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Bunches Bend Protection District

c/o Andy Brister or Connie Gardner
318 Morgan Street
Lake Providence, LA 71254

(318) 559-5800

R.S. 38:551

MemberAddressSeat Information
Baker, Shannon D.1820 US Hwy 80
Longview, TX 75604
Appt. by public utilities which own land or possess servitudes
Brown, Steve H.2525 Hwy 65 North
Lake Providence, LA 71254-5553
Appt by House Member
Cochran, SteveTransCanada / Columbia Pipeline Group
4161 Four Mile Road
Inverness, MS 38753
Appt by public utilities which own land or possess servitudes
Oswalt, David C.320 Oswalt Road
Lake Providence, LA 71254-5443
Appt by Gov
Parker, Thomas A. "Tap"689 Lensing Lane
Lake Providence, LA 71254-5404
Appt by Gov
Schneider, Frederick H. "Ted" IV2122 Highland Road
Lake Providence, LA 71254-5302
Appt by Senate Member

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