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      RS 9:1141.6     


§1141.6.  Establishment, amendment, or termination of building restrictions

A.  Building restrictions affecting association property, including lots or common areas, or those imposing an affirmative duty may be established, amended, or terminated in accordance with the terms of the applicable community document.

B.  In the absence of a provision for the establishment, amendment, or termination of such building restrictions in the community documents:

(1)  Building restrictions may be established by agreement of three-fourths of the lot owners.

(2)  Existing building restrictions may be made more onerous or increased by agreement of two-thirds of the lot owners.

(3)  Existing building restrictions may be made less onerous, reduced, or terminated by agreement of more than one-half of the lot owners.

C.(1)  Once established, or amended to be more onerous, building restrictions become a charge on the property and affect all current owners and, once recorded in the public records, affect all subsequent owners.  Except for building restrictions relating to assessments or common areas, no new or more onerous building restriction shall impose a duty on the current owner to act affirmatively or remove or renovate any existing structure.  All new or replacement structures, however, shall be subject to the new or more onerous building restriction.

(2)  Once amended to be less onerous, the building restriction constitutes a reduction of the charge on the property, and once terminated, the property is released of its former charge, affecting all current and subsequent owners.

D.(1)  When building restrictions are established under the provisions of Subsection B of this Section, rather than by the community documents, an owner may file with the association and the clerk of court a statement declining to be covered by the building restrictions.  Such document must be filed within thirty days of the establishment of such building restrictions.

(2)  When building restrictions relative to set-backs or minimum square footage requirements are established or made more onerous under the provisions of Subsection B of this Section, rather than the community documents, the owner of an unimproved lot is exempt from complying with such new or more onerous restrictions.

(3)  An "owner" under the provisions of this Subsection means the owner or owners at the time the restriction was established or made more onerous and the waivers of compliance provided in this Subsection are personal to that owner.

Acts 1999, No. 309, §2, eff. June 16, 1999.

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