS 40:1841Creation of commission; domicile; membership; terms; officers of commission
RS 40:1842Definitions
RS 40:1843Compensation of members
RS 40:1844Meetings
RS 40:1845Director; other personnel; salaries
RS 40:1846Rules and regulations of commission; exceptions; reporting; data sharing; permit requirements; penalties; liability; state of emergency or disaster
RS 40:1846.1Powers of investigation; penalties; civil liability
RS 40:1847Permits; bonds; insurance; reciprocal agreements
RS 40:1847.1Permits; exceptions
RS 40:1848Revocation of permits
RS 40:1849Permit fees; minimum; maximum; transport registration fees; personnel qualification fees; rainy day fund
RS 40:1850Penalties
RS 40:1851Assessment
RS 40:1851.1Propane education and research monies
RS 40:1852Regulations
RS 40:1853Repealed by acts 2012, no. 433, 2.
RS 40:1853.1Access to automatic fuel dispensing device; safety requirement
RS 40:1891Application of part
RS 40:1892Malodorants required
RS 40:1893Method of use and containers and equipment regulated
RS 40:1894Enforcement of part; rules and regulations
RS 40:1895Proposed orders, rules, or regulations
RS 40:1896Violation, penalties
RS 40:1911Citation of part
RS 40:1912Repealed by acts 1972, no. 734, 10.
RS 40:1913Definitions
RS 40:1914Powers and duties of commission
RS 40:1915Restrictions on sale of anhydrous ammonia; permit; bond; insurance
RS 40:1916Permit fee; transport registration; personnel qualifications fee
RS 40:1917Penalty
RS 40:2001State department of hospitals
RS 40:2002University medical center
RS 40:2002.1Lallie kemp regional medical center
RS 40:2002.2Washington-st. tammany regional medical center
RS 40:2002.3Huey p. long medical center
RS 40:2002.4Villa feliciana medical complex
RS 40:2002.5Charity hospital and medical center of louisiana at new orleans
RS 40:2002.6Earl k. long medical center
RS 40:2002.7E. a. conway medical center
RS 40:2003Blank]
RS 40:2004.1Repealed by acts 1977, no. 680, 1
RS 40:2004.2Contract for sewer service for central louisiana state hospital
RS 40:2005Hospital visitation
RS 40:2006Fees; licenses; penalties
RS 40:2006.1Fees for medicare surveys
RS 40:2007Health care providers; requirement of physical separation
RS 40:2007.1Interruption of provision of health care services; executive order or proclamation of emergency or disaster; licensing
RS 40:2008Out-of-state providers; prohibitions on licensure, survey
RS 40:2008.4State agency for carrying out federal programs on alcoholism
RS 40:2009Mandatory accreditation of facilities participating in the medicaid residential treatment option
RS 40:2009.1Rules and regulations; nursing home advisory committee
RS 40:2009.2Definitions
RS 40:2009.3Licensing of nursing homes; applications; fees; disposition of fees
RS 40:2009.4Standards prescribed
RS 40:2009.4.1Supervised automatic sprinkler systems; requirements
RS 40:2009.5Investigation; issuance of license
RS 40:2009.6Denial, revocation, or nonrenewal of license; grounds
RS 40:2009.7Notice of reasons for nonrenewal or revocation of license; review; hearing
RS 40:2009.8Right of inspection by department; records; reports; confidentiality of inspection; penalty
RS 40:2009.9Term of license; renewal fee; display; transfer
RS 40:2009.10Department reports relating to recipients of public assistance
RS 40:2009.11Violations; penalties; notice; hearings; appeal; collection and distribution of fines
RS 40:2009.12Sleeping potion, sedatives or injections without prescription; penalties
RS 40:2009.13Health care provider complaints; procedure; immunity
RS 40:2009.14Procedure for investigation by the office; confidentiality of reports
RS 40:2009.15Investigation report
RS 40:2009.16Hearing
RS 40:2009.17Retaliation by health care provider
RS 40:2009.18Notification of the procedure
RS 40:2009.19Notification of change
RS 40:2009.20Duty to make complaints; penalty; immunity
RS 40:2009.21Mandatory screening of nursing home medicaid patients with mental illness or developmental disabilities; implementation, review
RS 40:2009.22Certification of nursing homes
RS 40:2009.23Adoption of rules; denial of payments; fines; temporary management; alternate remedies
RS 40:2009.24Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 9, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2009.25Emergency preparedness plans for nursing homes; applicable parishes; requirements; nursing home emergency preparedness review committee; rules and regulations; application
RS 40:2009.31Blank]
RS 40:2009.32Blank]
RS 40:2009.33Blank]
RS 40:2009.34Blank]
RS 40:2009.35Blank]
RS 40:2009.36Blank]
RS 40:2009.37Blank]
RS 40:2009.38Blank]
RS 40:2009.39Blank]
RS 40:2009.40Blank]
RS 40:2009.41Repealed by acts 1985, no. 912, 2.
RS 40:2009.42Disclosure of ownership of nursing homes; penalties
RS 40:2009.43Culinary therapy authorized
RS 40:2009.44Nursing home leave of absence days
RS 40:2010Itemized statement of billed services by hospitals
RS 40:2010.1Definitions
RS 40:2010.2Establishment of the office of the ombudsman
RS 40:2010.3Ombudsman; functions and responsibilities
RS 40:2010.4Ombudsman; powers; prohibition of interference; penalties
RS 40:2010.5Confidentiality of records; liability
RS 40:2010.6Legislative intent
RS 40:2010.7Definitions
RS 40:2010.8Residents' bill of rights
RS 40:2010.9Civil enforcement
RS 40:2010.10Provision of annual licensing survey results to all residents and potential residents of nursing homes
RS 40:2011Repealed by acts 1977, no. 680, 18
RS 40:2012Repealed by acts 1977, no. 680, 19
RS 40:2012.1Admission of indigent patients
RS 40:2012.2Admission of pay patients; disposition of proceeds
RS 40:2012.3Transportation of indigent patients to hospital; expenses
RS 40:2013Department of health and hospitals as mental health and developmental disabilities authority
RS 40:2013.1Mental health clinics; authority of physicians to render certain opinions
RS 40:2013.2Appointment of chaplains; compensation
RS 40:2013.3Superintendent to furnish report on patient's condition
RS 40:2013.4Evaluation center for exceptional children
RS 40:2013.5Purpose of evaluation center
RS 40:2013.6Payment for services; disposition of proceeds
RS 40:2013.20Repealed by acts 1977, no. 680, 26
RS 40:2013.21Repealed by acts 1978, no. 680, 3
RS 40:2013.40To 2013.43 repealed by acts 1978, no. 680, 3
RS 40:2013.50To 2013.53 repealed by acts 1978, no. 680, 3
RS 40:2013.54Department sole agency for federal mental health programs
RS 40:2013.55To 2013.58 repealed by acts 1977, no. 680, 38
RS 40:2013.71Repealed by acts 1978, no. 680, 3
RS 40:2013.80To 2013.83 repealed by acts 1978, no. 680, 3
RS 40:2014Repealed by acts 1977, no. 680, 47
RS 40:2014.1Superintendents to furnish reports on patients
RS 40:2015To 2015.8 repealed by acts 1964, no. 163, 11
RS 40:2016Administration of the forest glen housing unit
RS 40:2017Care of indigent or destitute sick persons; maintenance
RS 40:2017.1Repealed by acts 1964, no. 170, 10
RS 40:2017.2Repealed by acts 1989, no. 662, 8, eff. july 7, 1989.
RS 40:2017.3Regulations fixing minimum standards
RS 40:2017.4Additional hospitals; surveys and approval
RS 40:2017.5Promotion of nurse education program
RS 40:2017.6Acceptance of federal funds; notice of public hearing
RS 40:2017.7Enforcement of rules and regulations
RS 40:2017.8Administration of oaths and taking of testimony
RS 40:2017.9Medicare; use of information obtained; penalty
RS 40:2017.10Emergency medical services program; cooperation of other state departments
RS 40:2017.11Fees for review of plans
RS 40:2017.12Prepayment by hospitals of medicaid settlement
RS 40:2018Commission on perinatal care and prevention of infant mortality; maternal and infant mortality studies; confidentiality; prohibited disclosure and discovery
RS 40:2018.1Louisiana commission on hiv, aids, and hepatitis c
RS 40:2018.2Community-based aids education grants
RS 40:2018.3Louisiana sickle cell commission
RS 40:2018.4Louisiana obesity prevention and management commission
RS 40:2019Child death investigation
RS 40:2020Review of deaths of persons served by the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:2021Health care information
RS 40:2022Pertussis; offer of vaccine required; exceptions
RS 40:2023Availability of immunizations recommended by the centers for disease control and prevention
RS 40:2100Short title
RS 40:2101Purpose
RS 40:2102Definitions
RS 40:2103Date licenses must be obtained; moratorium on licensure of long-term care hospitals and beds
RS 40:2104Application
RS 40:2105Procedure and investigation relative to issuance of license
RS 40:2106Confidential nature of financial information and financial records
RS 40:2107Fees and limitations
RS 40:2108Hospital licensing council
RS 40:2109Rules, regulations, and minimum standards
RS 40:2109.1Procedures for rape victims; emergency rooms of licensed hospitals; immunity
RS 40:2109.2Hospitals; passenger elevators equipped with telephone or intercom
RS 40:2109.3Pediatric advanced life support training for nurses
RS 40:2110Denial, suspension or revocation of license; appeal
RS 40:2111Penalty for violation specified
RS 40:2112Enforcement by injunction authorized
RS 40:2113Charges for hospitalization and drugs
RS 40:2113.1Repealed by acts 2014, no. 811, 34, eff. june 23, 2014.
RS 40:2113.2Rules, regulations and contracts
RS 40:2113.3Hospital improvement fund
RS 40:2113.4Duty to provide services; penalty
RS 40:2113.5Services to persons who are elderly and persons with disabilities
RS 40:2113.6Emergency diagnoses and services; denial for inability to pay; discriminatory practices
RS 40:2114Organization of medical and dental staff
RS 40:2115Smoking in hospitals; prohibition; exceptions
RS 40:2115.11Requirement for approval of hospital acquisitions
RS 40:2115.12Definitions
RS 40:2115.13Application to acquire a hospital
RS 40:2115.14Review of application; notice
RS 40:2115.15Public hearing; venue
RS 40:2115.16Decision; appeal
RS 40:2115.17Criteria for decision; attorney general
RS 40:2115.18Additional criteria for decision; attorney general
RS 40:2115.19Reports to the attorney general
RS 40:2115.20Violations; license suspension or revocation
RS 40:2115.21Excluded acquisitions
RS 40:2115.22Prohibited acquisitions
RS 40:2115.23Authority for regulation
RS 40:2116Facility need review
RS 40:2116.31Scope, purpose; definitions
RS 40:2116.32Licensing of home health agencies; applications; fees, disposition of fees
RS 40:2116.33Home health agencies; jurisdiction
RS 40:2116.34Minimum standards; rules and regulations
RS 40:2116.35Issuance of license
RS 40:2116.36Denial, revocation, or nonrenewal of license; grounds
RS 40:2116.37Notice of reasons for nonrenewal or revocation of license; review; hearing
RS 40:2116.38Records; reports
RS 40:2116.39Term of license; renewal fee; display; transfer
RS 40:2116.40Violations; penalties
RS 40:2117.1Definitions
RS 40:2117.2Licenses; application and fee; survey; provisional
RS 40:2117.3Term of license; renewal fee; display; transfer
RS 40:2117.4Minimum standards, rules, and regulations
RS 40:2117.5Denial, nonrenewal, or revocation of license; grounds; notification; appeal
RS 40:2117.6Right of inspection by department; records; reports
RS 40:2117.7Civil fines for violations; appeals
RS 40:2118Fluoroscopy procedures in a hospital setting
RS 40:2120.1Purpose
RS 40:2120.2Definitions
RS 40:2120.3Licensure of home- and community-based services providers
RS 40:2120.4Rules and regulations; licensing standards
RS 40:2120.5License issuance; application; onsite inspection
RS 40:2120.6Operation without license; penalty
RS 40:2120.7Fees on home- and community-based service providers; disposition of fees
RS 40:2120.8Terminated by acts 2008, no. 328, 3, eff. july 1, 2010
RS 40:2120.9Comprehensive plan
RS 40:2120.11Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.12Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.13Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.14Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.15Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.16Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.21Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.22Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.23Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.24Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.25Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.26Repealed by acts 2008, no. 839, 5, eff. july 8, 2008.
RS 40:2120.31Short title
RS 40:2120.32Legislative intent; declaration of purpose and policy
RS 40:2120.33Definitions
RS 40:2120.34Licensing; applications; provisional licenses; fees
RS 40:2120.35Rules, regulations, and standards for licenses
RS 40:2120.36Inspections
RS 40:2120.37Complaints
RS 40:2120.38Denial or revocation of license; written notice; appeal procedure
RS 40:2120.39Operating without license or in violation of departmental regulations; penalty
RS 40:2120.40Operating without a license or in violation of departmental regulations; injunctive relief
RS 40:2120.41Purpose
RS 40:2120.42Definitions
RS 40:2120.43Licensure of adult day health care providers
RS 40:2120.44Rules and regulations; licensing standards
RS 40:2120.45License issuance; application; onsite inspection
RS 40:2120.46Operation without license; penalty
RS 40:2120.47Moratorium; exceptions
RS 40:2120.51Definitions
RS 40:2120.52State registration of certified nurse aides in nursing facilities
RS 40:2120.53Rules and regulations; standards
RS 40:2120.54Duties of the department to investigate complaints against certified nurse aides; complaint allegations; restricted registration; reinstatement
RS 40:2120.55Duties of the nursing facility
RS 40:2120.56Repealed by acts 2011, no. 132, 1, eff. june 24, 2011.
RS 40:2120.57Certified nurse aide; medical staffing agencies
RS 40:2121Citation
RS 40:2122Purpose
RS 40:2123Eligibility for assistance
RS 40:2124Contribution to cost of care by parent; notification; payment; default
RS 40:2125Age; continuation of assistance; discrimination
RS 40:2126Hospitals for the care of emotionally disturbed children; creation; conversion to full range psychiatric hospitals with satellite community cottages; superintendents
RS 40:2127Rules and regulations
RS 40:2131Short title
RS 40:2132Purpose
RS 40:2133Definitions
RS 40:2133.1Use agreement
RS 40:2134Applicability
RS 40:2135Provisional licenses
RS 40:2136Rules; regulations; minimum standards
RS 40:2137Procedure and investigation relative to issuance of license
RS 40:2138Confidential nature of financial information and financial records
RS 40:2139Fees and limitations
RS 40:2140Application
RS 40:2141Denial, suspension or revocation of license; appeal
RS 40:2142Geriatric hospitals and units
RS 40:2143Repealed by acts 1979, no. 76, 3
RS 40:2144Hospital records and retention act
RS 40:2145Electronic signatures
RS 40:2151Short title
RS 40:2152Purpose
RS 40:2153Definitions
RS 40:2154Applicability
RS 40:2155Licensure of behavioral health services providers
RS 40:2156Rules and regulations; licensing standards; fees
RS 40:2157License issuance; application; onsite inspection
RS 40:2158Operation without license; penalty
RS 40:2159Opioid treatment programs
RS 40:2160Right of inspection by department; records; reports
RS 40:2161Drug free zone; notice; signs
RS 40:2162Repealed by acts 2009, no. 381, 3, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2163Repealed by acts 2009, no. 381, 3, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2166.1Short title
RS 40:2166.2Purpose
RS 40:2166.3Definitions
RS 40:2166.4Licensure of adult residential care providers
RS 40:2166.5Rules and regulations; licensing standards; fees
RS 40:2166.6License issuance; application; on-site inspection
RS 40:2166.7Operation without license; penalty
RS 40:2166.7.1Moratorium on licensure of level 4 adult residential care providers
RS 40:2166.8Fees on community service providers; disposition of fees
RS 40:2171Definitions
RS 40:2172Certificates; applications; fees
RS 40:2173Rules, regulations, and standards for licenses
RS 40:2175.1Short title
RS 40:2175.2Purpose
RS 40:2175.3Definitions
RS 40:2175.4License required
RS 40:2175.5Rules; regulations; licensing standards
RS 40:2175.6License issuance; application; on-site inspection
RS 40:2175.11Legislative findings
RS 40:2175.12Purpose; definitions
RS 40:2175.13Licensure required; transferability of license
RS 40:2175.14Department responsibilities
RS 40:2175.15Alternate health care model; children's respite care center
RS 40:2176Repealed by acts 1999, no. 4, 1, eff. may 7, 1999.
RS 40:2176.1Pilot children's comfort care center
RS 40:2177Repealed by acts 1999, no. 4, 1, eff. may 7, 1999.
RS 40:2178Repealed by acts 1999, no. 4, 1, eff. may 7, 1999.
RS 40:2179Establishment of direct service worker registry
RS 40:2179.1Definition of direct service worker
RS 40:2179.2Authorization to contract; interagency agreement; issuance of certification cards or certificates
RS 40:2180Definitions
RS 40:2180.1Licensure of intermediate care facilities for people with developmental disabilities (icf/dd)
RS 40:2180.2Promulgation of rules
RS 40:2180.3Input from the office for citizens with developmental disabilities
RS 40:2180.4Issuance of license; renewal
RS 40:2180.5Operation without license; penalty
RS 40:2180.11Purpose
RS 40:2180.12Definitions
RS 40:2180.13Licensure of crisis receiving centers
RS 40:2180.14Rules and regulations; licensing standards
RS 40:2180.15License issuance; application; on-site inspection
RS 40:2180.16Operation without license; penalty
RS 40:2181Short title
RS 40:2182Definitions
RS 40:2183Licensure required; transferability of license; fees; moratorium
RS 40:2184Rules, regulations, and standards for licenses
RS 40:2185Inspections
RS 40:2186Complaints
RS 40:2187Revocation, suspension, or refusal to renew license; issuance of fines; written notice
RS 40:2188Refusal, revocation, or suspension of license; imposition of fine; appeal procedure
RS 40:2189Operating without or in violation of license; injunctive relief
RS 40:2190Time for making license application
RS 40:2191Advisory committee on hospice care; creation; terms; officers; functions
RS 40:2193Short title
RS 40:2193.1Purpose and definitions
RS 40:2193.2License; requirements
RS 40:2193.3License issuance; application; renewal; on-site inspection
RS 40:2193.4Department rules; regulations; licensing standards
RS 40:2193.5Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1185, 8, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 40:2194Title
RS 40:2194.1Legislative findings; declaration
RS 40:2194.2Definitions
RS 40:2194.3Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 40:2194.4Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 40:2194.5Primary health care contracts of direct services
RS 40:2194.6Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1185, 8, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 40:2195Community-based and rural health care program
RS 40:2195.1State office of rural health
RS 40:2195.2Grants and funding; community-based and rural health care fund
RS 40:2195.3Rural referral centers
RS 40:2195.4Rules and regulations
RS 40:2195.6Primary health care clinics; established
RS 40:2196Legislative intent
RS 40:2196.1Definitions
RS 40:2196.2Community indigent health care program; purpose
RS 40:2196.3Primary health care grants and contracts
RS 40:2196.4Health promotion and health education grants
RS 40:2196.5Application; selection; amounts
RS 40:2196.6Grants renewable
RS 40:2196.7Implementation
RS 40:2197Licensure of rural health clinics
RS 40:2198Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 20, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2198.1Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 20, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2198.2Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 20, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2198.3Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 20, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2198.4Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 20, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2198.5Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 20, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2198.6Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 20, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2198.11Definitions
RS 40:2198.12Licensure of pain management clinics; rules and regulations
RS 40:2198.13Annual fee; use of proceeds
RS 40:2199Violations; penalties; fines; notice; hearings; appeal; licensed entities
RS 40:2199.1Adoption of rules; violations; alternate remedies
RS 40:2200.1Definitions
RS 40:2200.2Dementia training; nursing facilities and alzheimer's special care units
RS 40:2200.3Dementia training for adult residential care providers licensed by the department of health and hospitals
RS 40:2200.4Approved dementia training
RS 40:2200.5Rules and regulations
RS 40:2200.11Definitions
RS 40:2200.12Registration of providers
RS 40:2200.13Operation of equipment without prior registration
RS 40:2200.14Registration; moratorium
RS 40:2200.15Termination of part
RS 40:2201Health care cost control
RS 40:2202Definitions
RS 40:2203Authorization for preferred provider organizations
RS 40:2203.1Prohibition of certain practices by preferred provider organizations
RS 40:2204Hospital participation; tangible benefit presumed
RS 40:2205Utilization reviews; relief from liability and discovery; standards compliance
RS 40:2206Obstetrician or gynecological examination; coverage
RS 40:2207Requirements of provider contracts
RS 40:2208Hearing impaired interpreter expenses; coverage
RS 40:2209Requirements for reconstructive surgery coverage
RS 40:2210Prohibited discrimination; prenatal test results; genetic information
RS 40:2211Definitions
RS 40:2212Basic benefit plans
RS 40:2213Lactation consultants; registry; qualifications
RS 40:2221Definitions
RS 40:2222Certification of organizations providing qualified plans
RS 40:2223Limitations on implementation
RS 40:2231Definitions
RS 40:2232Rights of each enrollee
RS 40:2233Participation in health care decisions
RS 40:2234Responsibilities of an enrollee
RS 40:2241Definitions
RS 40:2242Participation in state health care delivery system required
RS 40:2243Limitations on implementation
RS 40:2251Definitions
RS 40:2252Participation in state health care delivery system required
RS 40:2253Limitations on implementation
RS 40:2254.1Finding and purpose
RS 40:2254.2Definitions
RS 40:2254.3Cooperative agreements, mergers, joint ventures, and consolidations allowed
RS 40:2254.4Certificate of public advantage; standards for certification; time for action by department
RS 40:2254.5Reconsideration by department
RS 40:2254.6Revocation of certificate by department
RS 40:2254.7Appeal
RS 40:2254.8Record of agreements to be kept
RS 40:2254.9Rulemaking
RS 40:2254.10Enforcement by attorney general
RS 40:2254.11Reports
RS 40:2254.12Fees
RS 40:2261Creation; purpose; change of name; successor to former commission
RS 40:2262Domicile of the north louisiana criminalistics laboratory commission
RS 40:2263Membership; tenure
RS 40:2264Revenues; fees and costs of court
RS 40:2265Commission as body politic; powers
RS 40:2266.1Optional revenues; collection, handling, and disbursement thereof
RS 40:2266.1.1Fees and costs of court
RS 40:2266.2Additional parishes joining criminalistics laboratory commissions
RS 40:2266.3Criminalistics laboratories operated by sheriffs of calcasieu, jefferson, and st. tammany parishes included herein
RS 40:2266.4Scope; cumulative authority
RS 40:2267Acadiana criminalistics laboratory district; creation; composition; powers; ad valorem tax
RS 40:2267.1Creation; purpose; approval of criminalistics laboratory by louisiana commission on law enforcement and the administration of criminal justice
RS 40:2267.2Domicile of the acadiana criminalistics laboratory commission
RS 40:2267.3Membership; tenure
RS 40:2267.4Commissions as body politics; powers
RS 40:2267.5Costs of analysis and examination
RS 40:2268.1Creation; purpose
RS 40:2268.2Domicile of the southeast louisiana regional criminalistics laboratory commission
RS 40:2268.3Commission membership; executive committee; quorum
RS 40:2268.4Revenues; fees and costs of court
RS 40:2268.5Commission as body politic; powers
RS 40:2271Meat and poultry inspection law
RS 40:2321Water pollution control
RS 40:2322State grants to political subdivisions for water pollution control projects qualifying for federal aid
RS 40:2323Application for grant
RS 40:2324Issuance of state bonds to finance grants; terms, limits and condition of bonds; administrative rules and regulations
RS 40:2325Redemption of bonds
RS 40:2326Bonds and fees limited to water pollution control projects
RS 40:2327Issuance of local bonds; state refunds
RS 40:2331Interstate compact on
RS 40:2332Administrator
RS 40:2351Governor's council on
RS 40:2352Membership
RS 40:2353Duties
RS 40:2354Citizens advisory board created; membership; meetings; duties
RS 40:2355Continuous surveillance of environmental matters; responsibility for; duties
RS 40:2401Peace officer standards and
RS 40:2401.1Prohibition against quotas
RS 40:2402Definitions
RS 40:2403Council on peace officer standards and training
RS 40:2404Powers of the council
RS 40:2404.1Additional powers of the council, school resource officers, school violence prevention training program
RS 40:2405Peace officer training requirements; reimbursement by peace officer
RS 40:2405.1Special equipment provided by department of public safety and corrections
RS 40:2405.2Peace officer training study committee; creation
RS 40:2405.3Unlawful activity by non-accredited training centers
RS 40:2405.4Additional requirements of peace officers
RS 40:2405.5Training for law enforcement interaction with persons with mental illness and persons with developmental disabilities
RS 40:2405.6Training for peace officers; electronic control devices
RS 40:2405.7Human trafficking training
RS 40:2406Short title
RS 40:2451Creation; membership; term of office
RS 40:2452Staff
RS 40:2453Powers and duties
RS 40:2454Grants; ability to contract
RS 40:2455Exemptions
RS 40:2471Statement of purpose
RS 40:2472Definitions
RS 40:2473Long term home health care program; establishment
RS 40:2474Participation in program; needs assessment
RS 40:2475Authorization to provide a long term home health care program; procedure
RS 40:2476Payment for long term home health care
RS 40:2477Request for waiver to provide in-home and community services
RS 40:2481Hypertension control program
RS 40:2482Hypertension control program; establishment
RS 40:2483Services
RS 40:2491Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2492Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2493Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2494Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2501Interagency recreation board
RS 40:2502Powers and duties of board
RS 40:2503Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1185, 8, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 40:2504Authority to contract
RS 40:2505Transfer of supervision, management, and use of lands to board
RS 40:2511Missing children identification act
RS 40:2512Findings; statement of purpose
RS 40:2513Definitions
RS 40:2514Child identification card
RS 40:2515Department of public safety and corrections to provide forms
RS 40:2516Notice to parent
RS 40:2517Creation of child identification cards
RS 40:2518Retention of child identification card; release or transfer; return
RS 40:2519Confidentiality of card; penalty for violation
RS 40:2521Law enforcement agency receiving report of missing or recovered child; duty
RS 40:2526Pre-amber alert action plan; requirements; rules and regulations
RS 40:2528Predator alert system; requirements; rules and regulations
RS 40:2529Repealed by acts 2010, no. 743, 14, eff. july 1, 2010.
RS 40:2530.1Purpose
RS 40:2530.2Short title
RS 40:2530.3Definitions
RS 40:2530.4Administration
RS 40:2530.5Immunity from liability
RS 40:2531Applicability; minimum standards during investigation; penalties for failure to comply
RS 40:2532Release of personal information
RS 40:2533Personnel files
RS 40:2534Disclosure of finances
RS 40:2535Retaliation for exercising rights
RS 40:2601Seizure and controlled dangerous
RS 40:2602Jurisdiction and venue
RS 40:2603Conduct giving rise to forfeiture
RS 40:2604Property subject to forfeiture
RS 40:2605Exemptions
RS 40:2606Seizure of property
RS 40:2607Property management and preservation
RS 40:2608Commencement of forfeiture proceedings; property release requirements
RS 40:2608.1Sale of property pending forfeiture; circumstances; procedure
RS 40:2609Stipulation of exemptions
RS 40:2610Claims
RS 40:2611Judicial proceedings generally
RS 40:2612In rem proceedings
RS 40:2613In personam proceedings
RS 40:2614Substituted assets
RS 40:2615Judicial disposition of property
RS 40:2616Allocation of forfeited property; creation of special funds; reporting
RS 40:2617Powers of enforcement personnel
RS 40:2618Prescription
RS 40:2619Summary forfeiture of controlled substances
RS 40:2620Bar to collateral action
RS 40:2621Statutory construction
RS 40:2622Short title
RS 40:2701Tanning facility regulation
RS 40:2702Legislative findings
RS 40:2703Definitions
RS 40:2704Exemptions
RS 40:2705Registration
RS 40:2706Certificate of registration
RS 40:2707Prohibited acts; advertisement; minors
RS 40:2708Denial, suspension, or revocation of a certificate
RS 40:2709Compliance with federal and state law
RS 40:2710Warning signs
RS 40:2711Equipment standards
RS 40:2712Stand-up tanning booths tanning booths designed for stand-up use shall also comply with the following additional requirements:
RS 40:2713Operational requirements
RS 40:2714Information provided to consumer
RS 40:2715Rules and regulations
RS 40:2716Criminal penalty
RS 40:2717Injunction
RS 40:2718Permits
RS 40:2719Fees
RS 40:2721Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2722Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2723Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2724Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2725Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2726Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2727Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2728Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2729Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2730Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2731Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2732Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2733Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2734Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2735Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2736Repealed by acts 2003, no. 200, 1, eff. june 5, 2003.
RS 40:2741Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2742Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2743Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2744Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2745Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 40:2801Repealed by acts 2012, no. 811, 18, eff. sept. 1, 2012.
RS 40:2802Repealed by acts 2012, no. 811, 18, eff. sept. 1, 2012.
RS 40:2803Repealed by acts 2012, no. 811, 18, eff. sept. 1, 2012.
RS 40:2811Disposition of property
RS 40:2821Legislative findings
RS 40:2822Definitions
RS 40:2823Drinking water revolving loan fund program
RS 40:2824Drinking water revolving loan fund
RS 40:2825Use of drinking water revolving loan fund
RS 40:2826Loan conditions and repayment
RS 40:2831Commercial body art regulation
RS 40:2832Registration
RS 40:2833Rules for minimum sanitary and safety standards
RS 40:2834Injunctive relief
RS 40:2841Legislative purpose
RS 40:2842Definitions
RS 40:2843Louisiana emergency response network; creation; domicile
RS 40:2844Governing board; membership, appointment, terms, compensation, vacancies
RS 40:2845Board; functions, powers, and duties
RS 40:2845.1Public records exception
RS 40:2846Rules and regulations; department of health and hospitals
RS 40:2851Short title
RS 40:2852Facilities providing housing or temporary residence to individuals referred by judicial agencies
RS 40:2853Facilities providing housing or temporary residence to individuals referred by judicial agencies