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      RS 47:1572     


§1572.  Surrender of property subject to distraint

Any person subject to distraint, or upon whom a levy has been served, shall, upon demand by the collector or his authorized assistants, making such levy, surrender such property, or rights to property of which he is in possession, or which he subsequently comes into possession, until such time as the levy is recalled, subject to distraint, to the collector or his authorized assistant, unless such property or right is, at the time of demand, subject to an attachment or execution under any judicial process.  Any such person failing or refusing to surrender any such property or rights shall be liable to the state in a sum equal to the value of the property or rights not so surrendered, but not exceeding the amount of the taxes, penalties, and interest and other costs and charges which are due.  

Amended by Acts 1972, No. 597, §1.  

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