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Members Elected for the 2020-2024 Term

District 1 Representative-Elect Danny McCormick
District 2 Representative Sam Jenkins
District 3 Representative-Elect Tammy Phelps
District 4 Representative Cedric B. Glover
District 5 Representative Alan Seabaugh
District 6 Representative-Elect Thomas Pressly
District 7 Representative Lawrence A. "Larry" Bagley
District 8 Representative Raymond J. Crews
District 9 Representative Dodie Horton
District 10 Representative Wayne McMahen
District 11 Representative Patrick O. Jefferson
District 12 Representative Christopher "Chris" Turner
District 13 Representative Jack G. McFarland
District 14 Representative-Elect Michael Echols
District 15 Representative-Elect Foy Gadberry
District 16 Representative-Elect Frederick D. Jones
District 17 Representative Patricia "Pat" Moore
District 18 Representative Jeremy S. LaCombe
District 19 Representative-Elect Francis C. Thompson
District 20 Representative-Elect Neil Riser
District 21 Representative-Elect C. Travis Johnson
District 22 Representative-Elect Gabe Firment
District 23 Representative Kenny R. Cox
District 24 Representative-Elect Rodney Schamerhorn
District 25 Representative Lance Harris
District 26 Representative Ed Larvadain, III
District 27 Representative Mike Johnson
District 28 Representative-Elect Daryl Deshotel
District 29 Representative Edmond Jordan
District 30 Representative-Elect Charles "Chuck" Owen
District 31 Representative-Elect Jonathan Goudeau
District 32 Representative-Elect R. Dewith Carrier
District 33 Representative-Elect Les Farnum
District 34 Representative-Elect Wilford Carter, Sr.
District 35 Representative Stephen Dwight
District 36 Representative-Elect Phillip Tarver
District 37 Representative-Elect Troy D. Romero
District 38 Representative-Elect Rhonda Butler
District 39 Representative Julie Emerson
District 40 Representative Dustin Miller
District 41 Representative Phillip R. DeVillier
District 42 Representative John Stefanski
District 43 Representative Stuart Bishop
District 44 Representative Vincent J. Pierre
District 45 Representative Jean-Paul Coussan
District 46 Representative Mike Huval
District 47 Representative Ryan Bourriaque
District 48 Representative-Elect "Beau" Beaullieu
District 49 Representative Blake Miguez
District 50 Representative-Elect Vincent J. St. Blanc, III
District 51 Representative Beryl Amedee
District 52 Representative Jerome "Zee" Zeringue
District 53 Representative Tanner Magee
District 54 Representative-Elect Reggie P. Bagala
District 55 Representative-Elect Bryan Fontenot
District 56 Representative Gregory Miller
District 57 Representative Randal L. Gaines
District 58 Representative Ken Brass
District 59 Representative Tony Bacala
District 60 Representative Chad Brown
District 61 Representative C. Denise Marcelle
District 62 Representative Roy Daryl Adams
District 63 Representative Barbara West Carpenter
District 64 Representative Valarie Hodges
District 65 Representative Barry Ivey
District 66 Representative Rick Edmonds
District 67 Representative-Elect Larry Selders
District 68 Representative-Elect Scott McKnight
District 69 Representative Paula Davis
District 70 Representative-Elect Barbara Reich Freiberg
District 71 Representative-Elect "Buddy" Mincey, Jr.
District 72 Representative Robby Carter
District 73 Representative-Elect William "Bill" Wheat, Jr.
District 74 Representative-Elect Larry Frieman
District 75 Representative Malinda Brumfield White
District 76 Representative-Elect Robert "Bob" Owen
District 77 Representative Mark Wright
District 78 Representative-Elect John "Big John" Illg, Jr.
District 79 Representative-Elect Debbie Villio
District 80 Representative Polly Thomas
District 81 Representative Clay Schexnayder
District 82 Representative-Elect Charles A. Henry
District 83 Representative-Elect Kyle M. Green, Jr.
District 84 Representative-Timothy P. Kerner
District 85 Representative Joseph A. Marino, III
District 86 Representative Nicholas Muscarello, Jr.
District 87 Representative Rodney Lyons, Sr.
District 88 Representative-Elect Kathy Edmonston
District 89 Representative-Elect Richard Nelson
District 90 Representative Mary DuBuisson
District 91 Representative-Elect Mandie Landry
District 92 Representative Joe Stagni
District 93 Representative Royce Duplessis
District 94 Representative Stephanie Hilferty
District 95 Representative Sherman Mack
District 96 Representative-Elect Marcus Bryant
District 97 Representative-Elect Matthew Willard
District 98 Representative-Elect Aimee Adatto Freeman
District 99 Representative-Elect Candace N. Newell
District 100 Representative-Elect Jason Hughes
District 101 Representative Edward "Ted" James, II
District 102 Representative Gary Carter, Jr.
District 103 Representative Ray Garofalo
District 104 Representative Paul Hollis
District 105 Representative-Elect Mack Cormier
District 1 Senator Sharon Hewitt
District 2 Senator Ed Price
District 3 Senator-Elect Joseph "Joe" Bouie
District 4 Senator-Elect Jimmy Harris
District 5 Senator Karen Carter Peterson
District 6 Senator Mack A. "Bodi" White, Jr.
District 7 Senator Troy Carter
District 8 Senator-Elect Patrick Connick
District 9 Senator-Elect Cameron Henry
District 10 Senator-Elect Kirk Talbot
District 11 Senator-Elect Patrick McMath
District 12 Senator Beth Mizell
District 13 Senator-Elect J. Rogers Pope
District 14 Senator-Elect Cleo Fields
District 15 Senator Regina Barrow
District 16 Senator-Elect Franklin Foil
District 17 Senator Rick Ward, III
District 18 Senator Eddie J. Lambert
District 19 Senator Gary L. Smith, Jr.
District 20 Senator-Elect Michael "Big Mike" Fesi
District 21 Senator R.L. "Bret" Allain, II
District 22 Senator Fred H. Mills, Jr.
District 23 Senator Page Cortez
District 24 Senator Gerald Boudreaux
District 25 Senator-Elect Mark Abraham
District 26 Senator Bob Hensgens
District 27 Senator Ronnie Johns
District 28 Senator-Elect Heather Cloud
District 29 Senator Jay Luneau
District 30 Senator-Elect Mike Reese
District 31 Senator-Elect Louie Bernard
District 32 Senator-Elect Glen Womack
District 33 Senator-Elect Stewart Cathey, Jr.
District 34 Senator-Elect Katrina Jackson
District 35 Senator-Elect Jay Morris
District 36 Senator-Elect Robert Mills
District 37 Senator Barrow Peacock
District 38 Senator-Elect Barry Milligan
District 39 Senator Gregory W. Tarver, Sr.

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