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      HRULE 15.7     


Rule 15.7.  Initiation of action; House Resolution required

A.  An action to expel or to discipline a representative shall be initiated only by a House Resolution, which shall be in the form used by the House for House Resolutions and shall bear a brief title indicative of its subject and purpose; shall set forth the causes and grounds for which expulsion or disciplinary action by the House of Representatives is sought, and shall state the action sought to be taken by the House of Representatives.  Only one representative shall be the subject of any such resolution.

B.  Each such resolution shall be introduced and, except as otherwise specifically provided in this Chapter, shall be subject to the processes established by these rules for House Resolutions, particularly as set forth in Chapter 8 hereof.  No such resolution shall be prefiled.

HR 4, 1st Ex. Sess., 1986.

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