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      RS 47:1582     


§1582.  Failure to remit tax collected on behalf of the state; rule to cease business

A.  Failure by any person obligated to collect any tax from taxpayers on behalf of the state to remit such taxes collected shall, without demand or putting in default, cause the tax, interest, penalties, and costs to become immediately delinquent and the secretary has the authority, on motion in a court of competent jurisdiction, to take a rule on such person, to show cause in not less than two or more than ten days, exclusive of holidays, why such person should not be ordered to cease from further pursuit of business.  This rule may be tried out of term and in chambers and shall always be tried by preference.  If the rule is made absolute, the order rendered thereon shall be considered a judgment in favor of the state, prohibiting the person from the further pursuit of said business until he has paid the delinquent tax, interest, penalties, and costs, and every violation of the injunction shall be considered as a contempt of court and punished according to law.

B.  The provisions of this Section shall not apply if the taxpayer has entered into an installment agreement for the payment of delinquent taxes with the department and is in compliance with the terms of the agreement.

Acts 2001, No. 254, §1, eff. June 1, 2001.

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