Code of civil procedure

CCP 1Jurisdiction defined
CCP 2Jurisdiction over subject matter
CCP 3Same; cannot be conferred by consent
CCP 4Same; determination when dependent on amount in dispute or value of right asserted
CCP 5Same; effect of reduction of claim
CCP 6Jurisdiction over the person
CCP 7Repealed by acts 1997, no. 578, 5.
CCP 8Jurisdiction over property; in rem
CCP 9Same; quasi in rem; attachment
CCP 10Jurisdiction over status
CCP 11Military personnel
CCP 41Definition
CCP 42General rules
CCP 43Exceptions to general rules
CCP 44Waiver of objections to venue
CCP 45Conflict between two or more articles in chapter
CCP 71Action against individual who has changed domicile
CCP 72Certain actions involving property
CCP 73Action against joint or solidary obligors
CCP 74Action on offense or quasi offense
CCP 74.1Action to establish or disavow filiation
CCP 74.2Custody proceedings; support; forum non conveniens
CCP 74.3Marriage of persons related by adoption
CCP 74.4Action on an open account or a promissory note
CCP 74.5Adult adoption
CCP 75Action on judicial bond
CCP 76Action on insurance policy
CCP 76.1Action on contract
CCP 77Action against person doing business in another parish
CCP 78Action against partners of existing partnership
CCP 79Action to dissolve partnership
CCP 80Action involving immovable property
CCP 81Action involving succession
CCP 82Action to partition community property
CCP 83Action to partition partnership property
CCP 84Action involving certain retirement systems and employee benefit programs
CCP 85Action against domestic corporation; charter revoked by secretary of state
CCP 86Action involving voting trusts
CCP 87Action involving application for compensation for wrongful conviction and imprisonment
CCP 121Action brought in improper venue; transfer
CCP 122Change of proper venue
CCP 123Forum non conveniens
CCP 124Forum non conveniens; transfer to city court
CCP 151Grounds
CCP 152Recusation on court's own motion or by supreme court
CCP 153Judge may act until recused or motion for recusation filed
CCP 154Procedure for recusation
CCP 155Selection of judge to try motion to recuse; court having two or more judges
CCP 156Same; court having single judge
CCP 157Judge ad hoc appointed to try cause when judge recused; power of judge ad hoc
CCP 158Supreme court appointment of district judge to try cause when judge recused
CCP 159Recusation of supreme court justice
CCP 160Recusation of judge of court of appeal
CCP 161Recusation of judge ad hoc
CCP 191Inherent judicial power
CCP 192Appointment of expert witnesses; expenses
CCP 192.1Interpreters for deaf and severely hearing-impaired persons
CCP 192.2Appointment of interpreter for non-english-speaking persons
CCP 193Power to adopt local rules; publication
CCP 194Power of district court to act in chambers; signing orders and judgments
CCP 195Same; judicial proceedings
CCP 196Power of district court to act in vacation
CCP 197Testimony of inmates
CCP 221Kinds of contempt
CCP 222Direct contempt
CCP 222.1Direct contempt; fingerprinting and photographing; exception
CCP 223Same; procedure for punishing
CCP 224Constructive contempt
CCP 225Same; procedure for punishing
CCP 226Same; imprisonment until performance
CCP 227Punishment for contempt
CCP 251Custodian of court records; certified copies; records public
CCP 252Issuance of process
CCP 253Pleadings, documents, and exhibits to be filed with clerk
CCP 253.1Pleadings; random assignment of cases
CCP 253.2Transfer and reassignment of pending cases
CCP 253.3Duty judge exceptions; authority to hear certain matters
CCP 254Docket and minute books
CCP 255Deputy clerks and other employees
CCP 256Minute clerk
CCP 257Neglect, failure, or refusal of clerk, deputy, or other employee to perform duty subjects him to punishment for contempt
CCP 258Electronic filing and recording of written instruments
CCP 281Certain articles not applicable to civil district court for the parish of orleans
CCP 282Acts which may be done by district court clerk
CCP 283Orders and judgments which may be signed by district court clerk
CCP 284Judicial powers of district court clerk
CCP 285Powers of district court clerk may be exercised whether judge absent from parish or not
CCP 286Powers of district court clerk which may not be exercised by deputy; powers of chief deputy clerk
CCP 287District court clerk ex officio notary
CCP 288Functions which district court clerk may exercise on holiday
CCP 321Executive officer of district court; serves process, executes writs and mandates directed to him by courts
CCP 322Exercises civil functions only in own parish; exception
CCP 323Writs executed on holiday
CCP 324Returns on process served, and writs and judgments executed
CCP 325Right of entry for execution; may require assistance of others if resistance offered or threatened
CCP 326Protection and preservation of property seized
CCP 327Seizure of rents, fruits, and revenue of property under seizure
CCP 328Power of administration of property under seizure
CCP 329Disbursements for protection, preservation, and administration of seized property
CCP 330Collection of fines from, and imprisonment of, persons found guilty of contempt of court
CCP 331Deputy sheriffs and other employees
CCP 332Service or execution by constable or marshal
CCP 333Crier
CCP 334Neglect, failure, or refusal of sheriff, deputy sheriff, or employee to perform duty subjects him to punishment for contempt
CCP 371Attorney
CCP 372Court reporter
CCP 373Expert appointed by court
CCP 374Legal representative
CCP 375Neglect, failure, or refusal of expert or legal representative to perform a legal duty when ordered to do so, subjects him to punishment for contempt of court
CCP 376Limitation of immunity
CCP 421Civil action; commencement; amicable demand unnecessary
CCP 422Personal, real, mixed actions
CCP 423Implied right to enforce obligation; prematurity
CCP 424Cause of action as a defense
CCP 425Preclusion by judgment
CCP 426Transmission of action and of right to enforce obligation
CCP 427Action against obligor's heirs or legatees
CCP 428No abatement on death of party
CCP 461Cumulation of actions defined
CCP 462Cumulation by single plaintiff against single defendant
CCP 463Cumulation, plural plaintiffs or defendants
CCP 464Improper cumulation, effect
CCP 465Separate trials of cumulated actions
CCP 466Repealed by acts 1983, no. 534, 11.
CCP 531Suits pending in louisiana court or courts
CCP 532Suits pending in louisiana and federal or foreign court
CCP 561Abandonment in trial and appellate court
CCP 591Prerequisites; maintainable class actions
CCP 592Certification procedure; notice; judgment; orders
CCP 593Venue
CCP 593.1Class actions; lis pendens
CCP 593.2Class actions; forum non conveniens
CCP 594Dismissal or compromise
CCP 595Award of expenses of litigation; security for costs
CCP 596Prescription; suspension
CCP 597Effect of judgment
CCP 611Derivative actions; prerequisites
CCP 612Representation
CCP 613Procedure
CCP 614Venue
CCP 615Petition in shareholder's derivative action
CCP 616Shareholder's derivative action when not impracticable to join all shareholders, partners, or members
CCP 617Unincorporated association; definition; applicability
CCP 641Joinder of parties needed for just adjudication
CCP 642Determination by court whenever joinder not feasible
CCP 643Solidary obligees and obligors; joinder
CCP 644Party plaintiff who refuses or fails to sue
CCP 645Pleading nonjoinder of a party
CCP 646Amendment of petition to join a party
CCP 647Permissive joinder governed by rules of cumulation of actions
CCP 681Real and actual interest required
CCP 682Individuals having procedural capacity
CCP 683Unemancipated minor
CCP 684Mental incompetent; interdict
CCP 685Succession
CCP 686Marital community
CCP 687Person doing business under trade name
CCP 688Partnership
CCP 689Unincorporated association
CCP 690Domestic corporation; insurer; limited liability company
CCP 691Foreign corporation; foreign limited liability company; foreign or alien insurance corporation
CCP 692Corporation, limited liability company, or partnership in receivership or liquidation
CCP 693Insurer in receivership
CCP 694Agent
CCP 695Absent or mentally incompetent managing spouse
CCP 696Pledgor and pledgee
CCP 697Subrogor and subrogee
CCP 698Assignor and assignee
CCP 699Trust estate
CCP 700Authority or qualification of plaintiff suing in representative capacity
CCP 731Individuals having procedural capacity
CCP 732Unemancipated minor
CCP 733Mental incompetent; interdict
CCP 734Succession
CCP 735Marital community
CCP 736Person doing business under trade name
CCP 737Partnership; partners
CCP 738Unincorporated association; members
CCP 739Corporation; limited liability company; insurer
CCP 740Corporation; limited liability company; partnership in receivership or liquidation
CCP 741Insurer in receivership
CCP 742Trust estate
CCP 743Absent or mentally incompetent managing spouse
CCP 771Rules applicable
CCP 801Voluntary substitution for deceased party; legal successor
CCP 802Compulsory substitution for deceased party; summons
CCP 803Same; service or publication of summons
CCP 804Same; effect of failure of legal successor to appear
CCP 805Legal representative; successor
CCP 806Public officer
CCP 807Transfer of interest
CCP 821Rules of chapter applicable to district courts; rules of other appellate courts applicable
CCP 851Three modes of procedure; book ii governs ordinary proceedings
CCP 852Pleadings allowed; replicatory pleadings prohibited
CCP 853Caption of pleadings; adoption by reference; exhibits
CCP 854Form of pleading
CCP 855Pleading special matters; capacity
CCP 856Same; fraud, mistake, or condition of the mind
CCP 857Same; suspensive conditions
CCP 858Same; official document or act
CCP 859Same; judgment or decision
CCP 860Same; time and place
CCP 861Same; special damage
CCP 862Relief granted under pleadings; sufficiency of prayer
CCP 863Signing of pleadings, effect
CCP 864Attorney subject to disciplinary action
CCP 865Construction of pleadings
CCP 891Form of petition
CCP 892Alternative causes of action
CCP 893Pleading of damages
CCP 921Exception defined
CCP 922Kinds of exceptions
CCP 923Functions of exceptions
CCP 924Form of exceptions
CCP 925Objections raised by declinatory exception; waiver
CCP 926Objections raised by dilatory exception; waiver
CCP 927Objections raised by peremptory exception
CCP 928Time of pleading exceptions
CCP 929Time of trial of exceptions
CCP 930Evidence on trial of declinatory and dilatory exceptions
CCP 931Evidence on trial of peremptory exception
CCP 932Effect of sustaining declinatory exception
CCP 933Effect of sustaining dilatory exception
CCP 934Effect of sustaining peremptory exception
CCP 961Written motion required; exception
CCP 962Form of written motion
CCP 963Ex parte and contradictory motions; rule to show cause
CCP 964Motion to strike
CCP 965Motion for judgment on pleadings
CCP 966Motion for summary judgment; procedure
CCP 967Same; affidavits
CCP 968Effect of judgment on pleadings and summary judgment
CCP 969Judgment on pleadings and summary judgment not permitted in certain cases; exception
CCP 970Motion for judgment on offer of judgment
CCP 971Special motion to strike
CCP 1001Delay for answering
CCP 1002Answer filed prior to confirmation of default
CCP 1003Form of answer
CCP 1004Denials
CCP 1005Affirmative defenses
CCP 1006Alternative defenses
CCP 1031Incidental demands allowed
CCP 1032Form of petition
CCP 1033Delay for filing incidental demand
CCP 1034Exceptions and motions
CCP 1035Answer
CCP 1036Jurisdiction; mode of procedure
CCP 1037Action instituted separately
CCP 1038Separate trial; separate judgment
CCP 1039Effect of dismissal of principal action
CCP 1040Words "plaintiff" and "defendant" include plaintiff and defendant in an incidental action
CCP 1061Actions pleaded in reconventional demand; compulsory
CCP 1062Pleading compensation
CCP 1063Service of reconventional demand; citation unnecessary
CCP 1064Additional parties
CCP 1065Reconventional demand exceeding principal demand
CCP 1066Action matured or acquired after pleading
CCP 1067When prescribed incidental or third party demand is not barred
CCP 1071Cross-claims
CCP 1072Service of cross-claim, citation unnecessary
CCP 1073Additional parties
CCP 1091Third person may intervene
CCP 1092Third person asserting ownership of, or mortgage or privilege on, seized property
CCP 1093Service of petition; citation unnecessary
CCP 1094Intervener accepts proceedings
CCP 1111Defendant may bring in third person
CCP 1112Defendant in reconvention may bring in third person
CCP 1113Effect of failure to bring in third party
CCP 1114Service of citation and pleadings
CCP 1115Defenses of original defendant available to third party defendant
CCP 1116Third party defendant may bring in third person
CCP 1151Amendment of petition and answer; answer to amended petition
CCP 1152Amendment of exceptions
CCP 1153Amendment relates back
CCP 1154Amendment to conform to evidence
CCP 1155Supplemental pleadings
CCP 1156Amended and supplemental pleadings in incidental action
CCP 1201Citation; waiver; delay for service
CCP 1202Form of citation
CCP 1203Citation to legal representative of multiple defendants
CCP 1231Types of service; time of making
CCP 1232Personal service
CCP 1233Same; where made
CCP 1234Domiciliary service
CCP 1235Service on representative
CCP 1235.1Service on incarcerated person
CCP 1236Service on clerical employees of physicians
CCP 1237Service on individual in multiple capacities
CCP 1261Domestic or foreign corporation
CCP 1262Same; secretary of state
CCP 1263Partnership
CCP 1264Unincorporated association
CCP 1265Political entity; public officer
CCP 1266Limited liability company
CCP 1267Same; service on secretary of state
CCP 1291Service by sheriff
CCP 1292Sheriff's return
CCP 1293Service by private person
CCP 1311Service of copy of exhibit to pleading unnecessary
CCP 1312Service of pleadings subsequent to petition; exceptions
CCP 1313Service by mail, delivery, or electronic means
CCP 1314Same; service by sheriff
CCP 1351Issuance; form
CCP 1352Restrictions on subpoena
CCP 1353Prepayment of fees
CCP 1354Subpoena duces tecum
CCP 1355Service of subpoena
CCP 1355.1Reissuance of subpoena; service by certified or registered mail
CCP 1356Subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum for depositions or inspections
CCP 1357Failure to comply with subpoena
CCP 1391Repealed by acts 1988, no. 515, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1989.
CCP 1392Proof of statutes
CCP 1393Repealed by acts 1988, no. 515, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1989.
CCP 1394Repealed by acts 1988, no. 515, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1989.
CCP 1395Repealed by acts 1988, no. 515, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1989.
CCP 1396Repealed by acts 1988, no. 515, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1989.
CCP 1397Repealed by acts 1988, no. 515, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1989.
CCP 1420Signing of discovery requests, responses, or objections
CCP 1421Discovery methods
CCP 1422Scope of discovery; in general
CCP 1422.1Scope of discovery; records of the louisiana bureau of criminal identification and information
CCP 1423Scope of discovery; insurance agreements
CCP 1424Scope of discovery; trial preparation; materials
CCP 1425Experts; pretrial disclosures; scope of discovery
CCP 1426Protective orders
CCP 1426.1Stay of discovery in civil matters by a district attorney in a related criminal matter
CCP 1427Sequence and timing of discovery
CCP 1428Supplementation of responses
CCP 1429Perpetuation of testimony; petition
CCP 1430Notice and service of petition; perpetuation of testimony
CCP 1430.1Ex parte order; death or incapacitating illness
CCP 1431Order and examination; perpetuation of testimony
CCP 1432Use of deposition
CCP 1433Deposition after trial
CCP 1434Person before whom deposition taken
CCP 1435Deposition taken in another state, or in a territory, district, or foreign jurisdiction
CCP 1436Stipulations; manner of taking; modification of procedures
CCP 1436.1Depositions by telephone
CCP 1437Deposition upon oral examination; when deposition may be taken
CCP 1438Notice of examination; time and place; subpoena duces tecum
CCP 1439Special notice
CCP 1440Nonstenographic recordation of testimony
CCP 1441Production of documents and things
CCP 1442Deposition of an organization
CCP 1443Examination and cross-examination; record of examination; oath; objections
CCP 1444Motion to terminate; limit examination
CCP 1445Submission to witness; changes; signing
CCP 1446Certification by officer; custody of deposition; exhibits; copies; notice of availability for inspection or copying; cost of originals and copies of transcripts
CCP 1447Failure to attend or to serve subpoena; expenses
CCP 1448Serving written questions; notice
CCP 1449Taking of testimony; preparation of record; notice of filing
CCP 1450Use of depositions
CCP 1451Objections to admissibility
CCP 1452Effect of taking or using depositions; deposing attorneys of record
CCP 1453Objection to irregularities in notice; waiver
CCP 1454Objections as to disqualification of officer; waiver
CCP 1455Objections, competency of witnesses; relevancy of testimony; manner or form of taking deposition
CCP 1456Objection as to completion and return of deposition
CCP 1457Interrogatories to parties; availability; additional, hearing required
CCP 1458Interrogatories to parties; procedures for use
CCP 1459Interrogatories to parties; scope; use at trial
CCP 1460Option to produce business records
CCP 1461Production of documents and things; entry upon land; scope
CCP 1462Production of documents and things; entry upon land; procedure
CCP 1463Production of documents and things; entry upon land, persons not parties
CCP 1464Order for physical or mental examination of persons
CCP 1465Report of examining physician
CCP 1465.1Requests for release of medical records
CCP 1466Requests for admission; service of request
CCP 1467Requests for admission; answers and objections
CCP 1468Requests for admissions; effect of admission
CCP 1469Motion for order compelling discovery
CCP 1469.1Order compelling discovery of medical records
CCP 1469.2Order compelling discovery of financial records; notice
CCP 1470Failure to comply with order compelling discovery; contempt
CCP 1471Failure to comply with order compelling discovery; sanctions
CCP 1472Failure to admit; expenses
CCP 1473Failure to attend deposition, serve answers or respond to request for inspection
CCP 1474Service of written objections, notices, requests, affidavits, interrogatories, and answers thereto
CCP 1475Affidavit for medical cost; counter affidavit; service
CCP 1551Pretrial and scheduling conference; order
CCP 1552Environmental management orders
CCP 1561Consolidation for trial
CCP 1562Separate trials of issues of insurance coverage, liability, and damages
CCP 1563Limited admission of liability in environmental damage lawsuits; effect
CCP 1571Assignment by court rule
CCP 1572Written request for notice of trial
CCP 1573Assignment of trials; preference; terminally ill
CCP 1601Discretionary grounds
CCP 1602Peremptory grounds
CCP 1603Motion for continuance
CCP 1604Prevention of continuance by admission of adverse party
CCP 1605Trial of motion; order
CCP 1631Power of court over proceedings; exclusion of witnesses; mistrial
CCP 1632Order of trial
CCP 1633Oath or affirmation of witnesses; refusal to testify
CCP 1633.1Live trial testimony by video
CCP 1634Cross-examination of a party or person identified with a party
CCP 1635Exceptions unnecessary
CCP 1636Evidence held inadmissible; record or statement as to nature thereof
CCP 1637Completion of trial; pronouncement of judgment
CCP 1671Voluntary dismissal
CCP 1672Involuntary dismissal
CCP 1673Effect of dismissal with or without prejudice
CCP 1701Judgment by default
CCP 1702Confirmation of default judgment
CCP 1702.1Confirmation of default judgment without hearing in open court; required information; certifications
CCP 1703Scope of judgment
CCP 1704Confirmation of judgment by default in suits against the state or a political subdivision
CCP 1731Issues triable by jury
CCP 1732Limitation upon jury trials
CCP 1733Demand for jury trial; bond for costs
CCP 1734Fixing the bond; calling the jury venire
CCP 1734.1Cash deposit; procedure
CCP 1735Specification of issues
CCP 1736Trial of less than all issues; stipulation
CCP 1751Qualification and exemptions of jurors
CCP 1761Procedure in general
CCP 1762Swearing of juror before examination
CCP 1763Examination of juror
CCP 1764Peremptory challenges
CCP 1765Challenges for cause
CCP 1766Time for challenges; method
CCP 1767Challenging or excusing jurors after acceptance
CCP 1768Swearing of jurors; selection of foreman
CCP 1769Alternate jurors
CCP 1791Comment on facts by judge prohibited
CCP 1792Charge to the jury
CCP 1793Instructions to jury; objections
CCP 1794Taking evidence to jury room
CCP 1795Jury request to review evidence
CCP 1796Additional instructions
CCP 1797Number required for verdict
CCP 1810Directed verdicts; motion to dismiss at close of plaintiff's evidence
CCP 1810.1Repealed by acts 1983, no. 534, 11.
CCP 1811Motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict
CCP 1812Special verdicts
CCP 1813General verdict accompanied by answer to interrogatories
CCP 1814Remittitur or additur as alternative to new trial; reformation of verdict
CCP 1841Judgments, interlocutory and final
CCP 1842Repealed by acts 1990, no. 521, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CCP 1843Judgment by default
CCP 1844Judgment of dismissal; effect
CCP 1871Declaratory judgments; scope
CCP 1872Interested parties may obtain declaration of rights, status, or other legal relations
CCP 1873Construction of contract
CCP 1874Interested person may obtain declaration of rights; purpose
CCP 1875Powers enumerated not exclusive
CCP 1876Court may refuse declaratory judgment
CCP 1877Review of judgments and decrees
CCP 1878Supplemental relief; expedited hearing for constitutional determination; effect of pendency of other proceedings
CCP 1879Trial and determination of issue of fact
CCP 1880Parties
CCP 1881Construction
CCP 1882Provisions independent and severable
CCP 1883Uniformity of interpretation
CCP 1911Final judgment; partial final judgment; signing; appeals
CCP 1912Final judgment; multi-parish districts, signing in any parish in the state
CCP 1913Notice of judgment
CCP 1914Interlocutory judgments; notice; delay for further action
CCP 1915Partial final judgment; partial judgment; partial exception; partial summary judgment
CCP 1916Jury cases; compromise agreements; signature of judgment by the court
CCP 1917Findings of the court and reasons for judgment
CCP 1918Form of final judgment
CCP 1919Judgment affecting immovable property; particular description
CCP 1920Costs; parties liable; procedure for taxing
CCP 1921Interest allowed by the judgment
CCP 1922Money judgments; judgment debtor; date of birth; social security number
CCP 1951Amendment of judgment
CCP 1971Granting of new trial
CCP 1972Peremptory grounds
CCP 1973Discretionary grounds
CCP 1974Delay for applying for new trial
CCP 1975Application for new trial; verifying affidavit
CCP 1976Service of notice
CCP 1977Assignment of new trial
CCP 1978Procedure in new trial
CCP 1979Summary decision on motion; maximum delays
CCP 2001Grounds in general
CCP 2002Annulment for vices of form; time for action
CCP 2003Same; action lost through acquiescence
CCP 2004Annulment for vices of substance; peremption of action
CCP 2005Annulment of judgments; effect of appeal
CCP 2006Court where action brought
CCP 2031Revival of judgments
CCP 2081Applicability of title
CCP 2082Definition of appeal
CCP 2083Judgments appealable
CCP 2084Legal representative may appeal
CCP 2085Limitations on appeals
CCP 2086Right of third person to appeal
CCP 2087Delay for taking devolutive appeal
CCP 2088Divesting of jurisdiction of trial court
CCP 2089Description required of immovable property affected by judgments or decrees
CCP 2121Method of appealing
CCP 2122Appointment or removal of legal representative not suspended by appeal; effect of vacating appointment on appeal
CCP 2123Delay for taking suspensive appeal
CCP 2124Security to be furnished for an appeal
CCP 2125Return day
CCP 2125.1Notice of extension of return day granted by clerk of trial court
CCP 2126Payment of costs
CCP 2127Record on appeal; preparation
CCP 2127.1Same; certified and dated
CCP 2127.2Same; preparation and delivery of transcript
CCP 2127.3Same; contempt
CCP 2128Same; determination of content
CCP 2128.1Depositions
CCP 2129Assignment of errors unnecessary; exception
CCP 2130Record on appeal; statement of facts
CCP 2131Same; narrative of facts
CCP 2132Same; correction
CCP 2133Answer of appellee; when necessary
CCP 2161Dismissal for irregularities
CCP 2162Dismissal by consent of parties, or because of lack of jurisdiction or right to appeal, or abandonment; transfer
CCP 2163Peremptory exception filed in appellate court; remand if prescription pleaded
CCP 2164Scope of appeal and action to be taken; costs
CCP 2165Appeals deemed abandoned
CCP 2166Rehearing, court of appeal judgment; finality; stay
CCP 2167Rehearing, supreme court judgment; finality; stay
CCP 2168Posting of unpublished opinions; citation
CCP 2201Supervisory writs
CCP 2251Execution only in trial court; appellate court judgment
CCP 2252Delay before proceeding with execution
CCP 2253Writ from clerk to sheriff
CCP 2254Execution by sheriff; return; wrongful seizure
CCP 2291Money judgment; fieri facias
CCP 2292Privilege of creditor on seized property; successive seizures
CCP 2293Notice to judgment debtor; appointment of attorney
CCP 2294Time for seizure; return
CCP 2294.1Time for seizure; return; city courts in orleans parish
CCP 2295Order of sale; sale in globo
CCP 2296Reduction of excessive seizure
CCP 2297Alias fieri facias
CCP 2298Injunction prohibiting sale; damages
CCP 2299Order prohibiting payment of proceeds of sale
CCP 2331Publication of notice of sale
CCP 2332Appraisal
CCP 2333Sale of perishable property
CCP 2334Reading of advertisement and certificates
CCP 2335Superior mortgage or privilege
CCP 2336Minimum price; second offering
CCP 2337Price insufficient to discharge superior privileges; property not sold
CCP 2338Judgment creditor having superior privilege; price insufficient to satisfy inferior mortgage
CCP 2339Judgment debtor and creditor may bid
CCP 2340Payment of debt prior to adjudication
CCP 2341Sale when installment not due
CCP 2342Act of sale by sheriff
CCP 2343Sheriff's return after sale
CCP 2371Effect of adjudication
CCP 2372Sale subject to superior real charge or lease
CCP 2373Distribution of proceeds of sale
CCP 2374Property subject to superior mortgage; payment of price
CCP 2375Purchaser's liability; property subject to inferior mortgages
CCP 2376Release of inferior mortgages
CCP 2377Inferior mortgages; payment; reference to proceeds
CCP 2378Enforcement of mortgage or privilege superior to that of seizing creditor
CCP 2379Rights of buyer in case of eviction
CCP 2380Loss of recourse when purchaser fails to give judgment debtor timely notice
CCP 2381Action by seizing creditor who has been compelled to reimburse purchaser
CCP 2411Garnishee; effect of service; financial institutions
CCP 2412Method of service; delay for answering
CCP 2413Effect of garnishee's failure to answer
CCP 2414Notice of answer; traversing
CCP 2415Delivery of property or payment of indebtedness to sheriff
CCP 2416Venue of garnishment proceedings
CCP 2417Garnishment in court other than one which rendered judgment
CCP 2451Examination of judgment debtor and third parties; depositions
CCP 2452Court where motion filed and examination conducted
CCP 2453Motion; order; service
CCP 2454Oath; testimony not used in criminal proceedings
CCP 2455Costs
CCP 2456Contempt
CCP 2501Judgment ordering delivery of possession; writ of possession
CCP 2502Writ of distringas; contempt; damages
CCP 2503Distringas, execution and revocation
CCP 2504Specific performance; court directing performance by third party
CCP 2541Execution of foreign judgments
CCP 2542Grounds for recognition of foreign defamation judgments
CCP 2591Proceedings conducted with rapidity
CCP 2592Use of summary proceedings
CCP 2593Pleadings
CCP 2594Service of process
CCP 2595Trial; decision
CCP 2596Rules of ordinary proceedings applicable; exceptions
CCP 2631Use of executory proceedings
CCP 2632Act importing a confession of judgment
CCP 2633Venue
CCP 2634Petition
CCP 2635Authentic evidence submitted with petition
CCP 2636Authentic evidence
CCP 2637Evidence which need not be authentic
CCP 2638Order for issuance of writ of seizure and sale
CCP 2639Repealed by acts 2003, no. 1072, 2.
CCP 2640Citation unnecessary; service of demand for payment
CCP 2641Service upon, and seizure and sale prosecuted against, attorney for unrepresented defendant
CCP 2642Assertion of defenses; appeal
CCP 2643Third person claiming mortgage, security interest, or privilege on property seized
CCP 2644Conversion to ordinary proceeding
CCP 2671Proceeding against surviving spouse in community
CCP 2672Proceeding against heirs or legatees
CCP 2673Proceeding against legal representative
CCP 2674Attorney appointed to represent unrepresented defendant
CCP 2675Case falling within application of two or more articles; plaintiff may bring proceeding under any applicable article
CCP 2701Alienation of property to third person disregarded
CCP 2702Rights of third person who has acquired property and assumed indebtedness
CCP 2703Rights of third possessor
CCP 2721Seizure of property; notice
CCP 2722Advertisement of sale
CCP 2723Appraisal of property, unless waived
CCP 2724Articles relating to sales under fieri facias applicable
CCP 2725Seizure and sale of a motor vehicle out-of-state; procedure
CCP 2751Grounds for arresting seizure and sale; damages
CCP 2752Injunction procedure
CCP 2753Security not required in certain cases
CCP 2754Security otherwise required
CCP 2771When deficiency judgment obtainable
CCP 2772Procedure to obtain deficiency judgment
CCP 2781When judgments may be made executory by other courts
CCP 2782Procedure; execution of executory judgment
CCP 2783Injunction to arrest execution of judgment made executory
CCP 2785Definitions
CCP 2786Registration of support orders for modification
CCP 2787Objections to registration of support order for modification
CCP 2788Confirmation of registered support order for modification
CCP 2789Confirmed registered support order for modification; effect
CCP 2790Confirmed registered support order; enforcement
CCP 2791Registration of support orders for enforcement only
CCP 2792Objections to registration of support order for enforcement
CCP 2793Confirmation of registered support order for enforcement
CCP 2794Confirmed registered support order; enforcement
CCP 2795Joinder of actions
CCP 2811Court in which succession opened
CCP 2812Proceedings in different courts; stay; adoption of proceedings by court retaining jurisdiction
CCP 2821Evidence of jurisdiction, death, and relationship
CCP 2822Requirements of affidavit evidence
CCP 2823Additional evidence
CCP 2824No affidavit evidence of factual issues
CCP 2825Costs
CCP 2826Definition of certain terms used in book vi
CCP 2851Petition for probate
CCP 2852Documents submitted with petition for probate
CCP 2853Purported testament must be filed, though possessor doubts validity
CCP 2854Search for testament
CCP 2855Return to order to search for testament
CCP 2856Probate hearing; probate forthwith if witness present
CCP 2857Proponent must produce witnesses; subpoenas
CCP 2881Ex parte probate if no objection
CCP 2882Proceedings at probate hearing
CCP 2883Olographic testament
CCP 2884Nuncupative testament by private act
CCP 2885Mystic testament
CCP 2886Probate of nuncupative testament by private act; mystic testament, when witnesses dead, absent, or incapacitated
CCP 2887Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1421, 8, eff. july 1, 1999.
CCP 2888Foreign testament
CCP 2889Depositions of witnesses
CCP 2890Proces verbal of probate
CCP 2891Notarial testament, nuncupative testament by public act, and statutory testament executed without probate
CCP 2892Use of probate testimony in subsequent action
CCP 2893Period within which will must be probated
CCP 2901Contradictory trial required; time to file opposition
CCP 2902Opposition to petition for probate
CCP 2903Proponent bears burden of proof
CCP 2904Admissibility of videotape of execution of testament
CCP 2931Annulment of probated testament by direct action; defendants; summary proceeding
CCP 2932Burden of proof in action to annul
CCP 2933Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1421, 8, eff. july 1, 1999.
CCP 2951Repealed by acts 2010, no. 175, 6.
CCP 2952Descriptive list of property, if no inventory
CCP 2953Repealed by acts 2010, no. 175, 6.
CCP 2954Repealed by acts 2010, no. 175, 6.
CCP 2971Pleading and service of process
CCP 2972Oppositions
CCP 2973Responsive pleadings to opposition
CCP 2974Appeals
CCP 3001Sending into possession without administration when all heirs are competent and accept
CCP 3002Same; petition for possession
CCP 3003Same; evidence of allegations of petition for possession
CCP 3004Discretionary power to send heirs and surviving spouse into possession
CCP 3005Same; petition for possession; evidence
CCP 3006Same; when one of competent heirs cannot join in petition for possession
CCP 3007Creditor may demand security when heirs sent into possession
CCP 3008Administration in default of security
CCP 3031Sending legatees into possession without administration
CCP 3032Same; petition for possession; evidence
CCP 3033Same; compensation of executor
CCP 3034Creditor may demand security when legatees sent into possession; administration in default of security
CCP 3035Particular legatee may demand security for delivery of legacy; administration in default of security
CCP 3061Judgment rendered and signed immediately
CCP 3062Effect of judgment of possession
CCP 3081Petition for confirmation
CCP 3082Order of confirmation; letters
CCP 3083Appointment of dative testamentary executor
CCP 3091Petition for notice of application for appointment
CCP 3092Form of petition for notice of application for appointment
CCP 3093Notice in compliance with petition
CCP 3094Order on application for appointment
CCP 3095Opposition to application for appointment
CCP 3096Appointment when no opposition; appointment after trial of opposition
CCP 3097Disqualifications
CCP 3098Priority of appointment
CCP 3111Appointment
CCP 3112Security; oath; tenure; rights and duties
CCP 3113Inventory taken or descriptive list filed when appointment made
CCP 3121Attorney appointed as administrator of vacant successions; exceptions
CCP 3122Public administrator as administrator of vacant successions in certain parishes
CCP 3131Notary appointed for inventory in each parish
CCP 3132Public inventory
CCP 3133Proces verbal of inventory
CCP 3134Return of proces verbal of inventory
CCP 3135Proces verbal of inventory prima facie proof; traverse
CCP 3136Descriptive list of property in lieu of inventory
CCP 3137Descriptive list prima facie correct; amendment or traverse; reduction or increase of security
CCP 3151Security of administrator
CCP 3152Security of provisional administrator
CCP 3153Security of testamentary executor
CCP 3154Forced heirs and surviving spouse in community may compel executor to furnish security
CCP 3154.1Repealed by acts 2004, no. 158, 2.
CCP 3155Creditor may compel executor to furnish security
CCP 3155.1Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1421, 8, eff. july 1, 1999.
CCP 3156Maximum security of executor
CCP 3157Special mortgage in lieu of bond
CCP 3158Oath of succession representative
CCP 3159Issuance of letters to succession representative
CCP 3171Appointment
CCP 3172Duties
CCP 3173Removal; appointment of successor
CCP 3174Compensation
CCP 3181Revocation of appointment or confirmation; extension of time to qualify
CCP 3182Removal
CCP 3191General duties; appointment of agent
CCP 3192Duties and powers of multiple representatives
CCP 3193Powers of surviving representatives
CCP 3194Contracts between succession representative and succession prohibited; penalties for failure to comply
CCP 3195Contracts between succession representative and succession; exceptions
CCP 3196Procedural rights of succession representative
CCP 3197Duty to close succession
CCP 3198Compromise and modification of obligations
CCP 3211Duty to take possession; enforcement of claims and obligations
CCP 3221Preservation of succession property
CCP 3222Deposit of succession funds; unauthorized withdrawals prohibited; penalty
CCP 3223Investment of succession funds
CCP 3224Continuation of business
CCP 3224.1Continuation of corporation or partnership in which decedent held a majority interest
CCP 3225Continuation of business,; interim order unappealable
CCP 3226Lease of succession property
CCP 3227Execution of contracts
CCP 3228Loans to succession representative for specific purposes; authority to encumber succession property as security therefor
CCP 3229Notice by publication of application for court order; opposition
CCP 3241Presenting claim against succession
CCP 3242Acknowledgment or rejection of claim by representative
CCP 3243Effect of acknowledgment of claim by representative
CCP 3244Effect of inclusion of claim in petition or in tableau of distribution
CCP 3245Submission of formal proof of claim to suspend prescription
CCP 3246Rejection of claim; prerequisite to judicial enforcement
CCP 3247Execution against succession property prohibited
CCP 3248Enforcement of conventional mortgage or pledge
CCP 3249Succession representative as party defendant
CCP 3261Purpose of sale
CCP 3262No priority as between movables and immovables
CCP 3263Terms of sale
CCP 3264Perishable property; crops
CCP 3265Prima facie proof of publication
CCP 3266Issuance of certificates of no opposition
CCP 3271Petition; order
CCP 3272Publication of notice of sale; place of sale
CCP 3273Minimum price; second offering
CCP 3281Petition for private sale
CCP 3282Publication
CCP 3283Who may file opposition
CCP 3284Order; hearing
CCP 3285Bonds and stocks
CCP 3286Court may authorize listing
CCP 3287Household goods
CCP 3288Motor vehicles; sale at appraised value
CCP 3291Court may authorize exchange
CCP 3292Petition for authority to exchange
CCP 3293Copy of petition for authority to be served on heirs and legatees; exception
CCP 3294Publication of notice; opposition; hearing; order
CCP 3295Giving in payment of succession property
CCP 3296Petition
CCP 3297Publication
CCP 3298Hearing; order
CCP 3301Payment of estate debts; court order
CCP 3302Time of payment of estate debts; urgent estate debts
CCP 3303Petition for authority; tableau of distribution
CCP 3304Notice of filing of petition; publication
CCP 3305Petition for notice of filing of tableau of distribution
CCP 3306Notice of filing of tableau of distribution; effect of failure to serve
CCP 3307Homologation; payment
CCP 3308Appeal
CCP 3321Interim allowance for maintenance during administration
CCP 3331Time for filing account
CCP 3332Final account
CCP 3333Contents of account
CCP 3334Failure to file account; penalty
CCP 3335Notice to heirs and residuary legatees
CCP 3336Opposition; homologation
CCP 3337Effect of homologation
CCP 3338Deceased or interdicted succession representative
CCP 3351Amount of compensation; when due
CCP 3351.1Amount of compensation; limitation when serving as attorney, corporate officer, or managing partner
CCP 3352More than one succession representative
CCP 3353Legacy to executor
CCP 3361After homologation of final tableau of distribution
CCP 3362Prior to homologation of final tableau of distribution
CCP 3371After homologation of final tableau of distribution
CCP 3372Prior to homologation of final tableau of distribution
CCP 3381Judgment of possession
CCP 3391Discharge of succession representative
CCP 3392Effect of judgment of discharge
CCP 3393Reopening of succession
CCP 3394Refusal or inability to accept funds; deposit in bank
CCP 3395Disposition of movables not accepted by heir
CCP 3396Definitions
CCP 3396.1Scope
CCP 3396.2Provision for independent administration by testator
CCP 3396.3Designation of executor but failure to provide for independent administration by testator
CCP 3396.4Failure to designate an executor
CCP 3396.5Independent administration when decedent dies intestate
CCP 3396.6Independent administration when estate is part testate, part intestate
CCP 3396.7Trusteeships
CCP 3396.8Usufruct
CCP 3396.9Unemancipated minor
CCP 3396.10Survivorship
CCP 3396.11Possibility of renunciation
CCP 3396.12Death of successor
CCP 3396.13Testamentary prohibition of independent administration
CCP 3396.14Security of independent administrator
CCP 3396.15Rights, powers, and duties; performance without court authority
CCP 3396.16Enforcement of claims against estate
CCP 3396.17Accounting
CCP 3396.18Inventory or sworn descriptive list
CCP 3396.19Final account
CCP 3396.20Removal of succession representative and termination of independent administration
CCP 3401Jurisdiction; procedure
CCP 3402Foreign representative; qualification
CCP 3403Capacity to sue
CCP 3404Priority in appointment
CCP 3405Testament probated outside louisiana
CCP 3421Small successions defined
CCP 3422Court costs
CCP 3422.1Small succession immovable property damaged by disaster or catastrophe
CCP 3431Small successions; judicial opening unnecessary
CCP 3432Affidavit for small succession; contents
CCP 3432.1Affidavit for small succession for a person domiciled outside of louisiana who died testate; contents
CCP 3433Repealed by acts 2009, no. 81 , 2, eff. june 18, 2009.
CCP 3434Endorsed copy of affidavit authority for delivery of property
CCP 3441Acceptance without administration; procedure
CCP 3442Administration of successions; procedure
CCP 3443Sale of succession property; publication of notice of sale
CCP 3461Venue; procedure
CCP 3462Partition of succession property
CCP 3501Petition; affidavit; security
CCP 3502Issuance of writ before petition filed
CCP 3503Garnishment under writs of attachment or of sequestration
CCP 3504Return of sheriff; inventory
CCP 3505Reduction of excessive seizure
CCP 3506Dissolution of writ; damages
CCP 3507Release of property by defendant; security
CCP 3507.1Release of property by plaintiff; security
CCP 3508Amount of security for release of attached or sequestered property
CCP 3509Release of property by third person
CCP 3510Necessity for judgment and execution
CCP 3511Attachment and sequestration; privilege
CCP 3512Release of plaintiff's security
CCP 3513Sale of perishable property
CCP 3514Release not to affect right to damages
CCP 3541Grounds for attachment
CCP 3542Actions in which attachment can issue
CCP 3543Issuance of a writ of attachment before debt due
CCP 3544Plaintiff's security
CCP 3545Nonresident attachment; venue
CCP 3571Grounds for sequestration
CCP 3572Sequestration before rent due
CCP 3573Sequestration by court on its own motion
CCP 3574Plaintiff's security
CCP 3575Lessor's privilege
CCP 3576Release of property under sequestration
CCP 3601Injunction, grounds for issuance; preliminary injunction; temporary restraining order
CCP 3602Preliminary injunction; notice; hearing
CCP 3603Temporary restraining order; affidavit of irreparable injury and notification efforts
CCP 3603.1Governing provisions for issuance of protective orders; grounds; notice; court-appointed counsel
CCP 3604Form, contents, and duration of restraining order
CCP 3605Content and scope of injunction or restraining order
CCP 3606Temporary restraining order; hearing on preliminary injunction
CCP 3607Dissolution or modification of temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction
CCP 3607.1Registry of temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction or permanent injunction
CCP 3608Damages for wrongful issuance of temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction
CCP 3609Proof at hearings; affidavits
CCP 3610Security for temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction
CCP 3611Penalty for disobedience; damages
CCP 3612Appeals
CCP 3613Jurisdiction not limited
CCP 3651Petitory action
CCP 3652Same; parties; venue
CCP 3653Same; proof of title; immovable
CCP 3654Proof of title in action for declaratory judgment, concursus, expropriation, or similar proceeding
CCP 3655Possessory action
CCP 3656Same; parties; venue
CCP 3657Same; cumulation with petitory action prohibited; conversion into or separate petitory action by defendant
CCP 3658Same; requisites
CCP 3659Same; disturbance in fact and in law defined
CCP 3660Same; possession
CCP 3661Same; title not at issue; limited admissibility of evidence of title
CCP 3662Same; relief which may be granted successful plaintiff in judgment; appeal
CCP 3663Sequestration; injunctive relief
CCP 3664Mineral rights asserted, protected and defended as other immovables
CCP 3665When mineral right owner may assert possessory action
CCP 3666Loss of right to bring possessory action by owner of mineral right
CCP 3667When proof of nonuse required in possessory action against owner of mineral right
CCP 3668When proof of nonuse not required in possessory action against claimant of mineral right
CCP 3669Possessory action unavailable between owner of mineral servitude and owner of dependent mineral royalty
CCP 3670Real actions against mineral lessee unavailable to mineral lessor or possessor bound by lease
CCP 3671Real actions involving mineral rights subject to other provisions governing real actions generally
CCP 3691Boundary action
CCP 3692Appointment of surveyor by court; duties of surveyor
CCP 3693Evidence; judgment
CCP 3721Methods of enforcing mortgage
CCP 3722Enforcement by ordinary proceeding
CCP 3723Enforcement by executory proceeding
CCP 3741Right of enforcement
CCP 3742Notice of seizure
CCP 3743Rights of third possessor
CCP 3751Notice to be recorded to affect third persons
CCP 3752Requirements of notice; recordation
CCP 3753Cancellation of notice of pendency
CCP 3781Petition; summary trial; issuance of writs
CCP 3782Return date
CCP 3783Answer
CCP 3784Hearing
CCP 3785Disobedience of writ or judgment; contempt
CCP 3821Definition
CCP 3822Venue
CCP 3823Persons authorized to make service; proof of service
CCP 3824Method of service
CCP 3825Answer; production of person in custody
CCP 3826Transfer of custody; answer
CCP 3827Inability to produce person in custody
CCP 3828Custody pendente lite
CCP 3829Notice of hearing
CCP 3830Judgment
CCP 3831Appeal not to suspend execution of judgment; delay
CCP 3861Definition
CCP 3862Mandamus; issuance of
CCP 3863Person against whom writ directed
CCP 3864Mandamus against corporation or corporate officer
CCP 3865Alternative writ
CCP 3866Judgment
CCP 3901Definition
CCP 3902Judgment
CCP 3941Court where action brought; nullity of judgment of court of improper venue
CCP 3942Appeal from judgment granting or refusing annulment or divorce
CCP 3943Appeal from judgment awarding custody, visitation, or support
CCP 3944Injunctive relief in divorce actions; bond not required in certain cases
CCP 3945Incidental order of temporary child custody; injunctive relief; exceptions
CCP 3946Execution of support and claims for contributions awards in arrears
CCP 3947Name confirmation
CCP 3951Petition for divorce
CCP 3952Rule to show cause and affidavit
CCP 3953Nullity of judgment
CCP 3954Abandonment of action
CCP 3955Service of petition
CCP 3956Evidence of facts in divorce action
CCP 3957Waiver of service of petition and rule to show cause and accompanying notices
CCP 3958Voluntary dismissal
CCP 3991Petition for judicial emancipation
CCP 3992Petition requirements
CCP 3993Venue for judicial emancipation
CCP 3994Emancipation hearing
CCP 3995Judgment of limited emancipation
CCP 3996Appeal
CCP 3997Modification or termination of emancipation
CCP 3998Recordation
CCP 4031Minor domiciled in the state
CCP 4032Minor not domiciled in the state
CCP 4033Petitions filed in two or more courts; stay of proceedings in second and subsequent courts; adoption of proceedings by first court
CCP 4034Proceedings subsequent to appointment of tutor
CCP 4061Natural tutor; general obligations
CCP 4061.1Natural tutor; action for damages on behalf of child
CCP 4062Tutorship by will
CCP 4063Legal tutor
CCP 4064Dative tutor
CCP 4065Legal or dative tutor; petition for appointment; publication of notice
CCP 4066Opposition to application of legal or dative tutor
CCP 4067Appointment of legal or dative tutor
CCP 4068Appeal from judgment confirming, appointing, or removing tutor or undertutor; effect
CCP 4069Separate tutor of property
CCP 4070Provisional tutor
CCP 4071Security, oath, and tenure of provisional tutor
CCP 4072Inventory or detailed descriptive list on appointment of provisional tutor
CCP 4073Functions, duties, and authority of provisional tutor
CCP 4101Inventory and appraisement or descriptive list
CCP 4102Procedure for inventory; proces verbal; return
CCP 4131Amount
CCP 4132Nature of security
CCP 4133Special mortgage instead of bond
CCP 4134Natural tutor; bond; recordation of certificate of inventory or detailed descriptive list
CCP 4135Security instead of legal mortgage
CCP 4136Substitution of one kind of security for another
CCP 4137Subordination of legal mortgage to conventional mortgage
CCP 4171Oath
CCP 4172Issuance of letters
CCP 4201Appointment; oath
CCP 4202General duties of undertutor
CCP 4203Compelling tutor to account
CCP 4204Security of tutor, undertutor's duty regarding sufficiency
CCP 4205Vacancy in tutorship, duty of undertutor
CCP 4206Termination of duties
CCP 4231Disqualification of tutor
CCP 4232Revocation of appointment; extension of time to qualify
CCP 4233Resignation of tutor
CCP 4234Removal of tutor
CCP 4235Authority and liability of tutor after resignation or removal
CCP 4236Undertutor, grounds for disqualification, revocation, or removal
CCP 4237Appointment of successor tutor or undertutor
CCP 4238Heirs of tutor; responsibility
CCP 4261Care of person of minor; expenses
CCP 4262Administration of minor's property
CCP 4263Contracts between tutor and minor
CCP 4264Tutor's administration in his own name; procedural rights
CCP 4265Compromise and modification of obligations
CCP 4266Continuation of business
CCP 4267Loans to tutor for specific purposes; authority to mortgage and pledge minor's property
CCP 4268Lease of minor's property; mineral contracts
CCP 4269Investment and management of minor's property
CCP 4269.1Placement of minor's property in trust
CCP 4270Procedure for investing, reinvesting, or withdrawing funds; checking account on behalf of minor
CCP 4271Court approval of action affecting minor's interest
CCP 4272Court approval of payments to minor
CCP 4273Appointment of agent
CCP 4274Compensation of tutor
CCP 4275Donations to or by minor
CCP 4301Purpose of sale or exchange
CCP 4302Terms of sale
CCP 4303Perishable property; crops
CCP 4304Additional bond prior to sale of immovables
CCP 4321Petition; order
CCP 4322Publication; place of sale
CCP 4323Minimum price; subsequent offering
CCP 4341Petition
CCP 4342Bonds and stocks
CCP 4361Adjudication of minor's interest to parent co-owner
CCP 4362Recordation of judgment; mortgage in favor of minor
CCP 4363Security instead of mortgage
CCP 4371Petition for authority to exchange
CCP 4391Duty to account; annual accounts
CCP 4392Final account
CCP 4393Contents of account
CCP 4394Service of account
CCP 4395Opposition; homologation
CCP 4396Effect of homologation
CCP 4397Deceased or interdicted tutor
CCP 4398Cost of accounting
CCP 4431Foreign tutor; authority and powers
CCP 4432Possession or removal of property from state
CCP 4433Foreign tutor qualifying in louisiana; authority
CCP 4461Small tutorship defined
CCP 4462Inventory dispensed with
CCP 4463Tutor without bond
CCP 4464Court costs
CCP 4501Father or mother as administrator of minor's property
CCP 4502Right of mother to represent minor
CCP 4521Judgment in favor of a minor; court order
CCP 4522Judgment in favor of minor; structured settlement
CCP 4541Petition for interdiction
CCP 4542Venue
CCP 4543Service upon defendant and notice to interested persons
CCP 4544Appointment of attorney
CCP 4545Appointment of examiner
CCP 4546Fixing of hearings or trial
CCP 4547Hearing
CCP 4548Burden of proof
CCP 4549Temporary and preliminary interdiction; attorney
CCP 4550Costs and attorney fees
CCP 4551Judgment
CCP 4552Recordation of notice of suit and judgment
CCP 4553Post-judgment proceedings
CCP 4554Modification or termination of interdiction
CCP 4555Appeal
CCP 4556Ancillary interdiction procedure
CCP 4561Appointment of curator
CCP 4562Qualification of curator
CCP 4563Inventory and security
CCP 4564Letters of curatorship
CCP 4565Undercurators
CCP 4566Management of affairs of the interdict
CCP 4567Expenses of interdict and legal dependents
CCP 4568Removal of curator or undercurator
CCP 4569Post-judgment monitoring and reporting
CCP 4601Methods of partition
CCP 4602Judicial partition
CCP 4603Same; procedure; venue
CCP 4604Inventory
CCP 4605Preference; appointment of notary; discretion of court
CCP 4606Partition in kind
CCP 4607Partition by licitation
CCP 4608Controversy before notary effecting partition
CCP 4609Homologation of partition
CCP 4610Opposition to homologation
CCP 4611Supplementary partition when rule to reject or opposition to homologation sustained
CCP 4612Finality of partition when rule to reject or opposition unfounded
CCP 4613Attorney's fee in uncontested proceedings
CCP 4614Purchase by co-owner of property or interest sold
CCP 4621Partition by licitation
CCP 4622Petition
CCP 4623Order; service of citation; contradictory proceedings
CCP 4624Publication of notice
CCP 4625Trial; judgment ordering sale
CCP 4626Judgment ordering reimbursement or payment of amounts due co-owner out of proceeds of sale
CCP 4627Effect of judgment and sale
CCP 4628Deposit of absentee's share into registry of court
CCP 4629Articles applicable to partition by licitation
CCP 4630Partition in kind when defendant appears and prays therefor
CCP 4641Sale of interest of minor or interdict to effect partition
CCP 4642Partition in kind, dispensing with drawing of lots when authorized by court
CCP 4643Appointment of attorney for incompetent when interests conflict
CCP 4651Definition
CCP 4652Claimants who may be impleaded
CCP 4653Parish where proceeding brought
CCP 4654Petition
CCP 4655Service of process; delay for answer
CCP 4656Each defendant both plaintiff and defendant; no responsive pleadings to answer; no default required
CCP 4657Failure of defendant to answer timely
CCP 4657.1Notice to attorney general when the state is a defendant
CCP 4658Deposit of money into registry of court
CCP 4659Costs
CCP 4660Injunctive relief
CCP 4661Applicability of articles to proceedings under certain special statutes
CCP 4662Rules of ordinary proceeding applicable
CCP 4701Termination of lease; notice to vacate; waiver of notice
CCP 4702Notice to occupant other than tenant to vacate
CCP 4703Delivery or service when premises abandoned or closed, or whereabouts of tenant or occupant unknown
CCP 4704Definitions
CCP 4705Lessors' rights or real actions not affected
CCP 4731Rule to show cause why possession should not be delivered; abandonment of premises
CCP 4732Trial of rule; judgment of eviction
CCP 4733Warrant for possession if judgment of eviction not complied with
CCP 4734Execution of warrant
CCP 4735Appeal; bond
CCP 4831Applicability of book viii
CCP 4832Trial courts of limited jurisdiction
CCP 4841Subject matter jurisdiction
CCP 4842Parish court jurisdiction; amount in dispute; injunctive actions by a political subdivision
CCP 4843City court jurisdiction; amount in dispute; injunctive actions by state or political subdivision
CCP 4844Amount in dispute; eviction proceedings
CCP 4845Amount in dispute; jurisdiction of incidental demands; parish, city, and justice of the peace courts; payment of costs of transfer
CCP 4846Limitations upon jurisdiction; nature of proceedings
CCP 4847Limitations upon jurisdiction
CCP 4848Contempt power
CCP 4849Jurisdiction over the person
CCP 4850Jurisdiction in rem or quasi in rem; executory proceedings
CCP 4850.1City court of alexandria; in rem and quasi in rem jurisdiction
CCP 4850.2First city court and second city court of new orleans; appellate jurisdiction
CCP 4851Venue
CCP 4852Change of venue; city court; forum non conveniens
CCP 4853Repealed by acts 1986, no. 156, 3.
CCP 4854Repealed by acts 1986, no. 156, 3.
CCP 4857Traffic court of new orleans; appellate jurisdiction
CCP 4861Recusation of judges
CCP 4862Motion to recuse
CCP 4863Determination of recusation; appointment of judge ad hoc
CCP 4864Appointment of judge ad hoc when judge recuses himself
CCP 4865Appointment of judge ad hoc in event of temporary inability of parish or city court judge
CCP 4866Power and authority of judge ad hoc
CCP 4871Jury trial prohibited
CCP 4872Transfer to district court
CCP 4873Transfer to district court; procedure; contest; effect
CCP 4874Withdrawal of demand for jury trial after transfer
CCP 4875Entire suit transferred
CCP 4901Pleadings in parish and city courts
CCP 4902Citation in parish and city courts
CCP 4903Delay for answering in parish and city courts
CCP 4904Judgment by default in parish and city courts
CCP 4905Notice of judgment in parish or city courts
CCP 4906Form of judgment in parish or city courts
CCP 4907New trials; delay in parish or city courts
CCP 4908New trial; procedure in parish or city courts
CCP 4911Jurisdiction in justice of the peace courts; concurrent with district court; amount in dispute
CCP 4912Possession or ownership of movable property; eviction proceedings; justice of the peace courts
CCP 4913Limitations upon jurisdiction; nature of proceedings; justice of the peace courts
CCP 4914Contempt power; justice of the peace courts
CCP 4915Jurisdiction over the person; justice of the peace courts
CCP 4916Venue; justice of the peace courts
CCP 4917Pleadings; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4918Record of the case; subsequent entries; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4919Citation; service of citation; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4920Delay for answering; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4921Judgment by default; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4921.1Demand for trial; abandonment; applicability
CCP 4922Notice of judgment; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4923Form of judgment; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4924Appeals from justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 4925Delay for appeal; justice of the peace courts; district courts with concurrent jurisdiction
CCP 5001Appeals from city and parish courts
CCP 5002Delay for appeal
CCP 5003Procedure for appealing
CCP 5004Repealed by acts 1986, no. 156, 3.
CCP 5011Procedure
CCP 5051Liberal construction of articles
CCP 5052Unambiguous language not to be disregarded
CCP 5053Words and phrases
CCP 5054Clerical and typographical errors disregarded
CCP 5055Number; gender
CCP 5056Conjunctive, disjunctive, or both
CCP 5057Headings, source notes, cross references
CCP 5058References to code articles or statutory sections
CCP 5059Computation of time
CCP 5091Appointment; contradictory proceedings against attorney; improper designation immaterial
CCP 5091.1Appointment of attorney in disavowal actions
CCP 5091.2Curator ad hoc in adoption cases
CCP 5092Qualifications; suggestions for appointment not permitted
CCP 5093Oath not required; waiver of citation and acceptance of service
CCP 5094Duties; notice to nonresident or absentee
CCP 5095Same; defense of action
CCP 5096Compensation
CCP 5097Attorney appointed to represent claimant in worker's compensation case
CCP 5098Validity of proceeding not affected by failure of attorney to perform duties; punishment of attorney
CCP 5121Bond payable to clerk; cash bonds by plaintiffs authorized; person in interest may sue
CCP 5121.1Bond secured by immovable property
CCP 5122Oath of surety and principal on bond
CCP 5123Testing sufficiency and validity of bond
CCP 5124Furnishing new or supplemental bond to correct defects of original
CCP 5125Insufficiency or invalidity of bond; effect on orders or judgments; appeal from order for supplemental bond
CCP 5126Insufficiency or invalidity of new or supplemental bond
CCP 5127Release bond
CCP 5151Discussion defined
CCP 5152Surety's right to plead
CCP 5153Transferee in revocatory action; right to plead discussion
CCP 5154Third possessor's right to plead
CCP 5155Pleading discussion
CCP 5156Effect of discussion
CCP 5181Privilege of litigating without prior payment of costs
CCP 5182Restrictions on privilege
CCP 5183Affidavits of poverty; documentation; order
CCP 5184Traverse of affidavits of poverty
CCP 5185Rights of party permitted to litigate without payment of costs
CCP 5186Account and payment of costs
CCP 5187Compromise; dismissal of proceedings prior to judgment
CCP 5188Unsuccessful party condemned to pay costs
CCP 5251Words and terms defined