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      RS 9:1124.104     


§1124.104.  Public offering statement; conversion condominiums

A.  The public offering statement of a condominium containing any building that at any time before recording the declaration was occupied wholly or partially by persons other than purchasers and having greater than ten units, must contain, in addition to the information required by Section 1124.102:

(1)  A report prepared by a registered architect or engineer, describing the present condition of all structural components, roof, and mechanical and electrical installations material to the use and enjoyment of the condominium.  

(2)  A statement by the declarant of the estimated remaining useful life of each item reported on in Paragraph (1) or a statement that no representations are made in that regard, and

(3)  A statement by the declarant of any outstanding notices of incurred violations of building codes or other municipal regulations, together with the estimated costs of curing those violations.  

B.  This Section applies only to units that may be occupied for residential use.  

Acts 1979, No. 682, §1.  

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