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      RS 9:1121.103     


§1121.103.  Definitions

As used in this Part:

(1)  "Condominium" is the property regime under which portions of immovable property are subject to individual ownership and the remainder thereof is owned in indivision by such unit owners.  

(2)  "Condominium property" means all interests in land, improvements thereon, and all servitudes and rights attaching to the condominium.  

(3)  "Unit" means a part of the condominium property subject to individual ownership.  A unit may include air space only.  A unit includes such accessory rights and obligations as are stipulated in the condominium declaration.  

(4)  "Unit designation" means the number, letter, or combination thereof or any other official designation identifying a particular unit in the condominium declaration.  

(5)  "Common elements" means the portion of the condominium property not a part of the individual units.  

(6)  "Limited common elements" means those common elements reserved in the condominium declaration for the exclusive use of a certain unit or certain units.  

(7)  "Condominium parcel" means a unit together with the undivided interest in the common elements which is an inseparable component part of the unit.  

(8)  "Association of unit owners" or "association" means a corporation, or unincorporated association, owned by or composed of the unit owners and through which the unit owners manage and regulate the condominium.  

(9)  "Common expenses" means:

(a)  Expenses of administration, maintenance, repair, and replacement of the common elements.  

(b)  Expenses declared to be common expenses by provisions of this Part or by the condominium declaration or bylaws.  

(c)  Expenses agreed upon as common expenses by the unit owners.

(10)  "Condominium declaration" or "declaration" means the instrument by which immovable property is made subject to this Part.  

(11)  "Declarant" means:

(a)  If the condominium has not yet been created, any person who offers to dispose of or disposes of his interest in a unit not previously disposed of; or

(b)  If the condominium has been created, any person who has executed a declaration, or an amendment to a declaration to add additional property to the condominium regime, other than persons holding interests in the property solely as security for a debt or persons whose interest in the property will not be conveyed to unit owners.  

(12)  "Leasehold condominium" means a condominium in which all or a portion of the condominium property is subject to a lease the expiration or termination of which will terminate the condominium or reduce its size.

Acts 1979, No. 682, §1.  

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