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      RS 9:1122.112     


§1122.112.  Termination; withdrawal

A.  The condominium property or a portion thereof may be withdrawn from the provisions of this Part by the consent of all or a percentage of the unit owners and unit mortgage creditors as provided in the condominium declaration.  

B.  To withdraw immovable property from a condominium regime, the association shall prepare, execute, and record an amendment to the condominium declaration containing a legally sufficient description of the immovable property being withdrawn and stating the fact of withdrawal.  If only a portion of the condominium property is being withdrawn, the amendment shall reallocate the percentages of common element ownership, voting power in the association, and liability for common expenses to any units remaining in the condominium in proportion to the said respective percentages of those units.  

C.  Upon withdrawal of the condominium property or a portion thereof from the provisions of this Part, the portion so withdrawn shall be deemed to be owned in indivision by the unit owners in the withdrawn premises.  The percentage of undivided ownership of a unit owner in the withdrawn property shall be equal to his former percentage of ownership in the common elements divided by the total former percentages of ownership in such common elements of all withdrawing unit owners.  Privileges and mortgages upon individual condominium parcels shall, following their withdrawal, be upon the respective undivided shares of the withdrawing owners in the property withdrawn.  

D.  Condominium property withdrawn from the provisions of this Part shall be subject to partition by action of a unit owner owning a portion of the withdrawn property.  The proceeds from any sale of the withdrawn property shall be paid to a unit owner after all claims secured by privileges and mortgages on his share of the withdrawn property have been satisfied.

Acts 1979, No. 682, §1.  

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