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      CCP 1355.1     


Art. 1355.1.  Reissuance of subpoena; service by certified or registered mail

When a subpoena that has been personally served is ordered reissued due to continuance or passage of the trial or hearing, the party requesting such reissuance may have the subpoena served in accordance with Article 1355 or may serve the subpoena by mailing a copy of the original subpoena, together with a notice of the new date and time for attendance, to the witness at his dwelling house or usual place of abode, or to a representative of the witness if personal service of the original subpoena was made on such representative.  The mailing shall be by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested.  The date of mailing shall be not less than thirty-five days prior to the date on which the witness is subpoenaed to appear.  A copy of the documents mailed to the witness and the signed return receipt shall be filed by the party in the record as proof of service.  If the registered or certified mail is unclaimed, service of the subpoena shall be as otherwise provided by law.

Acts 1988, No. 283, §1.

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