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      RS 9:1122.115     


§1122.115.  Subdivision or conversion of units

A.  If the condominium declaration expressly so permits, a unit may be subdivided or converted into two or more units, common elements, or combination of one or more units and common elements.  Subject to the provisions of the condominium declaration and other provisions of law, upon written request of a unit owner to subdivide a unit, the condominium association shall prepare, execute and record an amendment to the condominium declaration, including the plats and plans, subdividing that unit.  

B.  An amendment to the condominium declaration must assign an identifying number to each unit created, and reallocate the common elements interests, votes in the association, and common expense assessment liabilities formerly allocated to the subdivided unit to the new units in any reasonable manner prescribed by the owner of the subdivided unit.  

Acts 1979, No. 682, §1.  

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