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      CCP 3335     


Art. 3335.  Notice to heirs and residuary legatees

A copy of any account filed by a succession representative shall be served upon each heir or residuary legatee, together with a notice that the account may be homologated after the expiration of ten days from the date of service and that any opposition thereto must be filed before homologation.

In the case of any account other than the final account, service on either a resident or nonresident may be made by ordinary mail.

In the case of a final account, service may be made:

(a)  In accordance with the provisions of Article 1314; or

(b)  By certified or registered mail on either a resident or nonresident.  The certificate of the attorney for the succession representative that the notice and final account were mailed to the heir or legatee, together with the return receipt signed by the addressee shall be filed in the succession proceeding prior to homologation of the final account.

Amended by Acts 1966, No. 36, §1.

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