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      RS 9:1122.114     


§1122.114.  Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units

A.  Subject to the provisions of the condominium declaration and other provisions of law, the boundaries between adjoining units may be reallocated by an amendment to the condominium declaration upon written request to the association by the owners of the adjoining units.  Such an amendment shall specify the method of reallocation between the adjoining units of their respective percentage interest in the common elements, voting power in the association, and percentage obligations for common expense assessments.  Such an amendment shall identify the units involved, shall be executed by the reallocating unit owners, and shall contain words of conveyance between them.  

B.  The association, upon the request and at the expense of the reallocating unit owners, shall prepare and record plats or plans showing the altered boundaries, their dimensions, and identifying numbers.  

Acts 1979, No. 682, §1.  

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